A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2015 @Japanese edition@
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Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from UchiyamaPass

Total as of September 91176

Date Weather The direction of the wind Observation time The observation number of CG Other hawks
–A cable address
1iFriij After rain fine NNE@strong 08F30`10F30 1 KS1
2iSatj Cloudy after sunny NE 08F:00`12F30 679 KS1APG‚P
3iSunj Partially cloudy NE 07F00`13F00 2928 JS1APG1AHB1
4iMonj cloudy NE 06F15`12F00 7 PG1
5iTuej cloudy E 06F15`10F00 245
6iWedj cloudy E weak wind 06F15`10F00 315 HB1,EH1
7iThuj rain - - - -
8iFrij fine N 06F15`14F30 5442 HB1,EH2,PG1,KS1
9iSatj fine NE 06F15`12F30 1011 EH1,PG1,
10iSunj fine NE 06F15`13F30 2423 HB2,EH1,PG1,ES3,
11iMonj rain - - - -
12iTuej After clouds fine N 06F25`14F45 15652 HB6,EH1,PG1,
13iWedj fine NW¨NE 06F25`14F45 19007 HB2,EH1,PG1,ES1
14iThuj cloudy NE@strong 06F40`11F30 4121 HB3,EH1,PG1
15iFrij cloudy N@strong 07F00`08F30 14 KS1
16iSatj Cloudy after rain N@strong - - -
17iSunj Cloudy after rain N@strong - - -
18iMonj fine NW 06F40`15F10 17548 HB36,EH2,PG2,ES1
19iTuej cloudyiTo hazej W 06F20`11F00 486 EH1,PG1,
20iWedj cloudyiTo hazej W 06F20`10F00 138 HB2,EH1,PG2,BOS1
21iThuj cloudy W 06F20`12F00 4638 EH1,PG2,BOS1
22iFrij cloudy N¨NW 06F20`12F00 1594 EH1,HB2AES1
23iSatj cloudy W 07F00`13F00 10929 PG1,HB2AES1AKS1
24iSunj Partially cloudy E 06F30`13F00 2633 PG1,HB1AES1AEH2AKS1
25iMonj fine E 06F30`12F00 1192 PG1,HB6AES1AEH2AKS1
26iTuej fine NE 06F30`10F00 ‚P‚O EH1
29iFrij fine NW 06F30`08F00 6 ES1
30iSatj fine 06F30`10F00 21 ES1
Explanatory notesiA cable addressj
Peregrine Falcon(ƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFPG
Eurasian Hobbyiƒ`ƒSƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFEH
Common Kestrel
Northern GoshawkiƒIƒIƒ^ƒJjFNG
Eurasian SparrowhawkiƒnƒCƒ^ƒJjFES
Common BuzzardiƒmƒXƒŠjFCB
Grey-faced BuzzardiƒTƒVƒojFGB
Japanese Sparrowhawkiƒcƒ~jFJS
Black KiteiƒgƒrjFBK
Chinese GoshawkiƒAƒJƒnƒ‰ƒ_ƒJj FCG
Northern HarrieriƒnƒCƒCƒƒ`ƒ…ƒEƒqjFNH