A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2013  Japanese edition 
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The ferry of Chinese Goshhawk of the last year counted more than 98,000. We were able to record a number on the heels of 100,000 mark after an interval of several years. This recovery wants to follow this year. We are going to count the ferry of Chinese Goshhawk with getting cooperation of members . Don't miss it
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from UchiyamaPass

A few years agoHawk tended to fly for Mt.Tatera from the Mt.Yatate direction.
But in late years it is tending to fly for the Mt.Kayaba direction from Mt.Maisinodan of the back.

Total as of September 53.899+198

Date Weather The direction of the wind The observation time The observation number of CG Today's comment Other hawks
*A cable address
1(Sun) Cloudy, later rain. NE 07:00〜10:30 0 There was no sign that CG fly with condition of the weather, but eight observers gather at the observation first day. PG1
2(Mon) Cloudy NE 08:30〜11:00 0 We were not able to observe the ferry of the hawk today either. EH only increased. PG1、EH2,KS1
3(Tue) rain NE - - We cancel observation for a rainy day -
4(Wed) Cloudy occasionally rainy NE - - We cancel observation for a rainy day -
5(Thu) Cloudy
occasionally fine
NE 08:30〜12:30 1.142 A flock of 1,000 hawks appeared early in ferry suddenly. PG1、EH2
6(Fri) Cloudy, later rain. NE Strong 08:00〜10:30 2 For bad weather, most of the hawks did not fly. PG1、EH1
7(Sat) rain NE - - We cancel observation for a rainy day -
8(Sun) Cloudy NE 07:30〜12:00 487 A group more than 100 was 3 degrees, but the coming from abroad of the hawk is not yet up to professional standard. PG1、EH2、HB1
9(Mon) Fine NE 07:30〜12:30 1.520 The 8:00 level →905、
The11:00 level →528
There is little number of hawks which still come flying directly from the peninsula.
10(Tue) Fine NE 07:30〜13:30 7.981 A flock of 3000 maximum hawks appears in this season at 11:30. The hawk exceeds 10,000 in total. The ferry of the hawk seemed to finally get into full swing. PG1、EH1、HB1
11(Wed) Fine SW 06:50〜13:30 11.850 We count the number of maximum hawks in this season. A considerable hawk seemed to arrive at Tsushima in the afternoon of the day before. The hawk which passed by 9:00 of the morning recorded approximately 7.800. PG2、EH2、KS1
12(The) Cloudy WSW 08:00〜12:30 916 There were few flocks of hawks which came flying directly from the peninsula today. PG1、EH1、HB1
13(Fri) Cloudy&Fog WSW 08:00〜12:30 0 It was not observed by a cloud and fog EH1,OS1
14(Sat) Fine SW 08:00〜12:30 316 Information: Flock of hawks which came over directly from the peninsula was not observed today either. PG1、EH1
15(Sun) Fine NW→NEStrong 07:30〜13:00 2.173 Because of a northeast strong wind, the ferry of the hawk was not sweet today either. PG1、EH2
16(Mon) Fine N 07:30〜13:00 5.097 A flock of hawks which came over directly from the peninsula occupied 90% of the whole today. PG1、EH2
17(Tue) Fine NE 07:30〜12:00 16.298 Hawks more than 10,000 passed from 8:00 to 9:00. But most of the hawks did not fly from 10:00 to 12:00. PG1、EH2、HB1
18(Wed) Fine NE Strong 07:30〜12:00 801 It was similar situation yesterday. There were few hawks which passed. PG2、EH2、OS1、ES1、KS1
19(Thu) Fine NE Strong 07:30〜12:00 0 Information: The hawk did not pass because of a strong wind even if I turned up. HB1
20(Fri) Fine SW 08:00〜13:40 3.967 Weather was restored, and the number of hawks which came over from the peninsula increased. PG2、EH3、OS1
21(Sat) Fine SW 07:30〜13:00 1.234 The ferry of the hawk seemed to become the end game. A big flock of hawks was not seen. PG2、EH2、HB2、KS1
22(Sun) Cloudy NE Strong 08:00〜12:30 5 Information: Strong northeast wind blew again today. Most of the hawks did not pass. EH1、OS1
23(Mon) Cloudy NE Strong 08:00〜12:00 0 Information:The hawk did not turn up by similar weather yesterday. PG1、EH1
24(Tue) Cloudy NE  08:00〜12:00 110 We finish the ferry observation of the hawk of this year in the present days. PG2、EH1、HB2
25(Wed) Cloudy N 08:30〜10:30 *198 Addition of the extra
Explanatory notes(A cable address)
Peregrine Falcon(ハヤブサ)PG
Eurasian Hobby(チゴハヤブサ)EH
Common Kestrel
Northern Goshawk(オオタカ)NG
Eurasian Sparrowhawk(ハイタカ)ES
Common Buzzard(ノスリ)CB
Grey-faced Buzzard(サシバ)GB
Japanese Sparrowhawk(ツミ)JS
Black Kite(トビ)BK
Chinese Goshawk(アカハラダカ)CG
Northern Harrier(ハイイロチュウヒ):NH