A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2012 @Japanese edition@
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The ferry of 2,100 hawks was observed last year. This is the lowest record since the observation start. We want to watch coming from abroad of this year carefully whether a record of the last year is a temporary phenomenon.Please watch the change of the daily count.
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from UchiyamaPass

A few years agoHawk tended to fly for Mt.Tatera from the Mt.Yatate direction.
But in late years it is tending to fly for the Mt.Kayaba direction from Mt.Maisinodan of the back.

Total as of September 98.041

Date Weather The direction of the wind The observation time The observation number of CG Today's comment Other hawks
–A cable address
1iSatj fine NE 8:00`12F00 98 Passing was over at 10:00 a.m. It may be the group which was to Tsushima not the coming flying from the peninsula. PG1

2iSunj cloudy ENE 8:00`12F00 0 InformationFOne did not come flying today. The ferry of the full-scale hawk does not seem to yet begin. PG1

3iMonj cloudy E 8:00`11F00 0 InformationFThey watched the figure of one hawk early in the morning, but was not able to confirm passing. PG1
4iTuej fine SW 8:00`12F00 21 A hawk passed after an interval of three days. Original ferry seemed to begin. EH1
5iWedj cloudy W 8:30`12F00 65 The direct flight from the peninsula and a flock of hawks to understand clearly passed today. I seem to be able to hope that numbers gradually increase from now on. HB1
6iThuj fine W 8:00`13F00 518 InformationFBecause the weather of the direction that a hawk crossed was bad, We worried, but a hawk more than expected crossed it. PG2
7iFrij cloudy E 8:00`14F00 6.670 The wanderer of the hawk became greatest in this season today. A wanderer in one hour after 8 was most approximately 3.000 of them. I almost seem to be the group which arrived on the day before. 1.600 of them in one hour after occasion 10. In total approximately 600 passed until 2:00 p.m., but it is thought that there was the count leak because it is long and is high afterwards. HG1
8iSatj Fog S 8:00`09F30 0 Information: The hawk sometimes flew up, but did not seem to be able to pass because of fog and a strong wind. [
9iSunj cloudy and fog NE 8:00 - Information: We were not able to observe it for bad weather. [
10iMonj rain NE - - Information: We were not able to observe the ferry of the hawk in a rainy day -
11iTuej fine NEstrong 6:30`14F00 8,002 Flock of hawks which passed during morning was pushed back by a northeast strong wind. Because We did not count it, in the group different in the course, there should have been more real appearances. HB2,
12iWedj fine E¨W 6:30`14F00 54,114 It became the record number that late years did not have as the one-day passage today. A group more than 1000 was observed more than 18 times, and the maximum was a group of three thousand-55ths 10:00. Approximately 35,000 hawks passed for two hours from 11:00 a.m. to 13:00. HB2,
13iTHuj fine SE 6:30`13F00 2,878 It was not observed today crossing it as I expected it in the break after yesterday's large crowd. Or a head wind might influence it. HB1,
14iFrij rain N 8:00 - We did not have the observation inability for bad weather. -
15iSatj rain NEstrong 8:00 - It is the same yesterday -
16iSunj rain NEstrong - - Bad weather by the influence of the typhoon -
17iMonj Rainstorm SE - - The typhoon passage -
18ituej cloudy and fog W 7:30`12F30 1,121 Information: It was difficult to confirm the coming from abroad of the hawk because of fog. EH1
19iWedj c‚Œoudy W 6:30`14F30 19,360 A flock of hawks more than approximately 10,000 is this season second. The groups which came flying directly from the peninsula increased. HB1,HG1,
20iThuj fine W 6:30`14F30 2,917 Information: There seemed to be the most flocks of hawks which passed in two hours of from 11:00 to 13:00 today. HG1
21iFrij fine W 06F30`12F00 1.167 Information: The ferry of the hawk seemed to be cut off from past 11:00 a.m. HB3
22iSatj fine W 06F30`13F00 838 Information: The ferry of the hawk seems to be the end game. HG1
23iSunj fine W 06F30`12F00 166 Only three times of groups more than ten were observed today. It is over and is soon. HG1
24iMonj c‚Œoudy NNE 08F00`12F00 101 Information: Will the individual that child care became slow pass now? HG1
25iTuej c‚Œoudy NE 08F00`12F00 26 The coming from abroad of the hawk seemed to be almost finished. The observation of this season assumes it the end in the present days. HG1
Explanatory notesiA cable addressj
Peregrine Falcon(ƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFPG
Eurasian Hobbyiƒ`ƒSƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFEH
Common Kestrel
Northern GoshawkiƒIƒIƒ^ƒJjFNG
Eurasian SparrowhawkiƒnƒCƒ^ƒJjFES
Common BuzzardiƒmƒXƒŠjFCB
Grey-faced BuzzardiƒTƒVƒojFGB
Japanese Sparrowhawkiƒcƒ~jFJS
Black KiteiƒgƒrjFBK
Chinese GoshawkiƒAƒJƒnƒ‰ƒ_ƒJj FCG
Northern HarrieriƒnƒCƒCƒƒ`ƒ…ƒEƒqjFNH