A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2009  Japanese edition
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A season of Chinese Goshhawk came over this year. It has been left unfinished by unseasonable weather last year in the latter half. I want to record a migration of Chinese Goshhawk well this year. Because a strong helper should observe it in this season, I feel stouthearted. Expectation to ask for!

Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from Uchiyama Pass

A few years ago Hawk tended to fly for Tatera Mt from the Yatate Mt direction.
But in late years it is tending to fly for the Kayaba Mt direction from Maisinodan Mt of the back.

 Total as of September:61,049

Date Weather The direction of the wind The observation time The observation number of CG Today's comment Other hawks
*A cable address
1(Tue) Cloudy NE:strong 7:00〜12:00 0 The first day observation.Eight observers gathered on the Uchiyama pass. However, Chinese Goshhawk did not fly. EH:2
2(Wed) Cloudy NE:strong 7:00〜12:00 0 It was the similar situation yesterday. EH:3、ES:1、PG:1
3(Thu) Cloudy・Fog NE:strong 7:00〜10:00 0 For fog, the observation was impossible -
4(Fri) Cloudy・Fog NE - - For fog, the observation was impossible -
5(Sat) Cloudy・Fog NE - - For fog, the observation was impossible -
6(Sun) fine NE 7:00〜15:00 4,519 It is first observation in this season . Weather was restored, and comparatively many CG passed EH:3、HB:2、PG:2、GB:1、KS:1
7( Mon) fine NE 7:00〜14:00 *356 *356 is the number that CG appeared with a figure,and It is not the number that passed by. EH:2、HB:1、PG:3OS:3
8(Tue) drizzle NE - - For drizzle, the observation was impossible -
9(Wed) fine after cloudy NE 7:00〜14:00 504 The information from a member.*A numerical value correction EH:1、PG:1、KS:1
10(Thu) cloudy after fine NE 7:00〜14:00 3,106
A cloud was thick, and a count was difficult.
* is the number of the appearances
11(Fri) cloudy after fine S 7:00〜15:00 26,382 We counted the ferry of the greatest CG in this season. One greatest crowd is 2,500 of them. We observed coming from abroad of CG which flowed like a river.
*I corrected numerical value
12(Sat ) cloudy after rain W - - Information:We canceled observation for rain -
13(Sun) cloudy after fine NE 7:00〜15:00 11,394 There were many CG of a small crowd today.
Because CG flew in the very high sky, a count was difficult.
14( Mon ) cloudy E 7:00〜12:00 1.224
Because weather was bad, many of CG flew up in the sky, but did not fly to the south. EH:1、PG:1
15(Tue) fine N 7:00〜14:00 3,906 The CG which stayed at Tsushima yesterday seems to have passed . EH:2、PG:1、KS:1
16(Wed) fine NE 7:00〜14:00 667 Information:After 10:00, there was little coming flying of the CG today. EH:3、HB:1、
17(Thu) fine NE 7:00〜14:00 525 After 9:00, several flights were seen, but were not able to confirm passing. Enough numerical hawks do not pass in the time when ferry should become the peak. EH:4、PG:1、KS:1
18(Fri) fine NE 7:00〜14:00 4,312 The large flock of 1,200 hawks passed by today at 11:22. Similarly a flock of 2,000 passed by at 11:55.We were able to confirm a direct flight from Korea after an interval of three days. EH:2、PG:1、
19(Sat ) cloudy NE:strong 7:00〜12:00 *60 Information:For a strong wind, the hawk was not able to pass. EH:1、PG:1
20(Sun) fine NE:strong 7:00〜12:00 715 Information:The direct flight from Korea was not confirmed today either.
21(Mon) Cloudy S 7:00〜12:00 2,877 Information:800 direct flights were observed from Korea at 10:10, but there were more numbers of the hawk which flew away from Tsushima today. EH:2、HB:1、PG:2、GB:1、KS:1、NG1
22(Tue) rain SE - - Information:We canceled observation for rain.
23(Wed) Cloudy NE 7:00〜14:00 182 Information:Observation was impossible early in the morning.Few CG seem to have passed before the noon when weather was restored.
24(Thu) Cloudy NE 7:00〜14:00 421 The season when CG passed seems to have got closer to an end. We hope for a peak of the ferry of the hawk once again. EH:2、HB:3、PG:1、ES:1、KS:1NG1
25(Fri) Cloudy NE 7:00〜12:00 100 Information:CG did not pass very much today either. EH:2、PG:2、NG1
26(Sat) fine NE 7:00〜12:00 197 CG did not fly at all from 10:00 to 11:00. That means, there would not be CG which flew directly from the Korean Peninsura. After all will a migration of Chinese Goshhawk be an end? EH:2、HB:1、PG:1、NG2
27(Sun) Cloudy NE 7:00〜10:30 18 Information:They have seen few hawks passing between the clouds which hung low . -
28(Mon) cloudy after fine NE - - Information:For fog, the observation was impossible -
29(Tue) Cloudy NE - - Information:We canceled observation for fog -
30(Wed) Cloudy NE - - Information:We canceled observation for fog -
Explanatory notes(A cable address)
Peregrine Falcon(ハヤブサ)PG
Eurasian Hobby(チゴハヤブサ)EH
Common Kestrel
Northern Goshawk(オオタカ)NG
Eurasian Sparrowhawk(ハイタカ)ES
Common Buzzard(ノスリ)CB
Grey-faced Buzzard(サシバ)GB
Japanese Sparrowhawk(ツミ)JS
Black Kite(トビ)BK
Chinese Goshawk(アカハラダカ)CG
Northern Harrier(ハイイロチュウヒ):NH