A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2007 @Japanese edition
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The migration of Chinese Goshhawk begins in autumn 2007. I want to increase observation days as much as possible. I am very interesting this year how much numerical hawk passes by.
In addition I am going to get observation data from Mr.Nakatani by goodwill of him in this season.Thank you

Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from Uchiyama Pass

A few years ago Hawk tended to fly for Tatera Mt from the Yatate Mt direction.
But in late years it is tending to fly for the Kayaba Mt direction from Maisinodan Mt of the back.

@Total as of September 30F100,555

Date Weather The direction of the wind The observation time The observation number of CG Today's comment Other hawks
–A cable address
1iSatj rain NE [ - I did not observe it today. Meters above the sea level of Uchiyama Pass is 450m. Because fog appears when it rains, the observation of Chinese Goshawk is difficult. [
2(Sun) cloudy SW [ - Not to be able to observe the ferry the hawks for my business [
3(Mon) fine W 8:00`12:00 ‚R‚W I stood in Uchiyama Pass after an interval of one year and enjoyed conversation with four friends of the regular customer after a long absence. The Chinese Goshawk was an appearance for the beginning of September more than expected. PGF‚P
4(Tue) cloudy after rain NE 7:00`7:30 - Information of Nakatani
He@was impossible of observation for fog
5(Wed) cloudy
[ - I canceled the observation for rain.
If there are not recovery of the weather of the Korean Peninsura and the change of the direction of the wind, I seem not to be able to expect the ferry of CG
6(Thu) cloudy after rain NE [ - I canceled the observation for rain. [
7( Fri ) cloudy N [ - Weather was not desirable and stopped observation today. [
8(Sat) cloudy W 7:30`15:00 341 Because weather was restored, I expected the migration of CG, but only 24 of them appeared in the morning. As for today's most of 337 of them, it is counted@by Nakatani after I returned. ES 2
OS 1
PG 1
EH 1
9(Sun) cloudy NW 6:30`15:00 29,266 It was cloudy sky, but became the greatest appearance in this season partly because the direction of the wind became the northwest.
In addition, the observation of the pern is naive in this season.
PG 4
EH 5
HB 1
KS 1
10(Mon) Beautiful weather NE 7:30`15:00 4,682 The altitude that a hawk flew by beautiful weather was high, and a count was difficult. There may have been considerably oversight. PG 3
EH 3
KS 1
11(Tue) fine NE 6:00`15:00 2,321 It was a record until almost past 9:00 of the number that it counted today.Because a haze appeared for noon, observation was difficult. A group of several sometimes appeared, but did not readily pass. PG 2
EH 1
OS 1
KS 1
12(Wed) fine NE 7:00`10:00 0 Information of Mr. NakataniF While I observed it, approximately 60 of CG appeared, but do not seem to have passed for a strong wind entirely. PG 1
13(Thu) cloudy after fine NE 7:00`10:00 0 Information of Mr. NakataniF It was similar weather yesterday.
57,58 hawks appeared, but did not pass.
14( Fri ) rain E [ - impossible of observation for rainy weather [
15(Sat) cloudy SE 6:00`10:00 769 Today I got the data that Mr.Kawasaki of Hiroshima was counted PG 2
EH 1
16(Sun) rain E [ - Typhoon 11 approach.@impossible of observation for rainy weather [
17(Mon) cloudy SW 8:40`13:00 4,274 I put off that I went to Uchiyama Pass for dense fog in morning. However, fog cleared at past 9:00, and the hawk seems to have passed. Today's data are information of Mr. Kokubu.
18(Tue) drizzle NW
strong wind
9:00`12:00 | I am impossible of observation. View did not work by a drizzle and dense fog. However, there are many Chinese Goshawk in the mountain.I seem to be able to have expectation tomorrow HB 1
19(Wed) fine SE 6:00`14:00 27,702 For Chinese Goshawk which passed, it was a head wind. However, most passed by the end of the morning when wind was calm. Population confined to Tsushima by bad weather until yesterday would pass PG 1
EH 2
HB 2
KS 1
20(Thu) fine SE 6:00`12:00 20,266 The weather was the situation similar well yesterday. When it was past 10:00, the Chinese Goshawk hardly passed. PG 1AEH 1
HB 3AKS 1
21( Fri ) fine SW 6:00`12:00 4,774 Information of Mr. NakataniFThe hawk which came for Tsushima by the evening of yesterday went for the morning. The flock of hawks which should arrive at Tsushima at past the midday is not seen at all in an average year. PG 3AEH 5
HB 3AES 3
NG 3AKS 2
22(Sat) cloudy NE 6:00`8:00 85 Information of Mr. NakataniFFog was generated after 8:00 a.m., and observation was not possible. EH 1
23(Sun) drizzle NE [ - All day gloomy cloudy sky. It seems that the Uchiyama pass was fog. I did not go today either. [
24(Mon) cloudy NE [ - I was not able to observe it for fog today either. But a hawk seems to come to Tsushima. I will expect it tomorrow. [
25(Tue) cloudy NE 6:30`14:30 2,111 Today's Uchiyama Pass was cloudy, and the northeast wind same as before was strong. Passing continued, but there were many small crowds. PG 6AEH 3
NG 3AOS 3
26(Wed) fine NE 6:30`12:00 660 Information of Mr. NakataniF The hawk flew during the morning when the wind was calm, but northeast wind became strong and did not almost fly at past 9:00. PG 2AEH 1
27(Thu) fine SW 6:30`12:50 3,134 Today the hawk had more hawks which came flying from the Korean Peninsura from 10:00 before than the howk flew away from Tsushima. The hawk passed after an interval of two years, and a count surpassed 100,000 in a total today. PG 4AEH 4
NG 1AOS 2
HB 1
28( Fri ) cloudy SW 6:00`11:00 113 Information of Mr. NakataniF It@was fog until 8:00 a.m. It was difficult to observe the hawk because a cloud was low afterwards. PG 1AEH 2
29(Sat) cloudy NE | - We canceled observation for northeast wind and fog. -
30(Sun) cloudy E 7:00`9:00 0 Information of Mr. NakataniF For northeast strong wind and cloudy sky, He was not able to confirm that a hawk flew. [
On September 30, I finish the Chinese Goshawk observation of this season having today. Thank you.
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