A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2008  Japanese edition
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The migration of Chinese Goshhawk begins in autumn 2008. I do my best as much as possible for the observation of a migration of Goshhawk. 
By the way, it is about 70km distance from my home to the observation place.
Therefore the everyday expenditure of gasoline becomes the considerable sum.
So for a remarkable rise of the gas price of these days, the everyday observationmay be difficult.

Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from Uchiyama Pass

A few years ago Hawk tended to fly for Tatera Mt from the Yatate Mt direction.
But in late years it is tending to fly for the Kayaba Mt direction from Maisinodan Mt of the back.

 Total as of September 27:70,809

Date Weather The direction of the wind The observation time The observation number of CG Today's comment Other hawks
*A cable address
5(Fri )
7( Sun) cloudy after fine NE 08:30-13:40 397 Only as for the observation data of Nakatani EH1.GB1
8(Mon) fine
NNW 06:30-13:40 530 Only as for the observation data of Nakatani OS1,EH1
10(Wed) fine
N 05:50-14:50 1,332 Only as for the observation data of Nakatani KS1、PG3、GB3、EH1
11(Thu) cloudy
S 05:55-13:50 6,759 Only as for the observation data of Nakatani HB2、PG1、KS1
12(Fri ) cloudy
N-S 07:00-11:50 3,624 Only as for the observation data of Nakatani EH1、PG1
13(Sat) cloudy
SW 07:50-14:40 27,358 I went to Uchiyama Pass for the first time this season today. EH1、PG1
14( Sun ) cloudy after rain N 9:00−15:00 0 It was the observation society of the meeting of the Tsushima wild bird, but it was unfortunate weather today.
15(Mon) cloudy
NE - -
16(Tue) cloudy NE 07:00-13:30 2,744 Northeast wind was strong, and the Chinese Goshawk appeared with a lot of Uchiyama village courses. EH3、PG3、HB2、KS1
17(Wed) rain after cloudy NE 07:00-09:30 530 Observation was difficult by the fog which was deep from an early morning.
Mr.Nakatani seem to have counted GH at the breaks of fog.
18(Thu) cloudy NE - - impossible of observation by deep fog
19(Fri ) cloudy NE 07:30-13:30 1,338 Most of today's numbers flew before 10:00. There may not have been much coming flying from the continent. EH1、PG5、
20(Sat) cloudy NE 07:30-13:30 104 For the fog which was dark from morning and a low cloud, the observation was difficult. EH1、PG1、HB1
21(Sun) rain after cloudy SW - - impossible of observation
22(Mon) cloudy NE→SW 08:30-15:30 7,667 When the direction of the wind changed in the afternoon、many CG
23(Tue) cloudy SW→NE 07:30-13:30 10,187 Most of CG passed in the morning. The greatest crowd appears at 9:30. We counted 5,500. EH2、PG3、HB1
24(Wed) cloudy E 10:30-13:00 0 He was not able to confirm one figure that a hawk flew.
25(Thu) cloudy W 08:00-10:00 0 Fog was dark, and it seems to have been a state of almost view 0.
26(Fri ) fine N 08:00-14:00 7,712 CG began to fly from a stand at 9:00 and counted 3,620 of the maximum in one hour after 11. HB37
27(Sat) fine NE 07:30-13:30 527 Because CG flew in the west, we were hard to discover. EH2、PG3、KS1、ES1、NH1
Explanatory notes(A cable address)
Peregrine FalconPG
Eurasian HobbyEH
Common Kestrel
Northern GoshawkNG
Eurasian SparrowhawkES
Common BuzzardCB 
Grey-faced BuzzardGB
Japanese SparrowhawkJS
Black KiteBK
Chinese Goshawk :CG
Northern Harrier:NH