A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2011 @Japanese edition
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There was little ferry of the hawk last year following the year before last.
We do not understand the cause. Unseasonable weather or the breeding environment?
I hope that a flock of hawks more than 100,000 passes in this year.
We worry about how much number the ferry of the hawk of September becomes.
However, I am going to get the about the same observation system last year this year.
We expect access of all of you.

Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from Uchiyama Pass

A few years ago Hawk tended to fly for Mt.Tatera from the Mt.Yatate direction.
But in late years it is tending to fly for the Mt.Kayaba direction from Mt.Maisinodan of the back.

@Total as of September 21,152

Date Weather The direction of the wind The observation time The observation number of CG Today's comment Other hawks
–A cable address
1iThuj fine NE 8:00`12F00 ‚O The ferry observation first day of this season. CG@did not appear, but several kinds of hawks have already arrived. PG2,EH2,KS1,CB1,BK
2(Fri) cloudy NEstrong 8:00`9F00 ‚O Information: It was not the weather that a hawk flew because of a strong wind. KS1
3(Sat) cloudy Nstrong 8:00`8F30 ‚O For the typhoon 12‚”‚ˆ approach, the situation is the same yesterday. -
4(Sun) cloudy NE 8:00`9F00 ‚O Information: We were not able to observe it because of fog. -
5(Mon) cloudy NE 8:00`12F00 6 We confirmed six CG hawks. It became the first observation of this season. The ferry of the hawk seemed to finally begin. PG2,EH1,KS1,OS1,BK
6(Tue) cloudy NE 8:00`13F00 39 The ferry of the hawk seems to begin surely. However, the discovery of the hawk is difficult because a thick cloud occurs in the sky if it becomes humid. PG2,EH1,,OS1,BK
7(Wed) fine W 8:00`12F00 283 A big flock of hawks came to finally arrive. Maximum flock of today's hawks was 150 . PG2,EH1,KS1,OS1,BK
8(Thu) cloudy S 8:00`12F00 6 The hawk was uncommon today. The reason is thought of for strong south wind.
9(Fri) fine S 8:00`12F00 243 Big flock of hawks more than 100 was not observed. The ferry of the hawk of these past several days is thought of depending on a course of typhoon 14. HB2APG‚QAEH2AKS1ABK
10(Sat) rain NE - - We were not able to observe it for a rainy day. -
11(Sun) cloudy NE 8:00`12F00 0 Information: A hawk did not seem to fly at all today. -
12(Mon ) fine SE 8:00`13F00 1,167 A number came to finally appear. Ferry seemed to get into full swing. HB4APG‚QAEH2AOS1ABK
13(Tue) cloudy NE 8:00`13F00 175 Information: A flock of hawks more than 700 seemed to return at past 12:00.
14(Wed ) fine NE 8:00`14F00 11,468 A maximum numerical hawk passed in this season. It is two years since the last passing more than 10,000 per day. The biggest group was 1,500 of them which passed at 12:45 thought to be the second flight from the peninsula. HB4APG‚QAEH4AES1AKS1ABK

15(Thu) fine NE 8:00`13F30 1,676 The conditions such as weather or the direction of the wind were hardly different yesterday. But we were not able to almost confirm hawks come flying from the peninsula. HB8APG2AEH2ABK
16(Fri) cloudy
NE 8:00`12F00 2,790 As for passing today, an early morning was the center. There were few direct flights from the peninsula today. It was covered before noon by a thick cloud and was not able to observe it. HB1,PG1,EH1KS1,BK
17(Sat) cloudy
8:00`12F00 67 Information: The early morning is fog. There seemed to be no record after 10:00 as well as yesterday. The hawk should fly from the peninsula. We cannot count it for a thick cloud covering the sky. EH2
18(Sun) rain@and fog NEstrong 8:00 - We were not able to observe it for a rainy day. -
19(Mon) cloudy@and fog NEstrong 8:00 - Information: We were not able to observe it for a rainy day. -
20(Tue) rain@and fog NEstrong 8:00 - Information: We were not able to observe it for a rainy day -
21(Wed) cloudy NEstrong 9:00`11F40 1,438 Information:
22(Thu) fine NW 7:00`13F00 1,516 The climatic condition was good, but there was little ferry of the hawk unexpectedly. EH2
23(Fri) fine NW 8:00`13F00 240 Today's count 240 is already a number of the ferry end game in an average year. Will not passing in this season reach 30,000 either? HB4,PG1,EH3
24(Sat) fine NE 9:00`12F00 2 Information: The coming from abroad of the hawk of this season might be over when I thought about today's situation.
25(Sun) fine NE 8:00`12F00 26 Information: After all the coming from abroad of the hawk seemed to be over. PG1,EH4,ES1,BK
Explanatory notesiA cable addressj
Peregrine Falcon(ƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFPG
Eurasian Hobbyiƒ`ƒSƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFEH
Common Kestrel
Northern GoshawkiƒIƒIƒ^ƒJjFNG
Eurasian SparrowhawkiƒnƒCƒ^ƒJjFES
Common BuzzardiƒmƒXƒŠjFCB
Grey-faced BuzzardiƒTƒVƒojFGB
Japanese Sparrowhawkiƒcƒ~jFJS
Black KiteiƒgƒrjFBK
Chinese GoshawkiƒAƒJƒnƒ‰ƒ_ƒJj FCG
Northern HarrieriƒnƒCƒCƒƒ`ƒ…ƒEƒqjFNH