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Version 3.13.10 2008-1/8

  • The Holiday event has ended. Scavenger hunt prizes that have been earned will be disabled...for now.
  • All mouse mappings should now be shown only when the mouse icon is selected in the keymap settings UI (rather than under keyboard mappings).
  • Light Scout now counts towards the Air Cavalry, Scout prerequisites for 2nd tier Air Cavalry certifications.
    CertificationのLight ScoutがAir Cavalry, Scoutと同様にAir Cavalryの下位Certとして扱われるようになりました。
    どちらかを取得していれば上位のInterceptor, Assaultを取得できます。

Version 3.13.11 2008-2/12

It's Valentine's Day in Planetside, but what does that mean exactly? Here are a few things we have planned over the holiday:

  • Been through some bad relationships? Visit VR Training and get back at all the lovers that have jilted you in the past!
  • Anyone that logs in between now and Valentine's Day will be awarded with a special merit!
    バレンタイン期間中はログインしただけでメリットコメンデーション「Ball & Chain」が得られます。
  • Several events will be run, including more Black Ops and a "Surgile" event!
    "Black Ops"や"Surgile"イベントが行われる予定。Surgileイベントってのは詳細不明。名前からある程度予想できますが。

Miscellaneous other changes:

  • Pain field damage in the caverns' spawn rooms has been increased slightly.

Version 3.15.2 2008-2/27

Two new certifications have been introduced to continue the hacking profession. An advanced hacker must choose whether he wants to further increase his hacking potential with the REK or move to the dark side of hacking and install electronic viruses with the new T-REK. For the dedicated hacker, we have created the Electronics Expert certification which lets you have all hacking abilities at reduced cost. Here are a list of new abilities:

ハッキング系のCertificationとして新たにExpert Hacking, Data Corruption, Electronics Expert の3つが追加されました。いずれもAdvancedの上位Certとなり、

  • ExpertはAdvancedの機能強化版的なもの
  • Data Corruptionは新サポートアイテムを使用してウィルスを敵に送り込む攻撃的なもの
  • Electronics Expertは上記ふたつをまとめたもの


Expert Hacking

  • Hack and jack faster than ever before!
  • Jack occupied vehicles, booting all passengers.
  • Increase pain field damage in nearby spawn rooms.
    自軍基地のMatrixing PanelにREKを照射して、Respawn RoomのPain Fieldのダメージ量を上げることができる。
  • Increase generator pain field damage.
    同様にGenerator Roomの入口にあるGenerator TerminalにREKを照射してGenerator RoomにPain Fieldを生成、強化できる。効果時間は30分。
  • Steal enemy field turrets instead of just deconstructing them.
  • Upgrade the Aegis Shield Generator with enhanced radar abilities.
  • Have increased sensor shield protection while hacking.
    ハッキング中でもSensor Shieldインプラントが機能するようになる
  • Remove viruses from infected equipment.

Data Corruption

  • Access a new equippable support item, the T-REK!
  • Infect vehicles' control systems, resulting in decreased speed and turn rate.
  • Install a virus into a facility's Main Terminal for a variety of effects:
    • Unlock all doors
    • Double NTU resource drain
    • Access all equipment terminals
    • Disable enemy radar
    • Disable linked benefits
  • Infect Wall Turrets and Spitfires so they will attack their own empire.
    敵軍のWall Turretや敵軍の設置したSpitfire Turretにウィルスを送り込み、設置者の勢力を敵として判断するようにできる
  • Infect Motion Sensors so they will display friendly units as enemies on radar.
    敵の設置したMotion Alarm Sensorにウィルスを送り込み、味方をレーダー上で敵のように見せることができる
  • Infect an Aegis Shield Generator to emit a pain field that damages friendly units.

When a facility's Main Terminal is infected, the virus will immediately take effect. However, aside from noticing the effects of the virus, other empires will not be able to discern the type of virus installed, and won't be directly notified that the virus exists for a short time after installation.


  • Also introducing a new deployable object, the Sensor Disruptor:
    新しいACE設置物「Sensor Disrupter」追加した
  • Usable by certing Combat Engineering and Advanced Hacking.
    Sensor DisrupterはCombat EngineerとAdvanced Hackingを両方取得しているプレーヤーが使用可能
  • Alternate use of the Motion Sensor firemode; use the change ammo key to access the Sensor Disruptor.
    ACEを構えてモードをMotion Alarm Sensorに合わせ、弾薬変更キーでSensor Disrupterに変更して設置する
  • Completely masks nearby friendly units from enemy radar, even when detected by sensors.
    Sensor Disrupterの周囲の友軍ユニットは完全に敵センサーから隠蔽される
  • Can be deployed in any SOI, but only outside and not too close to a building.
  • Shares deployable limit with Motion Sensors.
    ひとりで同時に設置可能な数はMotion Alarm Sensorと共有する

Miscellaneous other changes:

  • Color of REK beam and hacking support icon will change depending on the hacker's certification.
    REK使用中のピロピロの色と、REKを構えているときの自分の頭の上のアイコンが取得しているHacking Certによって変化するようにした。
  • A different message will now be displayed when a Wasp has a missile lock on your vehicle.

Version 3.15.4 2008-3/19

  • An issue with the Data Corruption certification has been fixed; players with Data Corruption will now be able to infect Spitfires, Motion Sensors, Wall Turrets, and Aegis Shield Generators.
    Data CorruptionのSpitfire, Motion alarm sensor, Wall turrets, Aegisにウィルスを送りこむ機能を正常に働くようにした
  • There is now a chance that a virus will wear off much earlier than usual for infected Spitfires, Motion Sensors, Wall Turrets, and Aegis Shield Generators.
    Data Corruptionによってウィルスに侵されたSpitfire, Motion alarm sensor, Wall turret, Aegis が、時間の経過で勝手に正常に戻るようにした。
  • The radar icon for the Shield Disruptor has been reduced in size, especially when radar is set to short range.
    Shield Disrupter (Sensor Disrupterの間違いだと思われる)のレーダーマップ上でのアイコンを小さくした
  • All players will be given an optional certification reset.
    すべてのプレーヤーにCertificationのリセット権を1回付与。(Cert Terminalからリセットできる)

Version 3.15.6 2008-5/20

Greetings Auraxians, we are pleased to announce the merger of the two North American Servers, Markov and Emerald, to form the Gemini Server. As players migrate from Markov or Emerald Servers to the Gemini Server they will each receive a Distinguished Veteran Merit which can be displayed with their existing merits.

予告の通り、Emerald, Markov両サーバーを統合した新しいワールドサーバー「Gemini」を立ち上げました。正確にはEmeraldをGeminiと改名して、Markovを吸収した形です。Markovと呼ばれたアメリカ西部のサーバーは消滅となります。

Gemini Server Merge Merits

  • Markov Distinguished Veteran
  • Emerald Distinguished Veteran

Markov, EmeraldからGeminiサーバーに移ったプレーヤーにはそれぞれ専用のメリットコメンデーションが与えられるような、実際そんなのは与えられてないような、よくわかりません。

PlanetSide would like to recognize the Veterans of the Auraxian War who have dedicated 5 years of service to their empire with the following tokens of gratitude.

5 Year Veterans will receive

  • Five years of service Merit
  • Free Reinforced ExoSuit (determined by character creation date)

All Soldiers will receive a free certification reset courtesy of your friends on the Auraxian Counsel.

作成から5年が経過したプレーヤーには5年褒章として専用のメリットコメンデーションが与えられ、また、CertなしでReinforced ExoSuitを使用できるようになります。

Version 3.15.18 2008-8/13

Terran Republic Max Changes

  • Terran maxes in addition to the lock-down ability, now have a secondary ability called Overdrive that is based on a max capacitor and that allows them to fire more quickly and fire more accurately while active.
  • This new Overdrive ability is an "all-or-nothing" activation. Once activated it can not be shut-off. It cannot be activated until the capacitor is fully charged. It will deactivate automatically when the capacitor is expended.
  • The Overdrive ability is mutually exclusive to the lock-down ability and to the max auto-run ability. While Overdrive is active, the max cannot lock-down, nor can it auto-run. If the max is locked down or auto-running, Overdrive cannot be activated.
  • A red shield effect displays around maxes that have Overdrive activated so that friend and foe know it is active.
    オーバードライブを発動中のTR MAXは周囲からは赤色のシールドを展開しているように見える。
  • Terran Burster Max clip size is now set at 40.
    Burster MAXの弾薬装填数を25から40発に変更。

Population Incentives Changes

  • Battle Experience will be affected by world empire population ratios
  • Battle Experience will be affected by zone empire population ratios
  • Respawn Timers will be affect by zone empire population ratios
  • Acquisition Timers will be affect by zone empire population ratios
  • These are all benefits only, granted to under-populated empires, and no penalties are applied in any case to any empire.

Version 3.15.29 2008-12/3

Greetings Auraxians! We are very pleased to announce the long awaited Weapons Balance Pass, with this update you'll find some exciting changes to your favorite weapons and maybe a few to your least favorite weapons. In this update you'll notice right away that the Lasher has gone through a major overhaul, with their new Armor Piercing fire mode and increased Orb speed the Vanu Sovereignty will be ready for battle in any situation. Fans of the Sweeper Shotgun will also enjoy the increased clip size of this weapon which brings a little more power to all Empires. Additional changes have been outlined below!



  • Increased Clip Size to 40
  • Added Armor Piercing Fire Mode (right-click)
    対装甲用のファイアモード「Armor Piercing Fire」を追加(右クリックでモード切り替え)
  • Armor Piercing Orbs have a new color
  • Decreased Lash Damage & Radius
  • Increased Lasher Orb Velocity (the Rate of Fire was not changed)


  • Reduced Triple-shot Damage.

Sweeper Shotgun

  • Ammo Clip adjusted to 12 rounds


  • Reduced COF


  • Damage Degrade is now more on par with the Cycler and Gauss Rifle.

Heavy Scout Rifle

  • Decreased COF
  • COF recovery time slightly increased

Thank you and we'll see you on the Battle Field!