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●Tommy Tate / When Hearts Grow Cold (Soulscape) CD sale \2090- [セール割引対象外]・1)When Hearts Grow Cold 2)Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 3)Everything's Out In The Open 4)You're Making My Dreams Come True 5)Gonna Take My Heart's Advice 6)I Can Take You To Heaven Tonight 7)Feel the Love 8)I've Got To Have Your Love Tonight 9)Lonely Lady 10)Ain't No Love For Sale 11)The Woman I Love 12)Nothing Without Your Love 13)Lay Love Aside 14)That's Just a Woman's Way 15)I Feel So Close To You 16)Midnight Run 17)You Want Me To Do 18)I'm In Too Deep 19)Sunday Afternoon 20)Uptown Woman◆グレイト・サザン・ソウル・シンガー、トミー・テイトがキャンディ・ステイトン、ジョニー・テイラー、オーティス・クレイ等に提供した楽曲の本人歌唱ヴァージョン(未発表デモ)を集めたコンピレーション。[在庫なし]

●Diz and the Doormen / Tonky Honk (Ace) CD sale \1490-
1)Roll 'Em Pete 2)Miss Bombilla Brown 3)Happy Man 4)Misery 5)Evolution 6)Lovely Lene 7)I Got It 8)There Is Something On Your Mind 9)It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 10)Tonky Honk 11)Cursed With A Thirst 12)Rattlesnake Rhumba 13)Goodnight Irene 14)One More Song For You


●V.A. / The Complete Goldwax Singles Vol.2 1966-1967 (Ace) CD sale \2490-1-1)James Carr / You've Got My Mind Messed Up 2)James Carr / That's What I Want To Know 3)Yo Yo's / Leaving On You 4)Yo Yo's / I Can't Forget You 5)Leroy Daniel / Hello Daugther 6)Leroy Daniel / Gonna Comb You Out Of My Hair 7)Oboe / Trying To Make It 8)Oboe / I'm Just That Kind Of Fool For You 9)Gene"Bowlegs"Miller / Here It Is Now 10)Gene"Bowlegs"Miller / What Time Ye Got 11)Ovations / I Believe I'll Go Back Home 12)Ovations / Qualifications 13)Ivory Joe Hunter / Every Little Bit Helped Me 14)Ivory Joe Hunter / I Can Make You Happy 15)Jeanne Newman / Little Things 16)Jeannie Newman / Ain't That Lonely 17)Spencer Wiggins / Take Me Just As I Am 18)Spencer Wiggins / The Kind Of Woman That's Got No Heart 19)James Carr / Love Attack 20)James Carr / Coming Back To Me Baby 21)Yo Yo's / Gotta Find A New Love 22)Yo Yo's / I've Got Something In My Eye 23)James Carr / Pouring Water On Drowning Man 24)James Carr / Forgetting You 25)Spencer Wiggins / Old Friend (You Asked Me If I Miss Her) 26)Spencer Wiggins / Walking Out On You 27)George &Greer / You Didn't Know It But You Had Me 28)George & Greer / Good Times 2-1)Ovations / Me And My Imagination 2)Ovations / They Say 3)Percy Milem / Crying Baby Baby Baby 4)Percy Milem / Call On Me 5)Eddie Jefferson / When You Look In The Mirror 6)Eddie Jefferson / Some Other Time 7)James Carr / The Dark End Of The Street 8)James Carr / Lovable Girl 9)Barbara Perry / Say You Need It 10)barbara Perry / Unlovable 11)Terry's / Cry Me A Hand Full 12)Terry's / Stormy Love Affair 13)Ivory Joe Hunter / Don't You Believe Him 14)Ivory Joe Hunter / What's The Matter Baby 15)Timmy Thomas / Have Some Boogaloo 16)Timmy Thomas / Liquid Mood 17)Spencer Wiggins / Uptight Good Woman 18)Spencer Wiggins / Anything You Do Is Alright 19)Ovations feat. Louis Williams / I've Gotta Go 20)Ovations feat. Louis Willaims / Ride My Troubles And Blues Away 21)Kathy Davis / The Wife Of The Life Of The Party 22)Kathy Davis / You Can Dish It Out (But Can You Take It) 23)Jmaes Carr / Let It Happen 24)James Carr / A Losing Game 25)Carmol Taylor / Did She Ask About Me 26)Carmol Taylor / Here Comes The Fool

●J.Blackfoot / Woof Woof Meow (JEA / Right Now) CD sale \1390-
1)Meow 2)More Than A Woman 3)Bus Stop 4)If It Make Dollars 5)Only Girl 6)Meow (Pussy Cat Mixx) 7)Your Man Is Home 8)In My Bedroom 9)Picking Up Pieces 10)Long Time Coming 11)Same Time Same Place


●Harvey Scales / Love-It Is: All The Rare & Unissued 45s From The Vaults Of Magic Touch 1967 to 1977 (Soul-Tay-Thus) CD sale \1990-
1)Get Down 2)Love-Itis 3)Broadway Freeze (Pt.1) 4)I Can't Cry No More 5)(It's Too Good) Too Good to be True 6)Love Is A Gas 7)Don't You Ever Let It End 8)The Sound of Soul (Instrumental) 9)Welcome Home 10)Trackdown 11)The Yolk 12)The Funky Yolk 13)Get Down 1970 14)Funky Football 15)Bump Your Thang 16)Trying to Survive 17)Groove On Sexy Lady 18)Rock The World 19)Follow The Disco Crowd 20)Love Thief◆スタックスやチェスからのシングルでも人気のディープ・ソウル・シンガー、ハーヴィー・スケールズの'60年代後期〜'70年代マジック・タッチに残したシングル・コンプリート集。[在庫なし]

●Harvey Scales / Love-It Is: All The Rare & Unissued 45s From The Vaults Of Magic Touch 1967 to 1977 (Magnum Cat) CD \2300-
1)Get Down 2)Love-Itis 3)Broadway Freeze (Pt.1) 4)I Can't Cry No More 5)(It's Too Good) Too Good to be True 6)Love Is A Gas 7)Don't You Ever Let It End 8)The Sound of Soul (Instrumental) 9)Welcome Home 10)Trackdown 11)The Yolk 12)The Funky Yolk 13)Get Down 1970 14)Funky Football 15)Bump Your Thang 16)Trying to Survive 17)Groove On Sexy Lady 18)Rock The World 19)Follow The Disco Crowd 20)Love Thief◆スタックスやチェスからのシングルでも人気のディープ・ソウル・シンガー、ハーヴィー・スケールズの'60年代後期〜'70年代マジック・タッチに残したシングル・コンプリート集。日本語解説(佐野勝明氏)、帯付仕様盤。[在庫なし]

●V.A. / Gangster Dedications Vol.3 (Soul Strivers) CD \2090-
1)Darling Dears / And I Love You 2)Sponitains / Try It Again Baby 3)Sir George / I Lost You Girl 4)Devons / Wise Up and Be Smart 5)Turn-A-Rounds / I Need Your Loving 6)Soul Explosions / Love Is The Answer 7)Mamselles / It Won't Take Much To Bring Me Back 8)Elijah and the Ebonees / I Confess 9)Willie Hobbs / Love 'Em and Leave'Em .10)Teddy Cash / You Are So Wonderful 11)Calvin and the Catamounts / I Know My Baby Cares For Me 12)Kansas City Express / This Is the Place 13)Sterling / Come and Love Me 14)Florida Spirituaires / I Remember When 15)Jack and the Mods / One Is Enough For One 16)Albert Jones / I Do Love You 17)Albert Jones / You Must Be A Blessing 18)Terry Felton / I Don't Want To Have To Wait 19)Gene Miller / Where Is the Love 20)Jean Kerr / Oo Baby, Baby 21)Young Sirs / Theres Something the Matter 22)Captions / Don't Take Your Arms Away From Me 23)Third Guitar / Been So Long

●David Brinston / Dirty Woman (Ecko) CD sale \2090-
1)Something I Want 2)I Finally Got A Good Woman 3)You Caught Me With My Drawers Off 4)Give It To Me 5)I Came To The Party 6)Dirty Woman 7)When I Put The Icing On The Cake 8)Back Up Man 9)I'm Still Waiting 10)I'm Faithful To My Baby 11)Don't Tease Me Woth It 12)Something I Want (Remix)


●Jody Sticker / Mr.Booty Do Right (CDS) sale \2090-
1)Mr Booty Do Right 2)I Can't Show My Hand 3)Roll That Thang 4)Kitty Missing, Kitty Loose 5)Sugar Daddy, Love Daddy 6)Sex Release 7)I'm Movin' In 8)Mama's Love 9)Party Starter 10)Sacrifice for Love 11)Where I Come From


●Marvelettes / Forever: The Complete Motown Albums Vol.1 (Hip-O Select) 3CD \3690-
disc1・「Please Mr.Postman」1)Anegel 2)I Want A Guy 3)Please Mr.Postman 4)So Long Baby 5)I Know How It Feels 6)Way Over There 7)Happy Days 8)You Don't Want Me No More 9)All The Love I Got 10)Whisper 11)Oh I Apologize ・「The Marvelettes Sing」12)Mashed Poteto Time 13)Love Letters 14)The One Who Really Loves You 15)Twistin' The Night Away 16)Hey! Baby 17)Twistin' Postman 18)Good Luck Charm 19)Slow Twistin' 20)Lover Please 21)Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) ・「Playboy」22)Playboy 23)Mix It Up 24)Beechwood 4-5789 25)I'm Hooked 26)I Think I Can Change You 27)Forever 28)Someday, Someway 29)Goodess Of Love 30)You Should Know 31)(I've Got To) Cry Over You ・disc2・「The Marvelous Marvelettes」1)Strange I Know 2)I Forgot About You 3)Locking Up My Heart 4)Which Way Did He Go 5)Silly Boy 6)It's Gonna Take A Lof Of Doing (To Undo All The Damage That You've Done) 7)Smart Aleck 8)My Daddy Knows Best 9)Too Strong To Be Strong Along 10)Why Must You GO ・「On Stage Recorded Live」11)Beechwood 4-5789 12)Strange I Know 13)Someday, Someway 14)Locking Up My Heart 15)Twistin' Postman 16)Tossin' and Turnin' 17)So Long Baby 18)Playboy・[Bonus Track]19)Strange I Know (live) 20)Medley:Please Mr.Postman/Playboy/Strange I Know /Someday, Someway (live) 21)Tie A String Around Your Finger 22)Darnells / Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye 23)Darnells / Come and Home 24)Finders Keepers Losers Weepers 25)Knock On My Door 26)On The Other Side Of Town 27)Because I Love Him 28)Little Girls Grow Up Disc3・「Greatest Hits(mono version)」1)I Don't Mess With Bill 2)You're My Remedy 3)Locking Up My Heart 4)As Long As I Know He's Mine 5)Too Many Fish In The Sea 6)Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead 7)Please Mr.Postman 8)Playboy 9)Strange I Know 10)Forever 11)Twistin' Postman 12)Beechwood 4-5789 [Mono Singles &Rare Sides]13)As Long As I Know He's Mine 14)He Won't Be True 15)He's A Good Guy (Yes He Is) 16)You're My Remedy 17)A Little Bit Of Sympathy, A Little Bit Of Love 18)Too Many Fish In The Sea 19)A Need For Love 20)I'll Keep On Holding 21)No TIme For Tears 22)Danger: Heartbreak Dead Ahead 23)Your Cheating Ways 24)Don't Mess With Bill 25)Anything You Wanna Do 26)I Should've Known Better 27)I Just Can't Let Him Down 28)Maybe I Dried My Tears (For The Last Time)

●Parliament / Osmiun plus (Edsel) CD \1790-
1)I Call My Baby Pussycat 2)Put Love In YOur Life 3)Little Ole Country Boy 4)Moonshine Heater 5)Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer 6)My Automobile 7)Nothing Before Me But Thang 8)Funky Woman 9)Livin' The Life 10)The Silent Boatman 11)Breakdown (mono single version) 12)Red Hot Mama 13)Come In Out Of The Rain 14)Loose Booty 15)Fantasy Is Reality 16)Unfinished Instrumental 17)Breakdown (stereo unedited version)◆デトロイトのブラック・ミュージック・シーンを語る上で重要な一枚、パーラメントの'70年インヴィクタスからリリースされた1stアルバムにシングル・未発表テイク等をプラス。[在庫なし]

●V.A. / Let Me Tell You About the Blues Memphis (Fantastic Voyage) 3CD sale \1790-
1-1)Memphis Jag Band / Sun Brimmer's Blues 2)Poor Boy, Long Ways From 3)Pearl Dickson / Little Rock Blues 4)Cannon's Jug Stompers / Springdale Blues 5)Frank Stokes / Downtown Blues 6)Tommy Johnson / Big Road Blues 7)Ishman Bracey / Saturday Blues 8)Mississippi John Hurt / Frankie 9)Lonnie Johnson / Away Down In The Alley Blues 10)Tom Dickson / Death Bell Blues 11)Jim Jackson / I'm Wild About My Lovin' 12)Furry Lewis / Cannon Ball Blues 13)Charlie McCoy / Last Time Blues 14)Robert Wilkins / That's No Way To Get Along 15)Garfield Akers / Cottonfield Blues Part1 16)Sleepy John Estes / The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair 17)Kid Bailey / Rowdy Blues 18)Noah Lewis / Chickasaw Special 19)Joe Callicott / Fare Thee Well Blues 20)Jim Thompkins / Bedside Blues 21)Memphis Minnie / Bumble Bee 22)Bukka White / The Panama Limited 23)Blind Willie Reynolds / Married Man Blues 24)Allen Shaw / Moanin' the Blues 2-1)Memphis Jug Band / Jazzbo Stomp 2)Robert Wilkins / Old Jim Canaan's 3)Minnie Wallace / The Cockeyed World 4)Little Buddy Doyle / Hard Scufflin' Blues 5)Charlie Burse & his Memphis Mudcats / Beale Street Holiday 6)James De Berry & his Memphis Playboys / Single Man Blues 7)Joe Hill Louis / Boogie In The Park 8)Walter Horton / Little Boy Blue 9)Ike Turner / I'm Lonesome Baby 10)Jackie Brenston / Rocket 88 11)Howlin' Wolf / Moanin' At The Midnight 12)B.B.King / She's Dynamite 13)Billy Love / Juiced 14)B.B.King / Three O'Clock Blues 15)Dr.Ross / Dr.Ross Blues 16)Rosco Gordon / Booted 17)Sleepy John Estes / Rats In My Kitchen 18)Howlin' Wolf / Saddle My Pony 19)Rosco Gordon / T-Model Boogie 20)Woodrow Adams / The Last Time 21)Walter Horton / We All Gotta Sometime 22)Willie Nix / Seems Like A Million Years 23)Honeyboy Edwards / Sweet Home Chicago 24)Jimmy & Walter / Easy 25)Rufus Thomas / Bear Cat 3-1)Elvis Presley / That's All Right 2)Charlie Booker / Walked All Night 3)D.A.Hunt / Greyhound Blues 4)Little Junior Parker / Feelin' Good 5)William Stewart / County Farm Blues 6)Rufus Thomas / Tiger Man 7)Boyd Gilmore / Believe I'll Settle Down 8)Earl Hooker / Blue Guitar 9)Pinetop Perkins / Pinetop's Boogie Woogie 10)Little Milton / Beggin' My Baby 11)Johnny O'Neal / Ugly Woman 12)Joe Hill Louis / Hydramatic Woman 13)Little Junior Parker / Mystery Train 14)James Cotton / Straighten Up Baby 15)Coy'Hot Shot'Love / Wolf Call Boogie 16)Kenneth Banks / But High 17)Billy Love / Way After Midnight 18)Little Milton / Lookin' For My Baby 19)James Cotton / Cotton Crop Blues 20)Pat Hare / I'm Gonna Murder Mu Baby 21)Elvis Presley / Mystery Train 22)Billy 'The Kid' Emerson / When It Rains It Pours 23)Dr.Ross / The Boogie Disease 24)Sammy Lewis - Willie Johnson / Feel So Worred 25)Rosco Gordon / Cheese and Crackers

●V.A. / Good To the Last Drop (Fantastic Voyage) CD sale \1190-
1)Mr.Flood's Party / Compared To What 2)Brothers Grimm / Looky Looky 3)Jewel Akens / Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin' 4)Casinos / That's The Way 5)Vakues / Return To Me 6 )Milt Matthews Inc. / Oh Lord 7)Mickey Stevenson / Here I Am (single edit) 8)Pac-Keys / Dig In 9)Milt Mathews Inc. / That's What I Feel Fotr You (single edit) 10)Dee Edwards / Why Can't There Be Love 11)Carol Woods / Baby Don't You Leave Me 12)Tony & Tyrone / Everyday Fun 13)Fork In The Road / Can't Turn Around Now 14)Jones Girls / My Own Special Way 15)Milt Matthews Inc. / Disaster Area 16)Fork In The Road / Skeletons In The Closet 17)Tony & Tyrone / Whip Your Loving On Me 18)Dee Edwards / Hurt A Little Everyday 19)Milt Matthews Inc. / See Myself Doing You Wrong 20)Ed Robinson / Hey Blackman-Part1 21)Mary Frazier Jones / Put A Little Love In Your Heart 22)Jones Girls / Learn How To Love 23)Johnny Otis / Good To The Last Drop

●G.C.Cameron / Enticed Ecstacy (Old School) CD \2290-
1)Running Back For More 2)I Can Give You Love 3)Hearts On Fire 4)Please You Baby 5)Enticed Ecstacy 6)So Close To You 7)Fix Me 8)So Naive 9)Turn Love Around 10)Give Me Moments 11)People Get Ready 12)Love Survives 13)Love Makes Me High 14)You Should Have Told Me 15)Meet Me By The River

●G.C.Cameron / Enticed Ecstacy (Old School) CD \2500-
1)Running Back For More 2)I Can Give You Love 3)Hearts On Fire 4)Please You Baby 5)Enticed Ecstacy 6)So Close To You 7)Fix Me 8)So Naive 9)Turn Love Around 10)Give Me Moments 11)People Get Ready 12)Love Survives 13)Love Makes Me High 14)You Should Have Told Me 15)Meet Me By The River

●G.C.Cameron / Shadows (G.C.Cameron) CD \2290-
1)Foolish 2)My House 3)Shadows 4)I Choose Your Love 5)Falling Bridges 6)No Love Til Friday 7)Price 8)Got What You Need 9)Starship Rock 10)Shadows U 11)Truly Wonderful


●Shaun H. Mykals / Urban Sophistication (710 Music Group) CD sale \1890-
1)Rolla Coaster 2)Work It Out 3)Still Luv Me 4)Hungry 5)Cold World 6)Leave Me Alone 7)Can't Slow It Down 8)Left Me For Dead 9)Slow It Up 10)Ankles 11)Touch Ya Knees 12)Those Games 13)All U Need 14)Cold World (Remix)15)Rolla Coaster (Radio Edit)

●Von Sway / Are U Ready (Brothers & Sisters) CD sale \1890-
1)Intro 2)Bartender 3)Here I Am 4)Move It 5)Are U Ready 6)2 Nite 7)U Know Me 8)Caught Up 9)Greatest Thing 10)U Mean The World To Me 11)Interlude 12)So Stupid 13)Fall Back 14)Over, Said & Done 15)I Wish U Would

●Five Special / Special Edition (Wounded Bird) sale \1690-
1)Jam (Let's Take It To The Streets 2)Heaven (You Are To Me) 3)Who You Been Lovin' 4)Choosin' You For Me 5)Do Something Special (For Your Lady) 6)Why Not Be Mine For A While 7)Had You A Lover (But You Let Her Go)


●Five Special / Tra'k (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)You Can Do It 2)Your Body Heat 3)Spread Love (All Over The World) 4)You Can Do It 5)Just A Feeling 6)Sexy Lady 7)Now And Then 8)Lov-A-Thon


●Black Heat / Black Heat (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)The Jungle 2)Chicken Heads 3)Street Of Tears 4)Barbara's Mood 5)Chip's Funk 6)Wanaoh 7)You'll Never Know 8)Honey Love 9)Send My Lover Back 10)Time Is Gonna Catch You


●Black Heat / No Time To Burn (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)No Time To Burn 2)You Should've Listened 3)Check It All Out 4)Love The Life You Live 5)Super Cool 6)M & M's 7)Things Change 8)Rapid Fire 9)Times Have Changed


●Black Heat / Keep On Runnin' (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)Drive My Car 2)Zimba Ku 3)Questions & Conclusions 4)Something Extra 5)Feel Like A Child 6)Last Dance 7)Baby You'll See 8)Love 9)Prince Duval 10)Live Together 11)Keep On Runnin'

●Lightnin' Hopkins / Mojo Hand Complete Session (P-Vine) BLU-SPEC-CD \2500-・1)Mojo Hand 2)Coffee For Mama 3)Awful Dream 4)Black Mare Trot 5)Have You Ever Loved A Woman 6)Glory Bee 7)Sometimes She Will 8)Shine On,Moon! 9)Santa 10)How Long Has The Train Been Gone 11)Bring Me My Shotgun 12)Shake That Thing 13)Last Night 14)Walk A Long Time 15)I'm Leaving With You Now 16)Houston Bound 17)Just Pickin' 18)Baby I Don't Care

●Magic Sam / West Side Soul (P-Vine) BLU-SPEC-CD \2500-
1)That's All I Need 2)I Need You So Bad 3)I Feel So Good (I Wanna Boogie) 4)All Your Love 5)I Don't Want No Woman 6)Sweet Home Chicago 7)I Found a New Love 8)Every Night and Every Day 9)Lookin' Good (Instrumental) 10)My Love Will Never Die 11)Mama Talk to Your Daughter 12)I Don't Want No Woman (Alternate Take)


●Fatal Instinct / One Nation Under Playa's & Pimps (On-Hit) CD \2290- [セール割引対象外]
1)Intro 2)Rules Of The Game 3)Can Ya Help Me? 4)Lookin' Back On My Life 5)W-Pimp Radio 6)Hooker Street 7)Let A G Be A Father 8)Paper Chase 9)Reminisce 10)Creepin'


●Bigga Than Life / Welcome To The Land Of Fonk (Street'Yo'Type) CD \2990-1)Welcome Intro 2)Reasts In The Streets 3)Gangsta Groove 4)Clamin' Sets (Interlude) 5)Krimeside 6)Dreams Of Sucess 7)Drug Smugglin' 8)Fulla Playas 9)Chocolate Blunt 10)The Mission Interlude 11)Rhyme Gun 12)Diamonds Aren't Forever 13)Crookz 14)Kray-Zah 15)U Want Some Interlude 16)Murderous Thoughts 17)Psychotherapy 18)Shoot 'Em Up 19)Letter From The Pen 20)Time After Time

●Ty"Luv"Hunter / Fifth Elements (Ghetto D) Mix CD \1860-





●Marley Marl / In Control Vol.1 Special Edition (Traffic) 2CD sale \1690-・a-1)Marley Intro 1 2)Droppin' Science 3)Marley Intro 2 4)We Write the Songs 5)Marley Intro 3 6)The Rebel 7)Marley Intro 4 8)Keep Your Eyes On the Prize 9)Marley Intro 5 10)The Symphony 11)Marley Intro 6 12)Live Motivator 13)Marley Intro 7 14)Duck Alert 15)Marley Intro 8 16)Simon Says 17)Marley Intro 9 18)Freedom 19)Marley Intro 10 20)Wack Itt 21)Marley Outro b-1)Droppin' Science (Hip Hop Version) 2)The Symphony (Remix) 3)Wack Itt (Extended Version) 4)We Write the Songs (Live at the Apollo) 5)The Symphony, Duck Alert, Droppin' Science (Live At the Apollo) 6)The Symphony (Radio Version) 7)Droppin' Science (bonus Beats) 8)The Symphony (Marley's Symphony Scratch) 9)Evolution 10)Juice Crew All Stars

●B.I.B. / Life Is Whatch U Make It (Prism) CD \2290-
1)B.I.B./WC 2)Whatch"U"Wanna Do 3)M.L.K. 4)Black & Brown 5)Nightmares Of a Fatal Man 6)Goin' Crazy 7)One Time 8)Life Of a Menace 9)Makes Me Wanna Hulla 10)The Funeral 11)R.I.P. 12)Crime We Me 13)Good Times 14)Thought You Knew 15)Not To Scared It 16)Life Is Whatch"U"Make It

●C-Loc / Scrape The Plate Camplife Ent.) CD sale \2290-
1)Gobble Gobble 2)Stacks On Deck 3)Click House 4)Dum Dum 5)Feds Still Ride 6)Freak 7)Get Money 8)Grind Mode 9)Load The Yopper 10)No Mercy 11)O.G. 12)Pay Attention 13)Sav It Ain't So 14)Talk To Much 15)Boss (radio) 16)O.G.(radio) 17)Freak (radio)
◆ルイジアナ・マイナーGラップ・シーンの重鎮、C・ロック'09年作リリース。Boo、Lil Boosie他参加。[在庫なし]

●Biz Markie / Ultimate Diabolical (Traffic) CD sale \1690-
1)Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz 2)Nobody Beats The Biz 3)Biz Is Goin' Off 4)Vapors 5)Just A Friend 6)I Hear Music 7)Spring Again 8)What Comes Around Goes Around 9)Buck Wild 10)I'm The Biz Markie 11)Young Girl Bluez 12)Let Me Turn You On : Video-1)Vapors 2)Biz Is Goin' Off 3)Just A Friend 4)Spring Again 5)Young Girl Bluez 6)Let Me Turn You On
◆ビズ・マーキーの新編ベスト、CD/DVD ハイブリッド・ディスクにてリリース。コールド・チリンでのクラシックスとヴィデオ・クリップ6曲も収録。[在庫あり]


●Lyman Woodard Organization / Saturday Night Special (BBQ) CD \2625- [セール割引対象外]
1)Saturday Night Special 2)Joy Road 3)Belle Isle Daze 4)Creative Musicians 5)Saturday Night Special (alt. take) 6)Cheeba 7)Allen Bames 8)On Yor Mind 9)Help Me Get Away

●V.A. / Ultimate 30s and 40s Reefer Songs (Viper) CD \1690-
1)Fats Weller / The Reefer Song 2)Cab Calloway / Reefer Man 3)Ella Fitzgerald with Chick Webb and his Orchestra / Wacky Dust 4)Cats and the Fiddle / Killin' Jive 5)Barney Bigard Sextet / Sweet Marihuana Brown 6)Sidney Bechet with Noble Sissie's Swingers / Viper Mad 7)Lil Johnson / Mellow Stuff 8)Stuff Smith and His Onyx Club Boys / Here Comes The Man With The Jive 9)Buck Washington / Save The Roach For Me 10)Chick Webb and his Orchestra / When I Get Low I Get High 11)Harlem Hamfats / Weed Smokers' Dream 12)Georgia White / The Stuff Is Here 13)Jazz Gillum and his Jazz Boys / Reefer Head Woman 14)Bea Foote / Weed 15)Tampa Red and The Chicago Five / I'm Gonna Get High 16)Buster Bailey's Rhythm Busters / Light Up 17)Trixie Smith / Jack I'm Mellow 18)Larry Adler / Smoking Reefers 19)Yack Taylor / Knockin' Myself Out 20)Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds Of Joy / All The Jive Is Gone◆米30〜40年代のジャズ/ジャイヴによるマリファナを題材にしたナンバーを集めたコンピレーション。[在庫なし]

●Wooden Glass feat. Billy Wooten / Live (P-Vine) BLU-SPEC-CD \2500-
1)Monkey Hips & Rice 2)We've Only Just Begun 3)Joy Ride 4)In The Rain 5)Day Dreaming 6)Love Is Here 7)Let's Stay Together 8)Bettcha by Golly (Bonus Track)9)You Are Everything

●107th Street Stickball Team / Saboreando Pot Full Of Soul (BGP) CD sale \1690-・1)On Old Broadway 2)Toma Guajira 3)Look At Me 4)You Put A Hurt In My Heart 5)Rhythm and Soul 6)Mojo Shingaling 7)Barbara With the Kooky Eyes 8)Tell Her I Love Her 9)Let Me Do My Thing 10)Say Listen 11)Nitty Boo Boo 12)Something New◆'60sニューヨーク・ラテンの人気レア・アルバム、ボビー・マリン率いるグループの唯一のアルバムに、ボビーの息子リチャードがティト・プエンテ、ルイ・ラミレス達と活動していたニッティ・セクステートのシングル音源をボーナス・トラックにプラスしての初CD化。[在庫なし]

●V.A. / Panama! 2: Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk on the Isthmus 1967-1977 (Soundway) CD sale \1690-
1)Papi Brandao y su Conjunto Aires Tablenos / La Murga De Panama 2)Los Silvertones / Tamborito Swing 3)Maximo Rodriguez y sus Estrellas Panamenas / Flora 4)Papi Brandao y sus Ejecutivos / Decidate Mi Amor 5)Skorpio / Te Toca Tocar La Tumba 6)Los Superiores / Descarga Superior 7)Idamerica Ruiz con Osvaldo Ayala y su Conjunto 8)Los Revolucionaries (Soul Revolution) / Mi Bella Panama 9)Duncuan Brothers / Dreams (Edit) 10)Soul Fantastics / Ain't No Sunshine 11)Exciters / Ese Muerto No Lo Cargo Yo 12)Menigue El Panameno con Bush y Los Magnificos / La Confianza 13)Camilo Azuquita / Borombon 14)Los Papacitos / Jazzy 15)Alfredo y su Salsa Montanera / La Escoba 16)Sir Jablonsky / Juck Juck Pt.1 17)Lord Cobra y Los Hnos. Duncan / Love Letters 18)Ceferino Nieto / Ceferino en Salsa 19)Ormelis Cortez con su Conjunto Viva Guarare / Si La Vez 20)Chilo Pitty / Piculina

●V.A. / Panama! 2: Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk on the Isthmus 1967-1977 (Soundway) 2LP \2290-
a-1)Papi Brandao y su Conjunto Aires Tablenos / La Murga De Panama 2)Los Silvertones / Tamborito Swing 3)Maximo Rodriguez y sus Estrellas Panamenas / Flora 4)Papi Brandao y sus Ejecutivos / Decidate Mi Amor 5)Skorpio / Te Toca Tocar La Tumba b-1)Los Superiores / Descarga Superior 2)Idamerica Ruiz con Osvaldo Ayala y su Conjunto 3)Los Revolucionaries (Soul Revolution) / Mi Bella Panama 4)Duncuan Brothers / Dreams (Edit) 5)Soul Fantastics / Ain't No Sunshine c-1)Exciters / Ese Muerto No Lo Cargo Yo 2)Menigue El Panameno con Bush y Los Magnificos / La Confianza 3)Camilo Azuquita / Borombon 4)Los Papacitos / Jazzy 5)Alfredo y su Salsa Montanera / La Escoba d-1)Sir Jablonsky / Juck Juck Pt.1 2)Lord Cobra y Los Hnos. Duncan / Love Letters 3)Ceferino Nieto / Ceferino en Salsa 4)Ormelis Cortez con su Conjunto Viva Guarare / Si La Vez 5)Chilo Pitty / Piculina

●Peter Fish / The Silver Apple (Kindred Spirits) CD \2090-
1)Friend and Lover 2)The Silver Apple 3)Riff For David B 4)Jacquelines Arrival 5)Esmond

●Rocardo Marrero & the Group / A Taste (Jazzman) LP \2890-
a-1)Tiny 2)Algo 3)And We'll Make Love 4)Vengo b-1)Get Yourself Together 2)Babalonia 3)My Friend 4)A Taste Of Latin


●Willie Bobo / Hell Of An Act To Follow + Bobo (Soul Brother) CD sale \1690-
1)Always There 2)Keep That Same Old Feeling 3)Together 4)Pisces 5)Dindi 6)Short Of Green 7)Fairly Tales For Two 8)Sixty-Two Fifty 9)Palos 10)Comin' Over Me 11)Latin Lady (Ceeila's Song) 12)It's Over 13)Reason For Livin' 14)Reason Why 15)Set You Free 16)Father And Son 17)Always There (Remix)

●Oliver Sain / St.Louis Breakdown- the Best Of (P-Vine) CD \2415-
1)Booty Bumpin' (The Double Bump) 2)Soul Serenade 3)Party Hearty 4)Strollin' 5)20-75 6)Mr. King & Mr. Jordan 7)St. Louis Breakdown 8)Comin' Down Soul 9)On The Hill 10)Scratch My Back 11)London Express 12)Country Funk 13)Night Time 14)Harlem Nocturne 15)Bus Stop 16)The Player 17)Just A Lonely Man 18)Going Back To Memphis 19)Feel Like Dancin' 20)African Walk 21)Tanya


●V.A. / Laurie Records Story Vol.3: Girls and Girl Group (Ace) sale \1690-
1)Brenda Lee Jones / You're The Love Of My Life 2)Chiffons / Stop, Look and Listen 3)Beverly Warren / Let Me Get Close To You 4)Dawn / I'm Afraid They're All Talking About Me 5)Charmers / Shy Guy 6)Summits / Hanky Panky 7)Chiffons / If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) 8)Dawn / Sandy 9)Cheese Cakes / Heading For A Heartbreak (Il Suffirait D'un Rien) 10)Chiffons / Love Me Like You're Gonna Lose Me 11)Bernadette Carroll / He Just A Playboy 12)Corinna Cord / Don't Lean On Me 13)Chiffons / Keep The Boy Happy 14)Marie Sntoinette / He's My Dream Boy 15)Summits / He's An Angel 16)Gloria Dennis / How Can I Be Sure (That It's Love) 17)Charmers / Sweet Talk 18)Les Girls / I Still Love You 19)Del-Rons / Your Big Mistake 20)Linda & The Lindettes / He's Mine 21)Jeans / Whenever A Teenager Cries 22)Lorrie Darnell / Nothing Went Right 23)Bernadette Carroll / Circus Girl 24)Reparata / Your Life Is Gone

●Rebel Ted Rock / Teddyboy Express (Rebel Ted) CD \2290-
1)Intro 2)Rebel Ted Rock 3)Southbound Train 4)Gonna Be A Star 5)Oakie Boogie 6)The Gambler 7)Teddyboy Rock'n' Roll 8)I Must Wait All Week Long Till Its Friday Night Blues 9)Juke Joint Johnny 10)Wild Side Of Life 11)Bonie Moronie 12)Mean Rockin Bopper 13)Rain 14)Rollin Through The Night 15)Tongue Tied Jill 16)Outro

●Stressor / Red Hot Rocket (Crazy Love) CD \1890-
1)3-2-1-0 2)The Birdman 3)Red Hot Rocket 4)On The Comet 5)Jungle Rock 6)The Cat 7)Moonlight Love 8)Move It Groove It Rock It 9)Munsters' Hop 10)Scream 11)Sugar Doll


●V.A. / Lights, Camera, Doo Wop! (Giant Step) CD sale \1590-
1)Dion & the Belmonts / I Wonder Why 2)Cadillacs / Speedoo 3)Capris / There's A Moon Out Tonight 4)Chantels / Maybe 5)Charts / Desire 6)Chips / Rubber Biscuit 7)Chords / Sh-Boom 8)Cleftones / Little Girl Of Mine 9)Crests / 16 Candles 10)Crows / Gee 11)Danleers / One Summer Night 12)Del Vikings / Come Go With Me 13)Diamonds / Little Darlin' 14)Flamingos / I Only Have Eyes For You 15)Jive Bombers / Bad Boy 16)Five Keys / The Glory Of Love 17)Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers / Why Do Fools Fall In Love? 18)Monotones / Book Of Love 19)Moonglows / Sincerely 20)Sonny Till & the Orioles / Crying In The Chapel 21)Paragons / Florence 22)Penguins / Earth Angel 23)Platters / My Prayer 24)Ravens / Count Every Star 25)Five Satins / In The Still Of The Night 26)Silhouettes / Get A Job 27)Skyliners / Since I Don't Have You 28)Spaniels / Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight◆米ハリウッド映画に使われたドゥー・ワップ・ナンバーを収録したコンピレーション。[在庫あり]

●V.A. / Teenage Heaven: the Fifites Girl Group Phenomenon (El) CD sale \1590-・Sherelles 1)I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde-Ronde) 2)I Want You To Be My Boyfriend 3)I Got The Message ・Chantells 4)Maybe 5)Prayee ・Blossoms 6)He Promised Me 7)Move On 8)Have A Faith In Me ・Bobbettes 9)Mr.Lee 10)Look At The Stars 11)Rock And Ree Ah Zole (The Teenage Talk) ・Threeteens 12)Daer 533-10761 13)Doo-Waddie ・Poni-Tails 14)Just My Luck To Be Fifteen 15)Born Too Late 16)Seven Minutes In Heaven ・Quin-Teens 17)Down the Aisle Of Love 18)Please Dear ・Baby Dolls 19)Go Away Baby 20)Boyfriend 21)Sharmeers / A Schoolgirl In Love ・Deltairs 22)Lullbay Of The Bells 23)Standing At The Altar 24)Starlettes /Please Ring My Phone ・Sensations 25)Please Mr Disc Jockey 26)Little Wallflower 27)Antwinettes / Johnny O 28)Copesetics / Believe In Me ・Tonettes 29)Off What A Baby 30)Howie 31)Georgettes / Oh Tonight ・Joytones 32)Gee What A Boy 33)Is This Really The End◆'50sガール・グループ・コンピレーション。代表的ナンバーからレア音源まで全33曲。[在庫あり]

●V.A. / Land Of 1000 Dances: All Twistin' Edition (Ace) CD sale \1690-
1)Linda Hopkins / Mama's Doin' The Twist 2)Joey Dee and the Starlighters / Peppermint Twist (Part1) 3)Hank Ballard and the Midnighters / The Twist 4)Top Notes / Twist and Shout 5)Lone Twister (Murra'The K' Kaufman) / The Lone Twister 6)Petula Clark / Ya Ya Twist 7)Ricky Dee and the Embers / Work Out 8)Zircons / No Twistin' On Sunday 9)Marvelettes / Twistin' Postman 10)Danny and the Juniors / Twistin' USA 11)Les Chats Sauvages / Twist A St. Tropez 12)Sprout / Twistin' On Bandstand 13)Billy Huhn & the Casuals / Twist and Freeze 14)Clay Cole / Twist Around The Clock 15)Lula Reed & Freddy King / Do The President Twist 16)Howie Casey and the Seniors with Frddy Fowell and Derry Wilkie / Double Twist 17)Smokey Smothers / Twist With Me Annie 18)Isley Brothers / Twistin' With Linda 19)Marcels / Twistin' Fever 20)Louis Prima with Sam Butera and the Witnesses / Twist All Night 21)Tyrone A'Saurus & the Cro-Mgnons / The Monster Twist 22)Jack Hammer / Kissin' Twist 23)Bill Haley and his Comets / Spanish Twist 24)Robby Lawrence / Twist to End All Twists

●Del Vikings / Cool Shak: The Very Best Of (Jasmine) CD sale \1890-
1)Oh I Love You 2)Oh Tonight 3)That's Why 4)The Big Beat 5)The Voodoo Man 6)What You Have Done To Me 7)A Meeting Of The Eyes 8)Friendly Moon 9)Nobody's Kisses But Yours 10)Oh Baby 11)String Along 12)There I Go 13)Flat Tire 14)Can't Wait 15)I'm Sittin' Ob Top Of The World 16)Jitterbug Mary 17)Somewhere Over The Rainbow 18)Heaven On Earth 19)The Bells 20)You Are Invitied 21)Come Go With Me 22)Don't Be A Fool 23)Whispering Bells 24)A Sunday Kind Of Love 25)Cool Shake 26)I'm Spinning 27)When I Come Home 28)Come Along With Me

●V.A. / Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll: Special Doo Wop Edition 1956-1963 Vol.2 (Ace) sale \1690-
1)Delcos / Arabia 2)Temptations / Paradise 3)Deltairs / Lullaby Of The Bells 4)Cleftones / You Baby You 5)Jesters / So Strange 6)Passions / I Only Want You 7)Dreamers / Teenage Vows Of Love 8)Rays / Magic Moon (Clair De Lune) 9)Butanes / Don't Forget I Love You 10)Velours / Can I Come Over Tonight? 11)Nino & the Ebb Tides / Juke Box Saturday Night 12)Fidelitys / The Things I Love 13)Johnny & the Tokens / The Taste Of A Tear 14)Donnie & the Dreamers / My Memories Of You 15)Blue Notes / My Hero 16)Spaniels / Everyone's Laughing 17)Dreamlovers / If I Should Lose You 18)Craftys / L-O-V-E 19)Carousels / If You Want To (MCPS title: You Can Come) 20)Dukays (Gene Chandler) / Nite Owl 21)Mello-Tones / Rosie Lee 22)Van Dykes / Gift Of Love 23)Blendtones / Lovers 24)Preludes Five / Starlight 25)Cupids / Brenda 26)Embers / Solitaire 27)Gleams / You Broke MY Heart 28)Sheppards / Island Of Love 29)Enchanters / I Lied To My Heart 30)Belmonts / Come On Little Angel

●Shirelles / Foolish Little Girl + Sing Their Hits From "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World"・・・Plus! (Ace) CD sale \1690-
1)Foolish Little Girl 2)Hard Times 3)Abra Ka Dabra 4)What's The Matter Baby 5)I Didn't Mean To Hurt You 6)Ooh Poo Pa Doo 7)Don't Say Goodnight and Mean Goodbye 8)Not For All The Money In The World 9)Only Time Will Tell 10)I Don't Think So 11)Talk Is Cheap 12)Twitch, The 13)It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World 14)The Music Goes Round And Round 15)Jive Is The Thing 16)Love On The Moon 17)You Satisfy My Soul 18)20th Century Rock 'n' Roll 19)Zip A Dee Doo Dah 20)Everybody's Goin' Mad 21)Boys 22)Around The World 23)31 Flavors

●V.A. / You Heard Them Here First: Rock's Icons Before They Were Famous (Ace) CD sale \1690-・1)Davie Jones with the King Bees / Liza Jane 2)Lewis Reed / Your Love 3)Joe Cocker / I'll Cry Instead 4)Mynah Birds / It's My Time 5)Cherilyn / Dream Boy 6)Danny Lee / Stop Calling Me Baby 7)Levon and the Hawks / The Stones I Throw 8)Beefeaters / Please Let Me Love You 9)Michael Blessing / TheNew Recruit 10)Herd / I Can Fly 11)Pigeons / In The Midnight Hour 12)J.J. Cale / Outside Lookin' In 13)Paramours / Prison Break 14)Marty Balin / You Made Me Fall 15)Arthr Lee & L.A.G.'s / Rumble-Stiil-Skins 16)Lyme & Cybelle / Follow Me 17)Link Cromwell / Crazy Like A Fox 18)Bo-Pete / Groovy Little Suzy 19)Mark Robinson / Can't Let Her See Me Cry 20)Flip Sloan / Little Girl In The Cabin 21)International Submarine Band / Truck Driving Man 22)Rockets / Hole In My Pocket 23)Rising Sons / Candy Man 24)Long John Baldly & Hoochie Coochie Men / Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air

●V.A. / Skiffle Showcase (Stomper Time) CD sale \1690-
1)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / New Orlean 2)Cranes Skiffle Group / Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O 3)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Bad Man Stack-O-Lee 1 4)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Worried Man 5)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group feat. Nancy Whiskey / Freight Train 6)Crane Skiffle Group / Cumberland Gap 7)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / I'm Satisfied 8)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group fet. Nancy Whiskey / Face In The Rain 9)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group faet. Tony Kohn / Sing Sing Sing 10)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / The Cotton Song 11)Coffe Bar Skifflers / Steamboat Bill 12)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group feat. Tony Kohn / Sporting Life 13)Nancy Whiskey & her Skifflers / Ella Speed 14)Hallelujah Skiffle Group feat. Clinton Ford / I Saw The Light 15)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group faet. Nacy Whiskey / Greenback Dollar 16)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Everyday Of The Week 17)Nancy Whiskey & her Skifflers / He's Solid Gone 18)Coffee Bar Skifflers / River Line 19)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Bad Man Stack-O-Lee 2 20)Hallelujah Skiffle Group feat. Clinton Ford / Jesus Remembered Me 21)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Poor Howard 22)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Johhny-O 23)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group / Deep Down 24)Coffee Bar Skifflers / Ella Speed 25)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group feat. Shirley Douglas / Across The Bridge 26)Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group feat. Bill Bramwell / My Old Man 27)Hallelujah Skiffle Group feat. Clinton Ford / In The Sweet Bye and Bye 28)Coffee Bar Skifflers / She's Solid Gone 29)Cranes Skiffle Group / Freight Train 30)Coffee Bar Skifflers / Bad Man Stack-O-Lee 31)Crane Skiffle Group / The Banana Boat Song 32)Lonnie Donegan / The Passing Stranger

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●Bobby Whitlock / Vintage (Domino) CD sale \1890-
1)Whose Been Sleeping in My Bed 2)Save Your Love for Me 3)Southern Gentleman 4)Streets of L.A. 5)Island of Love 6)My Old Pal 7)Perfect Strangers 8)Don't Pass Us By 9)This Time (They're Won't Be No Next Time ) 10)Your Love 11)I'ts About Time 12)Dorothy & John

●Bobby Whitlock & Coco Carmel / Lovers The Master Demos (Domino) CD sale \1890-
1)Lovers 2)Power Of Love 3)True Love 4)You Don't Know 5)Best Days Of Our Lives 6)Dear Veronica 7)Aint No Other Baby 8)One Voice 9)Walk Softly 10)Dice Of God 11)Sentimental Me and You 12)Layla

●Peter Ivers / Take It Out On Me (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)Substitute Teacher 2)Memphis Sly 3)Make Me 4)Total Eclipse-Part 1 5)Take It Out On Me 6)Clarence O'Day 7)Scar Song 8)Our Day Will Come 9)Total Eclipse-Part 2

●Andrew Thompson / I'm Not Likely To Change (Lewis) CD sale \1690-
1)Wake Up, Mr. Cuellar 2)I'm Not Likely To Change 3)Act Together 4)Bottled Up Inside 5)Moustache & Teeth 6)Melody Playground 7)In This Town 8)Cheer Up, Issac 9)Letting Go 10)Better Now 11)Close The Blinds 12)So Long, Mr.Cuellar 13)There Must Be Some Kind Of Misunderstanding 14)We're In Business


●V.A. / Tell Me: Ember Beat Vol.1 1962-1964 (Fantastic Voyage) CD sale \1190-・1)Sunsets / Club Stomp 2)Carter, Lewis & the Sotherners / Tell Me 3)Carter, Lewis & the Southerners / My Broken Heart 4)Sunsets / Mountain King 5)Chad & Jeremy / Yesterday's Gone 6)The John Barry Seven / Zulu Stamp 7)The John Barry Seven / Monkey Feathers 8)Chad & Jeremy / Like I Love You Today 9)Count Downe & the Zeros / Don't Shed A Tear 10)Washington DC's / Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 11)Washington DC's / Where Did You Go? 12)The John Barry Seven / High Grass 13)The John Barry Seven / Big Shield 14)A Band Of Angels / Me 15)A Band Of Angels / Not True As Yet 16)Chad & Jeremy / A Summer Song 17)Ray Singer / It's Gotta Be 18)Ray Singer / Hey,Who? 19)A Band Of Angels / Gonna Make A Woman 20)A Band Of Angels / She'll Never Be You 21)Chad & Jeremy / If She Was Mine 22)Chad & Jeremy / Now and Forever 23)Marcus Tro / Tell Me 24)The John Barry Seven / Monkey Feathers (take 1) 25)Chad & Jeremy / Yesterday's Gone (previously unissued stereo mix)

●Mojo's / Everything's Alright: the Complete Recordings (RPM) CD sale \1590-・1)My Whole Life Through (Nomads) 2)They Say You Found A New Baby 3)Forever 4)Everything's Alright 5)Give Your Lovin' To Me 6)Why Not Tonight 7)Don't Do It Anymore 8)Seven Daffodils 9)Nothing At All 10)I Got My Mojo Working 11)The One Who Really Loves You 12)Nobody But Me 13)Comin' On To Cry 14)That's The Way It Goes 15)Wait A Minutes 16)Wonder If She Knows 17)Goodbye Dolly Gray 18)I Just Can't Let Her Go 19)Until My Baby Comes Home 20)Seven Park Avenue

●Applejacks / Applejacks (Cherry Red) CD sale \1590-
1)Tell Me When 2)Wishing Will Never Make It So 3)Over Suzanne 4)Hello Josephine 5)As A Matter Of Fact 6)Too Much Monkey Business 7)Mem'ries Of You 8)Ain't That Just Like Me 9)Kansas City 10)I Wonder 119There Little Words (I Love You) 12)Baby Jane 13)No Time 14)See If She Cares 15)What's The Matter Little Girl 16)What'd I Say 17)Like Dreamer Do 18)(Boom Boom Boom Boom) Everybody Fall Down 19)You're The One For Me 20)Bye Bye Girl 21)It's Not A Game Anymore 22)I Go To Sleep 23)Make Up Or Break Up 24)I'm Through 25)We Gotta Get Together 26)Baby's In Black

●Elvis Costello / Secret, Profane & Sugarcane (Hear Music) sale 2LP \2290-・1-1)Down Among The Wines And Spirits 2)Complicated Shadows 3)I Felt The Chill 4. My All Time Doll 5)Hidden Shame 2-1)She Handed Me A Mirror 2)I Dreamed Of My Old Lover 3)How Deep Is The Red? 3-1)She Was No Good 2)Sulphur To Sugarcane 3)Red Cotton 4-1)The Crooked Line 2)Changing Partners 3)Femme Fatale 4)What Lewis Did Last

●Blockheads / Staring Down The Barrel (Blockeads/ EMI) CD sale \1690-
1)Roll Over 2)Greed 3)A Little Knowledge 4)George The Human Pigeon 5)No Go Central 6)Prophet Of Doom 7)Hold Tight 8)Life In Your Hands 9)Dirty Money 10)Elegant Style

●Kevin Ayers / We Have No Mananas (EMI) CD sale \1390-
1)Star 2)Mr. Cool 3)The Owl 4)Love's Gonna Turn You Round 5)Falling In Love Again 6)Help Me 7)Ballad Of Mr Snake 8)Everyone Knows The Song 9)Yes I Do 10)Blue11)Mr. Cool 12)Love's Gonna Turn You Round 13)Star 14)Ballad Of Mr Snake 15)Shouting In A Bucket Blues 16)Star 17)Mr.Cool 18)Ballad Of Mr.Snake 19)Blue

●V.A. / Rare Mod (Acid Jazz) CD sale \1490-
1)Attack / You Know He Did 2)Shots / Keep A Hold Of What You Got Now Baby 3)Truly Smith / This Is The First Time 4)Love Affair / Back In Your Life Again 5)Shape Of Things / Strming 6)Silence / Down Down 7)Favorite Sons / That Driving Beat 8)Steve Marriott & the Moments / Money Money 9)Doc Thomas Group / I'll Be Doggone 10)Steve Howe / So Bad 11)Truly Smith / Takin' Time Off 12)Shots / Walk Right Out 13)Shapes Of Things / You Must Believe In Me 14)Silence / Cold On Me 15)Unknown Mod Band / Can't Get None Of Your Lovin' Baby 16)Attack / Feel Like Flying 17)Steve Marriott & the Moments / Good Morning Blues 18)Love Affair / Satisfaction Guarranteed 19)Doc Thomas Group / Rescue Me


●Blind Blake / Bahamian Songs (Megaphone) CD sale \1790-
1)Love, Love Alone 2)John B. Sall (Wreak Of The John B.) 3)Jones (Oh Jones) 4)J.P.Morgan 5)Consumptive Sara Jane 6)Yes, Yes, Yes 7)Never Interfere With Man and Wife 8)Gin and Coconut 9)The Cigar Song 10)Run Come See Jerusalem 11)Bahama Lullaby 12)My Pieon Got Wild 13)Della Gone 14)Tanneray 15)Loose Goat 16)Lord Got Tomatoes 17)Bellamena 18)Hold 〜 Qim Joe / Jump In the Line / Wheel and Turn Me 19)Go Down Emmanuel Road 20)Watermelon Spollin 〜 R On the Vine 21)Oh Look Misery 22)Foolish Frog 23)Peas and Rice 24)Eighteen Hundred and Ninety One 25)Monkey Song 26)On A Tropical Isle 27)Goombay Drum 28)Better Be Safe Than Sorry

●Dub Echoes (Soul Jazz) DVD sale \1990-

◆キング・タビーが'70年代に産み出した「ダブ」の誕生とその発展を探るドキュメンタリー。'07年デンマークのインターナショナル・ドキュメンタリー・フェスティヴァルで初公開されたもの。Bruno Natal監督。出演アーティストKode 9 、リー・ペリー、キング・ジャミー、エイドリアン・シャーウッド、マッド・プロフェッサー、ドン・レッツ、スライ&ロビー、ハウイー・B他。オールレリジョン。[在庫あり]

●V.A. / Dub Echoes (Soul Jazz) 2CD sale \2290-
1-1)Roots Manuva / Witness Dub 2)Congo Nally ・ Rebel MC / Creation 3)Disrupt / Sega Beats 4)Bim Sherman and Dub Syndicate / Wings Of A Dove 5)Harmonic 313 / Dirtbox 6)King Tubby / Psalms Of Dub 7)Kode 9 and Spice Ape / Sine 8)King Jammy / Sign Version 9)U Roy and francois Kervorkian / Rootsman Dub 2-1)Aggrovators / Ruffer Version 2)IV feat. Dandelion / CCTV 3)Rhythm and Sound with Cornel Campbell / Queen Of My Empire 4)King Tubby and Aggrovators / Jah Jah Jehovah Version 5)Digital Dubs / Deb Dub 6)Fat Eyes / Dub 7)Congos / Congoman 8)Cotti / Run Tings 9)Uppsetters / Rejoicing Skank

●Easy Star All-Stars / Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (Easy Star) LP+7inch \2090-・a-1)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band feat. Junior Jazz 2)With A Little Help From My Friend feat. Luciano 3)Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds feat. Frankie Paul 4)Getting Better feat. Mighty Diamonds 5)Fixing A Hole (extended dub mix) feat. Max Romeo 6)She's Leaving Home feat. Kirsty Rock 7)Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! feat. Ranking Roger b-1)Within You Without You feat. Matisyahu 2)When I'm Sixty-Four (extended dub mix) feat. Sugar Minott 3)Lovely Rita feat. Bunny Rugs and U Roy 4)Good Moring, Good Morning feat. Steel Pulse 5)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 6)A Day In The Life feat. Micheal Rose and Menny More

●Easy Star All-Stars / Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (Easy Star) CD sale \1890-・1)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band feat. Junior Jazz 2)With A Little Help From My Friend feat. Luciano 3)Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds feat. Frankie Paul 4)Getting Better feat. Mighty Diamonds 5)Fixing A Hole (extended dub mix) feat. Max Romeo 6)She's Leaving Home feat. Kirsty Rock 7)Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! feat. Ranking Roger 8)Within You Without You feat. Matisyahu 9)When I'm Sixty-Four (extended dub mix) feat. Sugar Minott 10)Lovely Rita feat. Bunny Rugs and U Roy 11)Good Moring, Good Morning feat. Steel Pulse 12)A Day In The Life feat. Micheal Rose and Menny More

●Merger / Exiles In A Babylon (Makasound) CD \2290-
1)Understanding 2)African Lady 3)Exiles Ina Babylon 4)Ghetto Child 5)Waterfalls 6)77 7)Massa Gana 8)Have You Heard 9)Life Song 10)Rebel 11)Freedom Fighters



●クレイジーケンバンド/ガール!ガール!ガール!(ユニバーサル) CD+DVD \3800-・1)VIVA女性 2)ガールフレンド 3)うっかり八時の半太郎 4)昼顔 5)夕食 6)お引越し 7)熱波 8)eye catch/泣いていた女の子 9)SOUL通信 10)僕らの未来は遠い過去 11)マリンタワー・ゴー・ゴー 12)ギラギラ 13)小東京 14)DUET 15)eye catch/公園の仔猫ちゃん 16)かわいい訪問者 17)本牧宇宙人 18)Gimmie a Goldfish 19)山の音 - そうだ、京都に行こう。REMIX - 20)eye catch/みんな赤ちゃんだった 21)俺の夢 OMAKE!!OFFICIAL BOOTLEG LIVE DVD (at PACIFIC YOKOHAMA)

●クレイジーケンバンド / ガールフレンド(初回限定盤) CDS+DVD \1500-

1)ガールフレンド 2)昼顔 3)eye catch 4)山の音 5)CRAZY KEN BAND's Information 6)ガールフレンド(karaoke) 7)昼顔(karaoke) 8)山の音(karaoke) DVD ガールフレンド PV


●クレイジーケンバンド / ガールフレンド CDS \1200-

1)ガールフレンド 2)昼顔 3)eye catch 4)山の音 5)CRAZY KEN BAND's Information 6)ガールフレンド(karaoke) 7)昼顔(karaoke) 8)山の音(karaoke)


●東てる美 / 感触 (Solid) CD \2520-
1)闇に白き獣たちの感触のテーマ 2)Lesbian 3)白い滑走路 4)空中ブランコ 5)愛の流れ 6)タイム・リミット 7)暗い旅 8)ふられおんな 9)サマータイム・ラブ 10)別れの旅 11)闇に白き獣たちの感触のテーマ - カラオケ - 12)Lesbian - カラオケ- 13)タイム・リミット - カラオケ -

●V.A. / 歌謡曲番外地 東宝レコード女優編: 不良少年 さすらい (Solid) CD \2520-・1)青木英美 / 不良少年-さすらい- 2)青木英美 / 不良少年-ジロー- 3)青木英美 / 朝がしらじら明けるまで 4)青木英美 / 淋しさを残して 5)青木英美 / ひとつの年のかわりめに 6)青木英美 / 恋のあしあと 7)梅田智子 / 唇かんで 8)梅田智子 / バラの花ひとつ 9)梅田智子 / 恋のサンフランシスコ 10)梅田智子 / おかしな恋人 11)柏木由紀子 / 北国のわたしは幸せ 12)柏木由紀子 / いっしょにあなたと 13)柏木由紀子 / ごめんなさい 14)柏木由紀子 / ひやかさないで 15)酒井和歌子 / 瀬戸の夕焼け 16)酒井和歌子 / 水玉もようの雨 17)内藤洋子 / My Love...The Sea 18)内藤洋子 / 海と空と私 19)内藤洋子 / お伽噺 20)内藤洋子 / やさしい感じ

●V.A. / 歌謡番外地 東宝レコード女優編モア: あなたって凄いのね (Solid) CD \2520-・1)エミー・マーガレット / あなたって凄いのね 2)エミー・マーガレット / 夢をちょうだい 3)聖ミカ / 恋人達の場所 4)聖ミカ / 貴方を返して 5)松島トモ子 / コーヒーと仔犬 6)松島トモ子 / 独占(ひとりじめ) 7)松島トモ子 / こどもの眼 8)松島トモ子 / 明日の午後ならいいわ 9)いぬいなおみ / 私は私の知らない女になったの 10)いぬいなおみ / 幸せの涙 11)いぬいなおみ / ナオミの夢 12)いぬいなおみ / 白いパンタロン 13)森るみ子 / めぐり逢うために 14)森るみ子 / 一年前の街角で 15)松村幸子 / 13日の金曜日 16)松村幸子 / 横をむいちゃいや! 17)松村幸子 / 天使のともしび 18)松村幸子 / 涙の髪・愛の星 19)加藤小代子 / 箱根スカイライン 20)加藤小代子 / あこがれ 21)鹿島とも子 / あなただから許せるの 22)鹿島とも子 / スキャンダル


●V.A. / The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo 1954-55 (Honest Jon's) CD sale \1690-
1)laurent Lomande / Maboka Marie 2)Adikwa Depala / Matete Paris 3)Adikwa Depala / Akei Cimetiere 4)Andre Denis / Cherie N' Auli Yo 5)Vincent Kuli / Yaka Ko Tala 6)Jean Mpia / Klim 7)Boniface Koufoudila / Ntango N' Abali 8)Robert Yuakarie / Musinichkie 9)Albert Bongu / Koseke Moniga Te 10)Rene Mbu / Boma LImbala 11)Adikwa Depala / C.C.T. Ebongisi Mokiri 12)Fabien Libasi / Bengela Ngai Bosele 13)Laurent Lomande / Elisa 14)Adikwa Depala / Moni, Moni Non Dey 15)Boniface Koufoudila / Bino Boton, Bosele 16)Robert Yuakarie / Kioo Cha Nyumba 17)J.P. Ndagu / Mokolo Bafuti Sanza 18)Boniface Koufoudila / Tolowela Angelique 19)Laurent Lomande / Akimi Magai Na Butu 20)Jean Mpia / Tika Koseka 21)Adikwa Depala / Yoka Ngal

●Vampires Of Dartmoore / Dracula's Music Cabinet (Findres Keepers) LP \2290-
a-1)Die Folterkammer des Dr.Sex 2)Crime And Horror 3)Der Feuerdrachen von Hongkong 4)Mord Inm Ohio Express 5)Tanz der Vampire 6)Hallo, Mister Hitchcock b-1)Der Henker von Dartmoore 2)Ende eines Killers 3)Die Wasserleiche 4)Eine Handvoll Nitro 5)Dr.Caligaris Gruselkabinett 6)Frankenstein Grubt Alpha 7

●Les Baxter / (Rev-Ola) sale \1790-
1)Busy Port 2)Sophisticated Savege 3)Jungle River Boat 4)Barquita 6)Stone God 7)Quiet Village 8)Jungle Jalopy 9)Coronation 10)Love Dance 11)Kinkajou 12)The Ritual 13)Bacoa 14)Despair 15)Ecstasy 16)Hate 17)Lust 18)Terror 19)Jealousy 20)Joy

●V.A. / The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo 1954-55 (Honest Jon's) 2LP \2390-
a-1)laurent Lomande / Maboka Marie 2)Adikwa Depala / Matete Paris 3)Adikwa Depala / Akei Cimetiere 4)Andre Denis / Cherie N' Auli Yo 5)Vincent Kuli / Yaka Ko Tala b-1)Jean Mpia / Klim 2)Boniface Koufoudila / Ntango N' Abali 3)Robert Yuakarie / Musinichkie 4)Albert Bongu / Koseke Moniga Te 5)Rene Mbu / Boma LImbala c-1)Adikwa Depala / C.C.T. Ebongisi Mokiri 2)Fabien Libasi / Bengela Ngai Bosele 3)Laurent Lomande / Elisa 4)Adikwa Depala / Moni, Moni Non Dey 5)Boniface Koufoudila / Bino Boton, Bosele d-1)Robert Yuakarie / Kioo Cha Nyumba 2)J.P. Ndagu / Mokolo Bafuti Sanza 3)Boniface Koufoudila / Tolowela Angelique 4)Laurent Lomande / Akimi Magai Na Butu 5)Jean Mpia / Tika Koseka 6)Adikwa Depala / Yoka Ngal

●Monty Python's Flying Circus / The Unreleased TV Soundtrack 1969-1974 (De Wolfe) sale \1890-
1)Liberty Bell 2)Evil A L'Aube 3)Ad Lib 4)Eye Of Horus 5)Flute Promenade 6)Bright Lights 7)Roving Report No.2 8)David and Gollath 9)Casbah 10)The Hunt 11)Aggreaaion 12)Man Of Power 13)Pastoralla 14)On The River 15)Man Of Destiny 16)Theatre Overture 17)Trumpet Call 18)Hearts and Flowers 19)Comedy Set Variation 2 20)Military Preparation 21)Peter Pan 22)Ripcord 23)The Long Haul 24)March Trdent 25)Early Dusk 26)Arena March 27)The banquet Part 3 28)Academy Award 29)Market Research 30)The Poor Soul

●Mohamed Ilyas with Nyata Zameremeta Orchestra Of Zanzibar / Taarab (Chiku-Taku) CD sale \1890-
1)Amenipokeya 2)Panya 3)Bahati Haina Kwao 4)Watu Wananiuliza 5)Hakika Nakupenda 6)Miujiza 7)Nisafirishe Kwa Huba 8)Pendo 9)Si Rahisi 10)Moyoni Sina Nafasi 11)Walodhani Ni Mzaha 12)Ewe Bibi Mwenya Enzi


●GONZO PRESENTS GANGSTA LUV VOL.1 (ブルース・インターアクションズ) \2730-

◆初版は2001年に出版された、ブラック・ミュージックを下半身で聴く志(?)を説き続けるゴンゾ aka テリー・ジョンソン=湯村輝彦氏プレゼンツによる本邦唯一のマイナーGラップ・ブック、久々の重版。

●小野瀬雅生のギタリスト大喰らい-炎のロック★ギタリスト大全- (P-Vine Books) \1890-



●日本映画名作完全ガイド:昭和のアウトロー編 ベスト400 1960-1080 (シンコーミュージック) \2625-



●スタックス・レコード物語 / ロブ・ボウマン 著 新井崇嗣 訳 (シンコーミュージック) \3360-



●楽ソウル 佐野勝明 著 (楽SOUL) \3780-

◆ミニコミ「Sound Off」の発行者の佐野勝明氏によるディープ/サザン・そうるを中心にしたシングル・レヴュー集。オリジナル・シングルと収録されているコンピレーションCDについての詳細な解説を360ページ強にまとめたソウル・ファン中級者以上必携本。


●The Sampling Dictionary 2008 (Ful-Fill) \2490-



●The RE:Sampling Dictionary 2008 (Ful-Fill) \2490-



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