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●Blind Blake / Bahamian Songs (Megaphone) CD sale \1790-
1)Love, Love Alone 2)John B. Sall (Wreak Of The John B.) 3)Jones (Oh Jones) 4)J.P.Morgan 5)Consumptive Sara Jane 6)Yes, Yes, Yes 7)Never Interfere With Man and Wife 8)Gin and Coconut 9)The Cigar Song 10)Run Come See Jerusalem 11)Bahama Lullaby 12)My Pieon Got Wild 13)Della Gone 14)Tanneray 15)Loose Goat 16)Lord Got Tomatoes 17)Bellamena 18)Hold 〜 Qim Joe / Jump In the Line / Wheel and Turn Me 19)Go Down Emmanuel Road 20)Watermelon Spollin 〜 R On the Vine 21)Oh Look Misery 22)Foolish Frog 23)Peas and Rice 24)Eighteen Hundred and Ninety One 25)Monkey Song 26)On A Tropical Isle 27)Goombay Drum 28)Better Be Safe Than Sorry

●Dub Echoes (Soul Jazz) DVD sale \1990-

◆キング・タビーが'70年代に産み出した「ダブ」の誕生とその発展を探るドキュメンタリー。'07年デンマークのインターナショナル・ドキュメンタリー・フェスティヴァルで初公開されたもの。Bruno Natal監督。出演アーティストKode 9 、リー・ペリー、キング・ジャミー、エイドリアン・シャーウッド、マッド・プロフェッサー、ドン・レッツ、スライ&ロビー、ハウイー・B他。オールレリジョン。[在庫あり]

●V.A. / Dub Echoes (Soul Jazz) 2CD sale \2290-
1-1)Roots Manuva / Witness Dub 2)Congo Nally ・ Rebel MC / Creation 3)Disrupt / Sega Beats 4)Bim Sherman and Dub Syndicate / Wings Of A Dove 5)Harmonic 313 / Dirtbox 6)King Tubby / Psalms Of Dub 7)Kode 9 and Spice Ape / Sine 8)King Jammy / Sign Version 9)U Roy and francois Kervorkian / Rootsman Dub 2-1)Aggrovators / Ruffer Version 2)IV feat. Dandelion / CCTV 3)Rhythm and Sound with Cornel Campbell / Queen Of My Empire 4)King Tubby and Aggrovators / Jah Jah Jehovah Version 5)Digital Dubs / Deb Dub 6)Fat Eyes / Dub 7)Congos / Congoman 8)Cotti / Run Tings 9)Uppsetters / Rejoicing Skank

●Easy Star All-Stars / Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (Easy Star) LP+7inch \2090-・a-1)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band feat. Junior Jazz 2)With A Little Help From My Friend feat. Luciano 3)Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds feat. Frankie Paul 4)Getting Better feat. Mighty Diamonds 5)Fixing A Hole (extended dub mix) feat. Max Romeo 6)She's Leaving Home feat. Kirsty Rock 7)Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! feat. Ranking Roger b-1)Within You Without You feat. Matisyahu 2)When I'm Sixty-Four (extended dub mix) feat. Sugar Minott 3)Lovely Rita feat. Bunny Rugs and U Roy 4)Good Moring, Good Morning feat. Steel Pulse 5)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 6)A Day In The Life feat. Micheal Rose and Menny More

●Easy Star All-Stars / Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (Easy Star) CD sale \1890-・1)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band feat. Junior Jazz 2)With A Little Help From My Friend feat. Luciano 3)Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds feat. Frankie Paul 4)Getting Better feat. Mighty Diamonds 5)Fixing A Hole (extended dub mix) feat. Max Romeo 6)She's Leaving Home feat. Kirsty Rock 7)Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! feat. Ranking Roger 8)Within You Without You feat. Matisyahu 9)When I'm Sixty-Four (extended dub mix) feat. Sugar Minott 10)Lovely Rita feat. Bunny Rugs and U Roy 11)Good Moring, Good Morning feat. Steel Pulse 12)Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 13)A Day In The Life feat. Micheal Rose and Menny More

●Merger / Exiles In A Babylon (Makasound) CD \2290-
1)Understanding 2)African Lady 3)Exiles Ina Babylon 4)Ghetto Child 5)Waterfalls 6)77 7)Massa Gana 8)Have You Heard 9)Life Song 10)Rebel 11)Freedom Fighters


●Congos / Feast (Kingston Sounds) LP sale \1890-
a-1)Gods Kingdom 2)King Rastafari Is His Name 3)Cockmouth 4)Some A Thief 5)Watch & Play 6)Rasta Congo Man b-1)Fat Cook 2)Citzen Of The World 3)Grandma Say 4)Take It To The Max 5)Rasta Weh She Want 6)Heaven Rejoice


●Revolutionaries / At Channnel 1 Dub Plate Specials (Jamaican Recordings) LP sale \1890-
1)2 Bad Bull Inna Dub 29Give Up The Bad Dub 3)Dub For The Black & Dub For The White 4)Dub Forever 5)Bangerang Dub 6)Top Rank Dub b-1)Ageless Dub 2)Rocking Dub 3)Grooving The Dub 4)Dubbing at Channel 1 5)World of Dub 6)Back Wey With Dub

●Skatalites / Play Ska (Kingston Sounds) LP sale \1890-
a-1)Wise Man 2)Skylarka 3)Wild Man Street 4)Cow Town Skank 5)Northern Sound 6)Convention 7)the Joker From La Boka b-1)Legs Man 2)Greenwich Farm 3)Girls Town 4)Tip Toe 5)Gold Coast 6)Boys Town 7)T-Bone


●Soul Syndicate / Dub Classics (Jamaican Recordings) LP sale \1890-
a-1)Fittest Of The Dub Fittest 2)Dub In Heaven 3)Ruff Gal Dub 4)Niney's Dub Crown 5)Rasta Man In Dub 6)Dub Chapter 7)A Dub Revival b-1)The KIng & The Observer In Dub 2)Dub 100 3)Runaway Dub 4)Dub In Parables 5)Observers Dub 6)A Dub Classic 7)Dub A Long

●V.A. / 101 Orange Street: Ska Meets The Rocksteady Train (Kingston Sounds) LP sale \1890-
a-1)Slim Smith / Love and Devotion 2)Cornell Campbell & the Eternals / The Sun 3)Dawn Penn / To Sir With Love 4)Roy Shirley & Glenn Adams / Rock Steady Train 5)Derrick Morgan / I Do It 6)Derrick Morgan / Belly Woman 7)Pat Kelly / Since Your Gone b-1)Lloyd Clarke / Memories Are Treasures 2)Twinkle Brothers / Sweet Yong Thing 3)Jeff barnes / Get In The Groove 4)Cornell Campbell / Roseabell 5)Derrick Morgan / First Days Of Love 6)Pat Kelly / Work Song 7)Ernest Wilson / Come Back To Me

●V.A. / Horns Up: Dubbing With Horns (Jamaican Recordings) LP sale \1890-
1)Horns Up 2)Take Nine 3)Going West 4)Rock The Rock 5)38th Upper 1st Street 6)Coursing Oil Inna Fire b-1)Natty Horns She Wants 2)Water Pump 3)Apartment C 4)Hit Maker 5)Malaria 6)Ragg

●V.A. / King Jammy's At Channel 1 1977-1979 (Kingston Sounds) LP sale \1890-・a-1)Anthony Johnson / More Love In The City 2)King Everald / Life Can Be Easy 3)Junior Reid / No Darkness Tonight 4)Dennis Brown / Them Fight I 5)Sugar Minott / Not For Sale 6)Echo Minott & Wayne Smith / Bad Company b-1)Puddy Roots / Went Down Town 2)Anthony Johnson / Yah Wi Deh 3)Half Pint / Money In The Bank 4)Black Crucial / Conscience Speaks 5)Pat Anthony / Take You To The Dance 6)Early B. / Learn Fi Drive 7)Mighty Rudo / Just Cool

●V.A. / Rocksteady Fever (Kingston Sounds) LP sale \1890-
a-1)Roy Shirley / Musical Train 2)Uniques / Conversation 3)Delroy Wilson / Till I Die 4)Pat Kelly / Daddy's Home 5)Glen Adams / Run Come Dance 6)Lester Sterling / Forest Gate Rock 7)Raving Ravers / Rock, Rock and Cry b-1)Uniques / Trying To Find Me A Home 2)Roy Shirley / Warning Up The Scene 3)Dawn Penn / I'll Get You 4)Winston Samuels / It's Been So Long 5)Bill Gentiles / Long Life 6)Glen Adams / She's So Fine 7)Cynthia Richards / Forever

●V.A. / Real Authentic Reggae Vol. 2 (BBE) CD sale \1590-
1)King Tubby feat. Jackie Edwards / Tubby's Dub Festival 2)Gregory Issacs / Oh What A Feeling 3)Leo Hall / Let's Dub It Up 4)Chakademus and Pliers / When King Tubby Used To Play 5)Augustus Pablo / No Entry 6)Fred Locks / Joy Within My Heart 7)Brent Dowe / De Pon De Wicked 8)Luciano / Deliver Us from All Evil 9)Chezidek / Call Pon Dem 10)Johnny Clark / Do You Love Me 11)Cornell campbell / My Confession 12)Melodians / Submission 13)Jimmy London / What Goos Am I 14)Simplicity People feat. Tommy McCook / Schenectady's Shock 15)Delroy Wilson / What Is Man 16)Wayne Wade / Billy Red 17)Junior Kelly / Cyaan Reach 18)Macka B / Empress Divine 19)Sugar Minott / Never Too Young 20)Viceroys / Heart Made Od Stone

●Delroy Wilson / Meets Sly & Robbie Downtown (Kingston Sounds) CD sale \1490-・1)Cool Operator 2)Give Love A Try 3)Never Never 4)You're Gonna Get A Beaten 5)Money 6)How Can I Love Someone 7)Rain From The Skies 8)Better Must Come 9)I'll Always Love You 10)Peaceful Man 11)Play Play 12)Give Me Your Love 13)(Love Me Forever) 'Til I Die 14)I'm Still Waiting 15)Nobodies Business 16)If Yu Should Loose Me

●Bim sherman meets Horace Andy & U.Black / In A Rub-A-Dub Style (Original Music) CD \1390-
1)It Must Be A Dream〜Dreaming (Dub) 2)If I Can Make It〜Make It (Dub) 3)Lamb Of Judah〜Judah (Dub) 4)Dread Pan Some〜Dread 5)Tonight (Dub) 6)Power Chant〜Chant (Dub) 7)Fit To Survive 8)Fit To Survive (Dub) 9)Someday 10)Someday (Dub)
◆'76〜'80年チャンネル・ワン録音のビム・シャーマン、ホレス・アンディ、U.ブラック作品集。Jah Wooshプロデュース、後半はキング・タビーのダブ・ヴァージョンが付くショウケース・スタイル。オリジナル盤に4曲プラスのCD化。[在庫なし]

●Horace Andy + Ashley Beedle / Inspiration Information (Strut) CD sale \1790-
1)When The rain Falls 2)Watch Me 3)Seek It 4)Rasta Don't Hypocrite 6)The Light 7)Angie 8)2 Way Traffic 9)Babylon You Lose 10)Hot Hot Hot 11)Festival Song

●Macka-B / More Knowledge (HUmal) CD sale \1390-
1)Greeting 2)Satan Leave 3)Murderer 4)Empress Divine 5)Wha Me Eat 6)Rasta 7)Homeland Africa 8)Walk Tall 9)Oh Jamaica 10)Original 11)Black Christ 12)War Pon Drugs 13)More knowledge 14)save The Children 15)Would You Like It


●Skatalites / Live At Lokerse Feesten (Charly) DVD \2290-
Concert 1・1)Freedom Sound 2)Eastern Standard 3)Time 4)James Bond Theme 5)Guns Of Navaron 6)Can't You See 7)Simmer Down 8)Swing Easy 9)El Pussycat 10)The Vow 11)Phoenix City 12)Freedom Sound-Reprise ・Concert 2・13)Freedom Sound 14)Man In The Street 15)Guns Of Navarone 16)El Pussycat 17)James Bond Theme 18)Sugar, Sugar 19)Nice Time 20)Simmer Down / Turn Your Lamp Down Low 21)Rockfort Rock (El Cumbanchero) 22)Latin Goes Ska 23)Phoenix City 24)Freedom Sound -Reprise

●V.A. / FM802 Natty Jamaica Presents Ranking Taxi meets King Jammys: King Of Dancehall Reggea (Ateam) CD \2000-
1)Major Warries / Babylon Boops 2)Pampidoo / Synthesizer Voice 3)Major Mackerel / Pretty Looke Done 4)Chaka Demus / Bad Bad Chaka 5)Nitty Gritty / Good Morning Teacher 6)Wayne Smith / Ain't No Meaning 7)Cocoa Tea / Tune In 8)John Wayne / Call The Police 9)Dennis Brown / It's Magic 10)Pinchers / Champion Bubbler 11)Cocoa Tea / Medley 5 12)Frankie Paul / Head To Toe 13)Sanchez / End Of The World 14)Shabba Ranks, Cocoa Tea & Home T / Who She Love 15)Trevor Sparks / Bye Bye Love 16)Tiger / Bam Bam 17)Brian & Tony Gold / Pass The Dub Plate 18)Little Twitch / Devil Send You Come 19)Admiral Tibet / Serious Time 20)Shabba Ranks / Love Punanny Bad

●Jackie Mittoo / Rides On (Jamaican Recordings) LP \2090- / CD \1990-
1)Jah Jah Harmony 29Natty Congo Rides On 3)Soulful Times 4)Jumping Up 5)Freedom Smile 6)Taking You Somewhere 7)Nanny Skank 8)Look At Life 9)Hard Times 10)Pray To Play 11)Too Bad Bull 12)No Get Dub Over 13)Done Upon The Rhythm 14)Ain't To Proud To Play 15)Locksome
◆英ジャマイカン・レコーディングスよりジャッキー・ミトゥーのレア音源集。スモーキーでクールかつグルーヴィーなナンバーを集めたゴキゲンな一枚。'08/12/19 アナログ入荷。[在庫あり]

●Light Of Saba / Sabebe (Kingston Connection) LP \2200-
1-1)Sabebe 2)Music In My Brain 3)Caliweed 4)Legba Praise 2-1)Rastaman KIbero 2)Thy Kingdom Come 3)Solitude 4)Africa


●V.A. / Jamaica Soul 2 (Culture Press) CD \2490-
1)Delroy Wilson / Get Ready 2)Pat Kelly (If It Don't Work Out) Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 3)Alton Ellis / Play It Cool 4)Cornell Campbell / Didn't I 5)John Holt / I'll Always Love You 6)Delroy Wilson / It Hurts 7)Mighty Diamonds / Carefree Girl 8)Max Romeo / Wet Dream 9)Roland Alphonso / Peyton Place 10)Sensations / Born To Love You 11)Dawn Penn / To Sir With Love 12)Slim Smith and the Uniques / Gypsy Woman 13)Delroy Wilson / This Whole Heart Of Mine 14)Dave Parker / Girl Of Dreams 15)Slim Smith / Have Pity On Me 16)Paragons / Smile Of Today 17)Delroy Wilson / Youth Of Today 18)Paragons / Feel Alright 19)Owen Gray / I Say Super Jaws 20)John Holt / You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

●V.A. / The Mighty Two / In Memoriam (Crazy Joe) CD \2190-
1)Heptones / Hypocrite 2)Nicks Thomas / Have A Little Faith 3)Prince Williams feat. Nicky Thomas / Channel 7 4)Earth & Stone / Ring Craft 5)Shuffy & Wallie / Dreamer Mafia 6)Count Matchuki / It Is (Matchuki's Cooking) 7)Little Joe feat. Dennis Brown / Dreadlocks Parts 8)Joe Higgs & the Professionals / DreadLocks Affair 9)Jackie Brown / People Of Today 10)Inspirations Sweet SEnsations 11)Prince Francis / Rockin' Down Old Your Way 12)Big Youth feat. Dennis Brown / A So We Stay 13)Nicky Thomas / Mama's Song 14)Heptones / Freedom To The People 15)U-Roy feat. The Heptones / Freedon Train 16)Keith Blake / Wooh-Oh-Oh 17)Alton Ellis / Knock On Wood 18)Lizzy / Sounds Called Aquarius 19)Errol Scorcher / DJ Spirit 20)Delroy Wilson / Baby I Need Your Loving 21)Versatiles / Warricka Hill 22)Michael Campbell feat. Dennis Brown / Friends & Money 23)Scotty / We're Gonna Fight 24)Happs / In heaven There Is No Beer

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●Althea & Donna / Uptown Top Ranking (Virgin) CD \1690-
1)No More Fighting 2)Jah Rastafari 3)Make A Truce 4)Oh Dread 5)Uptown Top Ranking 6)The West 7)Jah Music 8)If You Don't Love Jah 9)Sorry 10)They Wanna Just
◆タイトル・ナンバー「Uptown Top Ranking」がジャンルを越えたクラシックスになっている女性ルーツ・ロック・デュオ'78年リリースの名盤。[在庫なし]


●Alton Ellis / Mr.Soul Of Jamica (Treasure Isle JA) LP \1490-
A-1)Breaking Up 2)Why Birds Follow Spring 3)I Can't Stop Now 4)Ain't That Loving You 5)You Make Me Happy 6)Remember That Sunday B-1)All My Tears Come Rolling 2)Baby I Love You 3)Chatty Chatty 4)Willow Tree 5)If I Could Rule The World 6)What Does It Take

●Alton Ellis & Hortense Ellis / Alton & Hortense Ellis (Studio One JA) LP \1490-
A-1)Willow Tree 2)Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 3)Lord Deliver Us 4)Breakfast In Bed 5)Where I'm Down 6)Cry Together 7)You Said It Again B-1)Sitting in The Park 2)Can't Get Used To Losing You 3)People Make The World Go Round 4)I'll Be Waiting 5)Can I Change My Mind 6)Wide World 7)The Picture Was You

●Augustus Gussie Clarke / Dread At The Controls Dub (Auralux) LP \2390-
A-1)Double Bubble 2)Michael Campbell Theme 3)The Meek Dub 4)Mixed Up Stuff 5)Bad Company B-1)Dread At The Controls 2)Loving Sounds 3)Hot Steppers 4)Midnight Clappers 5)Golden Locks

●Augustus Pablo / East Of The River Nile (Rockers Pro.JA) LP \1590-
A-1)Chant To King 2)Natural Way 3)Nature Dub 4)Upfull Living 5)Unfinished Melody 6)Jah Light B-1)Memories Of The Ghetto 2)Africa(1983) 3)East Of The River Nile 4)Sounds From Levi 5)Chapter 2 6)Addis-a-Baba

●Augustus Pablo / King David's Melody (Rockers Pro.) LP \1590-
A-1)King david's Melody 2)Zion High 3)Mr.Bassie 4)West Abyssinia 5)Israel Harmony B-1)Rockers Mood 2)Sufferers Trod 3)Revelation Time 4)Selfish Youths 5)Corner Stone Dub 6)Kent Road

●Augustus Pable Meets Lee Perry &the Wailers Band / Rare Dubs 1970-1971 (Jamaican Recordings) CD \2290-・1)Soul rebel Dub 2)Don't Rock My Boat 3)Corners Stone Dub 4)Rainbow Country Dub 5)Screwface Dub 6)400 Years 7)Concrete Jungle Dub 8)Satisfy My Soul Dub 9)It's Alright Dub 10)Put It On Dub 11)Long Long Winter Dub 12)Soul Almighty Dub 13)No Sympathy Dub 14)Try Me Dub 15)Keep On Moving Dub ◆なんと贅沢な組み合わせ!未発表ダブ・プレートの発掘レーベル、ジャマイカン・レコーディングスからパブロのメロディカ、ウェイラーズのリズム隊、リー・ペリーのダブ・ミックス音源。[在庫あり]

●Bunny Wailer / Blackheart Man (Unversal) CD \1590-
1)Blackheart Man 2)Fighting Against Comvictions 3)The Oppressed Song 4)Fig Tree 5)Dream Land 6)Rasta Man 7)Reincarnated Souls 8)Armagideon(Armagedon) 9)Bide Up 10)This Train


●Carlos Malcolm & the Fireburners / Bustin' Outta The Ghetto (BGP) CD \1690-
1)Bustin' Outta The Ghetto 2)Truck Full Of Soul 3)Pound For Pound #1 4)Move With The beat 5)Funky Junction 6)Play It For The World 7)Rockin' In My Rocket 8)Bounce What You Got 9)Pound For Pound #2 10)Your Kiss Your Touch

●Carlton & the Shoes / Love Me Forever (Studio One JA.) CD \1990-
1)Love Me Forever 2)Never Give Your Heart Away 3)Be Mine 4)Love Is All 5)Sincerley Yours 6)Just Me 7)This Feelings 8)I've Got Soul 9)Love To Share 10)Never Let Go 11)Me And You 12)Forward Jerusalem 13)Love Me Forever(inst.) 14)You And Me(inst.)


●Chosen Few / In Miami (Trojan) CD \1690-
1)Night And Day 2)I Am A Man 3)In The Rain 4)Wandering 5)Funky Buttercup 6)Candy, I'm So Doggone Mixed Up 7)Why Can't We Live 8)Drift Away 9)Daniel 10)Hit Me With Music 11)Sun Will Shine 12)All Things Change 13)Music Maker 14)Don't Let Me Down 15)Girl I've Got A Date 16)Thinking Of You 17)Self Destruct 18)Dancing Mood 19)Black Foxy Woman 20)Young Girl 21)Reggae Rock Road 22)I'm Going Down For The last Time 23)I'm Going Down For The Last Time Version

●Clive Field Marshall / Poor House Rockers (Wackie's) CD \2290-
1)State Trooper Style 2)Island In The Sun 3)Rent Man 4)Sheep Skin Gone Clean 5)Love Is What You Want 6)Ting-A-Ling A-Ling 7)What Happen To The Hostage 8)Dance Pon De Corner 9)Poor House Rockers 10)Old Mas Charlie 11)Jenifer Charm 12)Money Man Time

●Culture / Cumbolo (Virgin Frontline) CD \1490-
1)They Never Love In This Time 2)Innocent Blood 3)Cumbolo 4)Poor Jah People 5)Natty Never Get Weary 6)Natty Dread Naw Run 7)Down In Jamaica 8)This Train 9)Pay Day 10)Mind Who You Beg For Help


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