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●Harem Scarem / Pilgrim's Progress (Aztec Music) CD \2590-
19Last Stand Man 2)MIracle Mile 3)Open Up and Bleed 4)Run On Down the Line 5)Lowdown 6)Animal Tracks 7)Cold Change 8)Pilgrim's Progress 9)Hard Rain 10)let Me In 11)Dead Of the Night 12)Sweet Thing 13)Pilrim's Progress(Live) 14)let Me In(Live) 15)Dogman 16)Love Attraction

●Starry Eyed & Laughing / All Their Best... (Broadside) CD sale \1790-・1)Chimes Of Freedom (previously unreleased version) 2)Nobody Home 3)Going Down 4)Money Is No friend Of Mine 5)50/50 (Better Stop Now) 6)Closer To You Now 7)Lady Came From The South 8)See Your Face 9)Oh What? 10)Everybody 11)Good Love 12)One Foot In The Boat 13)Believe 14)Keep It To Yourself 15)Don't Give Me A hard Time 16)Thought Talk 17)Song On The Radio 18)Saturday 19)Robbie Barrish Radio Spot #1 20)He Was A friend Of Mine 21)Robbie Barrish Radio Spot #2 22)You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

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●Any Trouble / Girls Are Always Right: The Stiff Years (Cherry Red) CD \2190-・1)Yesterday's Love 2)Second Choice 3)Playing Bogart 4)Nice Girls 5)Turning Up The heat 6)Romance 7)Girls Are Always Right 8)Name Of The Game(Live) 9)Working On The Night Shift(Live) 10)Growing up (Studio Version) 11)Trouble With Love 12)Open Fire 13)As Lovers Do 14)Walking In Chains 15)Dimming Of The Day 16)To Be A King 17)Eastern Promise 18)Wheels In Motion 19)Snapshot 20)Follow That Car(Studio Version)◆リチャード・トンプソンのバック・ヴォーカルでも活躍したクライヴ・グレッグソン率いるパブ・ロック/パワー・ポップ・バンド、エニィ・トラブルの

●Brinsley Schwarz / Brinsley Schwarz + Despite It All (Beat Goes On) CD \2390-
1)Hymn To Me 2)Shining Brightly 3)Rock And Roll Woman 4)Lady Constant 5)What Do You Suggest? 6)Mayfly 7)Ballad Of A Has Been Beauty Queen 8)Country Girl 9)The Slow One 10)Funk Angel 11)Piece Of Home 12)Love Song 13)Star Ship 14)Ebury Down 15)Old Jarrow

●Brinsley Schwarz / Silver Pistol+Please Don't Ever Change (BGO) CD \2390-・1)1)Dry Land 2)Merry Go Round 3)One More Day 4)Nightingale 5)Silver Pistol 6)The Last Time I Was Fooled 7)Unknown Number 8)Range War 9)Egypt 10)Niki Hoeke Speedway 11)Ju Ju Man 12)Rockin' Chair 13)Hooked On Love 14)Why Do We Hurt The One We Love? 15)I Worry('Bout You Baby) 16)Don't Ever Change 17)Home In My hand 18)Play That Fast Thing(One More Time) 19)I Won't Make It Without You 20)Down In Mexico 21)Speedoo 22)The Version(Hypocrite)◆英のザ・バンド、ブリンズレィ・シュワルツ、黄金期'71年と'73年のアルバムの2オン1。[在庫あり]

●Brinsley Schwarz / Please Don't Ever Change (Edsel) CD \1690-
1)Hooked On Love 2)Why Do We Hurt The One We Loved 3)I Worry ('Bout You Baby) 4)Don't Ever Change 5)Home In My Hand 6)Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) 7)I Won't Make It Without You 8)Down In Mexico 9)Speedo 10)The Version (Hyporite)


●Brinsley Schwarz / Nervous On The Road + The New Favorites Of (Beat Goes On) CD \2390-・1)It's Been So Long 2)Happy Doing What We're Doing 3)Surrender To The Rhythm 4)Don't Lose Your Grip On Love 5)Nervous On The Road (But Can't Stay At Home) 6)Feel A Little Funky 7)I Like It Like That 8)Brand New You, Brand New Me 9)Home In My Hand 10)Why, Why, Why, Why, Why 11)(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding 12)Ever Since You're Gone 13)The Ugly Things 14)I Got The Real Thing 15)The Look That's In Your Eye Tonight 16)Now's The Time 17)Small Town, big City 18)Trying To Live My Life Without You 19)I Like You , I Don't Love You 20)Down In The Dive

●Brinsley Schwarz / Original Golden Greats + Fifteen Thoughts Of (Beat Goes On) CD \2390-・1)Shining Brightly 2)Country Girl 3)Starship 4)Funk Angel 5)Nightingale 6)Ju Ju Man 7)Haooy Doing What We're Doing 8)Surrender to The Rhythm 9)Don't Lose Your Grip On Love 10)Hypocrite 11)(It's Gonna Be A) Bring Down 12)Run Rudolf Run 13)(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding 14)There's A Cloud In My Heart 15)I Like You, I Don't Love You 16)Rockin' Chair 17)Hooked On Love 18)The Ugly Things 19)Nervous On The Road (But Can't Stay At Home) 20)Home In My Hand

●Brinsley schwarz / What's So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding (HUX) CD \2200-・1)Havin' A Party 2)It's Been So Long 3)She's Get To Be Real 4)Nervous On The Road 5)You Got Me Hummin' 6)Mama Told Me Not To Come 7)Play That Fast Thing One More Time 8)I Worry ('Bout You Baby) 9)Ju Ju Man 10)Small Town Big City 11)Everybody 12)I Got The Real Thing 13)(What So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding 14)Ann Ellza Jane 15)In No Restance 16)You Don't Need To Laugh 17)Wild Night (14〜17 with Frankie Miller)

●Count Bishops / Count Bishops (Chiswick/Ace) CD \1690-
1)I Nee You 2)Stay Free 3)Down In The Bottom 4)Talk To You 5)Shake Your Money maker 6)Down The Road Apiece 7)Baby You're Wrong 8)Don't Start Crying Now 9)Someone's Got My Number 10)Good Guys Don't Wear While 11)You're In My Way 12)Taste And Try

●Bishops / Cross Cuts (Chiswick/Ace) CD \1690-
1)I Take What I Want 2)Could You Would You 3)What's Your Number 4)Your Daddy Don't Mind 5)Good Times 6)Too Much, Too Soon 7)Rolling Man 8)I Want Candy 9)Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight 10)Hands On The Wheel 11)Don't Start Me Talking 12)These Arms Of Mine 13)No Lies 14)Mr.Jones

●Deaf School / What A Way To End It All: The Anthology (Castle) 2CD \2890-・1-1)What A Way To End It All 2)Where's The Weekend? 3)Cocktails At 8 4)Bigger Splash 5)Knock Knock Knocking 6)2nd Honeymoon 7)Get Set Ready Go 8)Nearly Moonlit Night Motel 9)Room Service 10)Hi Jo Hi 11)Snapshots 12)Final Act 13)Don't Stop the World 14)What A Jerk 15)Darling 16)Everything For The Dancer 17)Capsldi's Cafe 18)Hypertention Yeah Yeah Yeah 19)It's A Boy's World 20)Rock Ferry 21)Taxi 22)Operator 23)Last Night 2-1)Working Girls 2)Golden Showers 3)Thunder & Lightning 4)What A Week 5)Refugee 6)Ronnie Zamora(My Friend Ron) 7)
                              English Boys(With Guns) 8)All Queued Up 9)I Wanna Be Your Boy 10)Morning After
                              11)Fire 12)O.Blow 13)What A Way To End It All 14)Where's The Weekend? 15)Knock                               Knock Knocking 16)Final Act 17)It's A Boys' World 18)Capald's Cafe 19)What A Jerk                               20)Hypertention Yeah Yeah Yeah 21)Working Girls 22)All Queued Up 23)English
                              Boys(with Guns) 24)Ronnie Zamora(My Friend Ron)◆後にE.コステロ他のプロデュー

●Ducks Deluxe / Ducks Deluxe+Taxi To The Terminal Zone (BGO) 2CD \2490-・1-1)Coast To coast 2)Nervous Breakdown 3)Daddy Put The Bomp 4)I Got You 5)Please, Please, Please 6)Fireball 7)Don't Mind Rockin' Tonite 8)Hearts On My Sleeve 9)Falling For That Woman 10)West Texas Trucking Board 11)Too Hot To Handle 12)It's All Over Now 2-1)Cherry Pie 2)It Don't Matter Tonite 3)I'm Crying 4)Love's Melody 5)Teenage Head 6)Rio Grande 7)My My Music 8)Rainy In Kulburn 9)Woman Of The Man 10)Paris 9 ◆ヘルプ・ユアセルフにいたシーン・タイラーや後のルーモアに参加するマーティン・ベルモント達が結成したパブ・ロック・バンド、ダックス・デラッ

●Elvis Costello / My Aim Is True (Edsel)'01 2CD \2290-
1-1)Welcome To The Working Week 2)Miracle man 3)No Dancing 4)Blame It On cain 5)Alison 6)Sneaky Feelings 7)(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes 8)Less Than Zero 9)Mystery Dance 10)Pay It Back 11)I'm Not Angry 12)Waiting For The End Of The World 13)Watching The Detectives 2-1)No Action (early version) 2)Living In Paradise (early version) 3)Radio Sweetheart 4)Stranger In the House 5)I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (live) 6)Less Than Zero 7)Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver) 8)Mystery Dance (honkey tonk demo) 9)Cheap Eeward (honky tonk demo) 10)Jump Up (honkey tonk demo) 11)Wave a White Flag (honky tonk demo) 12)Blame It on Cain (honky tonk demo) 13)Poison Moon (honky tonk demo)

●Elvis Costello / This Year's Model (Edsel)'02 2CD \2290-
1-1)No Action 2)This Year's Girl 3)The Beat 4)Pump It Up 5)Little Triggers 6)You Belong To Me 7)Hand In Hand 8)(I Don't Want To Go To)Chelsea 9)Lip Service 10)Living In Paradise 11)Lipstick Vogue 12)Noght Rally 13)Radio, Radio 2-1)Big Tears 2)Crawling To The USA 3)Running Out Of Angels (demo) 4)Greenshirts (demo) 5)Big Boys (demo) 6)You Belong To Me (Capitaal Radio version) 7)Radio, Radio (Capital Radio version) 8)Neat Neat Neat 9)Roadette Song 10)This Years Girl (Alt. Eden Studios version) 11)(I Don't Want To Go To) Chealsea (Basin Street Studios version) 12)Stranger In The House (BBC version)

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