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●V.A. / The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo 1954-55 (Honest Jon's) CD sale \1690-
1)laurent Lomande / Maboka Marie 2)Adikwa Depala / Matete Paris 3)Adikwa Depala / Akei Cimetiere 4)Andre Denis / Cherie N' Auli Yo 5)Vincent Kuli / Yaka Ko Tala 6)Jean Mpia / Klim 7)Boniface Koufoudila / Ntango N' Abali 8)Robert Yuakarie / Musinichkie 9)Albert Bongu / Koseke Moniga Te 10)Rene Mbu / Boma LImbala 11)Adikwa Depala / C.C.T. Ebongisi Mokiri 12)Fabien Libasi / Bengela Ngai Bosele 13)Laurent Lomande / Elisa 14)Adikwa Depala / Moni, Moni Non Dey 15)Boniface Koufoudila / Bino Boton, Bosele 16)Robert Yuakarie / Kioo Cha Nyumba 17)J.P. Ndagu / Mokolo Bafuti Sanza 18)Boniface Koufoudila / Tolowela Angelique 19)Laurent Lomande / Akimi Magai Na Butu 20)Jean Mpia / Tika Koseka 21)Adikwa Depala / Yoka Ngal

●Vampires Of Dartmoore / Dracula's Music Cabinet (Findres Keepers) LP \2290-
a-1)Die Folterkammer des Dr.Sex 2)Crime And Horror 3)Der Feuerdrachen von Hongkong 4)Mord Inm Ohio Express 5)Tanz der Vampire 6)Hallo, Mister Hitchcock b-1)Der Henker von Dartmoore 2)Ende eines Killers 3)Die Wasserleiche 4)Eine Handvoll Nitro 5)Dr.Caligaris Gruselkabinett 6)Frankenstein Grubt Alpha 7

●Les Baxter / (Rev-Ola) sale \1790-
1)Busy Port 2)Sophisticated Savege 3)Jungle River Boat 4)Barquita 6)Stone God 7)Quiet Village 8)Jungle Jalopy 9)Coronation 10)Love Dance 11)Kinkajou 12)The Ritual 13)Bacoa 14)Despair 15)Ecstasy 16)Hate 17)Lust 18)Terror 19)Jealousy 20)Joy

●V.A. / The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo 1954-55 (Honest Jon's) 2LP \2390-
a-1)laurent Lomande / Maboka Marie 2)Adikwa Depala / Matete Paris 3)Adikwa Depala / Akei Cimetiere 4)Andre Denis / Cherie N' Auli Yo 5)Vincent Kuli / Yaka Ko Tala b-1)Jean Mpia / Klim 2)Boniface Koufoudila / Ntango N' Abali 3)Robert Yuakarie / Musinichkie 4)Albert Bongu / Koseke Moniga Te 5)Rene Mbu / Boma LImbala c-1)Adikwa Depala / C.C.T. Ebongisi Mokiri 2)Fabien Libasi / Bengela Ngai Bosele 3)Laurent Lomande / Elisa 4)Adikwa Depala / Moni, Moni Non Dey 5)Boniface Koufoudila / Bino Boton, Bosele d-1)Robert Yuakarie / Kioo Cha Nyumba 2)J.P. Ndagu / Mokolo Bafuti Sanza 3)Boniface Koufoudila / Tolowela Angelique 4)Laurent Lomande / Akimi Magai Na Butu 5)Jean Mpia / Tika Koseka 6)Adikwa Depala / Yoka Ngal

●Monty Python's Flying Circus / The Unreleased TV Soundtrack 1969-1974 (De Wolfe) sale \1890-
1)Liberty Bell 2)Evil A L'Aube 3)Ad Lib 4)Eye Of Horus 5)Flute Promenade 6)Bright Lights 7)Roving Report No.2 8)David and Gollath 9)Casbah 10)The Hunt 11)Aggreaaion 12)Man Of Power 13)Pastoralla 14)On The River 15)Man Of Destiny 16)Theatre Overture 17)Trumpet Call 18)Hearts and Flowers 19)Comedy Set Variation 2 20)Military Preparation 21)Peter Pan 22)Ripcord 23)The Long Haul 24)March Trdent 25)Early Dusk 26)Arena March 27)The banquet Part 3 28)Academy Award 29)Market Research 30)The Poor Soul

●Mohamed Ilyas with Nyata Zameremeta Orchestra Of Zanzibar / Taarab (Chiku-Taku) CD sale \1890-
1)Amenipokeya 2)Panya 3)Bahati Haina Kwao 4)Watu Wananiuliza 5)Hakika Nakupenda 6)Miujiza 7)Nisafirishe Kwa Huba 8)Pendo 9)Si Rahisi 10)Moyoni Sina Nafasi 11)Walodhani Ni Mzaha 12)Ewe Bibi Mwenya Enzi

●Le Groupe des Six / Selected Works 1915 - 1945 (Vol.1) (LTM) 2CD \2390-・1-1)〜6)Le Groupe des Six / L'Album des Six 7)〜9)Francis Poulenc / Mouvements perpetuels 10)〜12)Arthur Honegger / Trois pieces pour piano 13)Darius Milhaud / Caramel moon 14)Georges Auric / Adieu, New York 15)Les Biches 16)Le Bestiaire 17)Huit nocturnes 18)Quinze improvisations pour piano 19)Francis Poulenc / Caprice (Le Bel masque) 20)Darius Milhaud / Scaramouche 21)Germaine Taileferre / Ouverture 22)Louis Durey / Le printemps au fond de la mer 2-1)DariusMilhaud / Le Creation du monde 2)Arthur Honegger / Prelude, Fugue et Postlude 3)Francis Poulene / Les Mamelles de Tiresias
◆仏・前衛芸術家ルイ・デュレア、アルチュール・オネゲル、ダリウス・ミヨー、ジョルジュ・オーリック、ジェルメーヌ・タイユフォール、フランシス・プーランクの集団「les six」の音源集その1。1915〜1945。[在庫あり]

●Mark Writz / Wirtz and Music (Fantastic Voyage) 2CD sale \1590-
1(Latin A Go-Go) 1)Watermelon Man 2)More 3)Comin' Home, Baby 4)Sunday Night 5)Rivero Carnival 6)Beyond the Horizon 7)Tennessee Waltz 8)Adventure 9)Yeh Yeh 10)Don't Do It, Baby 119Yesterday's Laughter, Today's Tears 12)I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 2(Smooth and Easy) 1)There'll Always Be Times 2)Chip Chip 3)It Was Always You 4)Suddenly 5)No Tears 6)Love Is All Around 7)Theme From The Peach Thief 8)Mirade Of Love 9)The Sun, The Sea And The Sand 10)You Are Why 11)The Ways Of Love 12)Everything I Know

●The Mike Sammes Singers + The Ted Taylor Organsound / Hymns A'Swinging (Trunk) CD sale \1890-
1)Harvest Home 2)Hills Of The North 3)40 Days and 40 Nights 4)For All The saints 5)All Things Bright and Beutiful 6)Bright The Vision That Delighted 7)Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken 8)He Who Would Valient Be 9)Immortal Invisible God Only Wise 10)O Jesus I have Promised 11)O Worship The King 12)Praise To The Lord◆ラウンジ〜ソフト・ロックの人気レア盤、英60年代後半にリリースされていた男女混声コーラス・グループ、マイク・サムネス・シンガーズとロンドンのジャズ・ユニット、テッド・テイラー・オルガンサウンドの共演盤、初CD化。[在庫あり]

●G-Spots: The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds Of the Studio G Library (Trunk) CD sale \1890-
1)Douglas Wood / Icicles 2)Douglas Wood / Folk Ghost 3)Douglas Wood / Boy On Space 4)Douglas Wood / Moon Nightclub 5)Paul Lewis / Waiting For Nins 6)Douglas Wood / Silhouettes 7)Douglas Wood / Kids Stuff 8)Douglas Wood / Soul Riff 9)Douglas Wood / Five To A Bar 10)Douglas Wood / Romantic Sway 11)James Harpham / Moving Parts 12)Ivor Raymond / Wild Cat Walk 13)Harry Pitch / Elephants Dance 14)James Harpham / Visions Of 2000AD 4 15)Eric Peters / Deformed Theme 16)P Willsher, T Kelly / Foggy Dock 17)P Willsher, T Kelly / Dangerous Voyage 18)James Harpham / Voodoo Tronics 19)James Asher / Cosmic Dust 20)James Asher / Liquid Gold 21)Frederick Judd / Sprockets 22)F Afzelius / Cosmic Blues 23)Eric Peters / Planet Travel 24)Eric Peters / Space Service 25)Eric Peters / Freak Blues 26)Cliff Johns / Goofy

●V.A. / Now We Are Ten: A Trunk Records Sampler (Trunk) CD sale \1290-・1)Basil Kirchin / Start Counting (demo) 2)Sven Libaek / Dark 3)Herbie Hancock / Kiddush 4)Jonny Trunk / Zeus 5)Delia Derbyshire / Delia's Psychadelian Waltz 6)Douglas Wood / Icicles 7)Vernon Elliott / Clangers 8)Orriel Smith / Tiffany Glass 9)Mike Sammes / Timex 10)Sven Libaek / Nature Waltz 11)Paul Lewis / Waiting For Nina 12)John Cameron / Kes-Opening and Titles 13)Marc Wilkinson / Kathy Crowned from Blood On Satans Claw 14)Michael Garrick Trio / Sketches Of Israel 15)Martin's Theme from Dirty Fan Male 16)My Special Message from Dirty Fan Mile 17)Mike Sammes / Sweet Young Fumbles 18)Barbara Moore Singers / The Elf 19)Basil Kirchin / Negatives 20)Wisbey / The Ladies Bras 21)Bill Posters / Will Be Banned / Hula Saw

●V.A. / The Exotic Beatles (Exotica) CD sale \1790-
1)Vernons Pools Girls / Introduction 2)Shang Shang Typhoon / Let It Be 3)Cathy Berberian / Ticket To Ride 4)Irvin's 89 Ley Marenghi Fairground Piano / Help 5)David Peel / With A Little Help From My Friends 6)Mr.Yetta Brostein / I Want To Hold Your Hand 7)Feeling B / Revolution No,89 8)Los Fernandos / Yellow Submarine 9)Frank Sidebottom / Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite 10)Joah Valley / In My Life 11)Doodles Weaver / Eleanor Rigby 12)Powerillusi / Lato B (Let It Be) 13)Irvin's 89 Key Marenghi Fairground Organ / She Loves You 14)Klaus Beyer with The Gotz Alsmann Band / Das Gelbe Underwasserboot (Yellow Submarine) 15)Mirza Men / Eight Days A Week 16)Beatle Barkers / Love Me Do 17)Emi Bonilla / From Me To You 18)Haax / Gestern Noch (Yesterday) 19)Food / And Your Hard Birds Night Thing 20)Rafi and Asha / I Want To Hold Your Hand 21)Ena Baga / World Without Love 22)Ogar Grafe / Eleanor Rigby 23)Marty Gold / Hey Jude 24)thanks and goodbyes from Paul, George, Ringo and John, goodnight from Paul,,,and John has a late-night snack!

●Les Baxter / Space Escapade (El) CD sale \1790-
1)Shooting Star 2)Moonscape 3)Mr. Robot 4)The City 5)A Distant Star 6)The Commuter 7)Winds of Sirius 8)The Other Side Of the Moon 9)Somewhere In Space 10)Earth Light 11)The Lady Is Blue 12)Saturday Night On Saturn 13)Cornflakes 14)Toy Tiger 15)Havana 16)The Trouble With Harry 17)Sinner Man 18)The Left Arm Of Buddha 19)The Clown On The Eiffel Tower 20)Melodia Loca (The Chilean Drive-You -Crazy Song) 21)Venezuela 22)Cherchez La Femme 23)Rush Hour Romance 24)Desinging Woman 25)Blue Echo 26)Ricordate Marcellino (Remember Marcellino) 27)La Panse (The Little Flower) 28)The Lonely Whistler 29)Love Song from "Houseboat" 30)Please Mr. Sun

●V.A. / Source Records 1-6: 1968-1971 (Pogus) 3CD \4990-
1-1)Robert Ashley / The Wolfman 2)David Behrman / Wave Train 3)Larry Austin / Accidents 4)Allan Bryant / Pitch Out 2-1)Alvin Lucier / I Am Sitting In A Room 2)Arthur Woodbury / Velox 3)Mark Riener / Plegethon 4)Larry Austin / Caritas 5)Stanley Lunetta / Moosack Carpet 4)Annea Lockwood / Tiger Balm

●Conrad Schnitzler / Silver 1974 / 75 (Qbico) LP sale \2500-

クレジットなし 全5曲


●V.A. / Nigeria 70 Vol.1 (Strut) 2CD sale \1990-
1-1)Monomono / Tire Loma De Nigbehin 2)Bio / Chant To Mother Earth 3)Fela Ransome Kuti & the Africa 70 / Jeun Ko Ku (Chop 'N' Quench) 4)Tunji Oyelana & the Benders / Ifa 5)Bala Miller & the Great Music Pirameeds Of Afrika / Ikon Akkah 6)Segun Bucknor & his Revolution / La La La 7)Peter King / Shango 8)Tony Allen & his African Messengers / No Discrimination 9)Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody Maestroes / Akayan Ekassa 10)William Onyeabor / Better Change Your Mind 11)Bongos Ikwue / Woman Made The Devil 2-1)Orlando Julius & the Afro Sounders / Alo MI Alo 2)Ofo The Black Company / Allah Wakbarr 3)Sahara All Stars Band Jos / Enjoy Yourself 4)Funkees / Dancing Time 5)Afro Cult Foundation / The Quest 6)Joni Haastrup / Greetings 7)Gasper Lawal / Kita Kita 8)Lijadu Sisters / Orere Elejigbo 9)Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Africa 70 with Sandra Akanke Isidore / Upside Down 10)Shina Williams & his African Percussionists / Agboju Logun 11)Sunny Ade & his African Beats / Ja Fun Mi (instrumental)

●Brigitte Bardot / Love Is My Profession + Une Parisienne (El) CD sale \1790-・1)Paris B.B 2)La Parisienne 3)Valse Du Roi 4)Duo Du Balcon 5)Generique 6)Theme D' Amour 7)Romantique 8)Tendres sentiments 9)Amoureux 10)Final 11)Mambo Bardot 12)Jeff's Blues 13)La Marchande D'anemones 14)L'etang 15)Valse de Porte Des Lilas 16)Ballade pour un tueur 17)Les Gens Qui S'aiment 18)Dis-Moi Quelquechose De Gentil 19)Venice 20)Ma vie est a toi 21)Insensiblement 22)L'amour Descend Du Ciel 23)Java24)Arsenic Blues25)Brigitte 26)Insensiblement 27)La fin d'un roman d'amour 28)Tout bas (Speak Low) 29)Cheveux dans le vent 30)Le Mur ◆ブリジット・バルドーの'57〜'58年に製作されたサウンドトラック音源集。当時の彼氏のジャズ・ギタリスト、サッチャ・ディステルの音源含む。[在庫なし]

●Les Bexter / The Fruit Of Dreams (El) CD sale \1790-
1)Tahiti: A Summer Night At Sea 2)Shanghai Rickshaw 3)City Of Veils 4)Hong Kong Cable Car 5)Tramp Steamer To Singapore 6)Monkey Dance Of Bali 7)The Pearls Of Ceylon 8)harem Silks From Bombay 9)Sidewalk Cafes Of saigon 10)The Gates Of Annam 11)Procession Of The Princes 12)The Feathered Seprent 13)Fruit Of Dreams 14)Pool Of Love 15)Aquaducts 16)The games 17)Conquist Adores 18)Gardens Of The Moon 19)Temple 20)Pyramid Of The Sun 21)The High Priest Of The Aztecs 22)Acapulco

●O.S.T. / Paper Moon (El) CD sale \1790-
1)Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra / It's Only A Ppaer Moon 2)Ozzie Nelson &his Orchestra / About A Quarter To Nine 3)Leo Reisman & his Orchestra(vocal: Larry Stewart) / (It Will Have To Do) Until The Real Thing Comes Along 4)Dick Powell / Flirttion 5)Bing Crosby / Just One More Chance 6)Jimmie Grier & his Orchestra(vocal: Donald Novis) / One Hour With You 7)Victor Young & his Orchestra with Boswell Sisters / I Found A Million Dollar Baby 8)Jimmie Grier & his Orchestra / The Object Of My Affection 9)Hoagy Carmichael & his Orchestra / Georgia On My Mind 10)Paul Whiteman with Ken Darby and Ramona / A Picture Of Me Without You 11)Blue Sky Boys / On The Banks Of The Ohio 12)Jimmie Davis / My Mary 13)Tommy Dorsey & his orchestra / After You've Gone 14)Enric Madgriguera and his Hotel Biltmore Orchestra / Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee 15)Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders(Vocal: Frank Luther) / Sunnyside Up ・ Django Reinhardt and the Quintet of the Hot Club Of France - Vintage Thirties Recordings・16)Limehouse Blues 17)Are You In the Mood? 18)You're Driving My Crazy 19)When Day Is Done 20)Leieberstraum No.3 21)Mystery Pacific 22)Improvisation 23)Minor Swing 24)Swingin' with Django 25)Echoes Of Spain 26)I'll See You In My Dreams

●V.A. / Switched On Bob: A Tribute To Bob Moog (Bella Casa) CD sale \1790-・1)The Transistors / Switched on Bob 2)Giorgio Li Calzi featuring Wolfgang Flur / Freakin Out 3)Funki Porcini / Moog River 4)Timeless Sonic Factory / The Day The Moog Stood Still 5)Dan Lacksman / Mr Moog 6)Margoo / Hipsters Shangri La 7)Eugene / Space 1979 (airless edit) 8)Mucca Macca / Sunflower 9)Enrico Cosimi / Soylent Green 10)Grand David / Harpex Delux 11)Jean - Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman / Chicken On the Rocks 12)Dana Countryman / Cocktails In Space 13)Messer Chups / Zombie Pussy 14)Rural War Room / Rural War Room (TSF Supersonic Mix) 15)Mir / Xbb8 16)Creamyshoes / Welcome Democracy 17)Alessio Santoni / Baobob 18)9Lazy9 / The Flying Nun (remix) 19)Reverse E / Somebody Build My Bed 20)Misty Roses / Mario and Dario

●O.S.T. / Femina Ridens (Vadim) LP \2390-
A-1)Week-End With Army 2)Love Symbol 3)Hot Skin 4)Chorus and Brass "Fugato" 5)Rendez-Vous In The Castle 6)Sophisticated Shake B-1)"Femina Ridens" Song 2)Mary's Theme 3)The Shower 4)The Run In The Alley 5)Fight Of Love

●Cordes Sensibles / Constellation (Nota Bene Pro.) CD sale \2090-
1)All for one (Speak no evil) 2)Feeling minor 3)Retrato em (Zingaro) 4)Naima 5)Frevo de Orfeu 6)Dunes (Dans le desert du kalahari) 7)La premiere fois 8)Listen to Tahirih 9)Laps de temps 10)Olha Maria (Amparo) 11)Nica's dream 12)Constellation (Peace of Livadi)
◆Caroline Arene と Isabelle Gueldry の仏女性2人組、Cordes Sensibles '07年作。ジャズ・ボサノヴァ・テイスト溢れるコーラス・ワークが魅力。小西康陽氏もお気に入りの一枚。[在庫あり]

●V.A. / A Piano Christmas In The 1920's (City Hall/Lyrichord) CD \2090-・1)Unknown / Holiday by the Fireside 1928 2)Andrei Kmita / Christmas Carols No.1 3)Elsie Holt / Christmas Carols No.2 4)Adam Carroll / Christmas Greeting 1925 5)Adam Carroll / Christmas Greeting 1929 6)Leon Jessel, Herbert Clair, Edger Fairchild / Parade of the Wooden Soldiers 7)Adam Carroll / Grandmother's Christmas 1927 8)Fritz Kreisler / Toy Soldier's March 9)John Tasker Howard / The First Noel 10)Pietro Yon / Gesu Bambino 11)L. Leslie Loth / A Chrstmas Eve Fantasy 1928

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●Android Sisters / The Best Of (EM) CD \2625-
1)Sub Liminal 2)Down On The Electronic Farm 3)Invasion 4)Robots Are Coming 5)Barking Up the Wrong Tree 6)Ray-Dee-Oh 7)Money Money Money 8)Electronic Sheep 9)Huh? 19)Telephone Wires In The Tropics 11)Elephants & Donkeys 12)Coconut Cooed 13)Dumb Is Fun 14)Livin' In The 50's 15)SSS-X Minus One

●Anniea Lockwood / Early Works 1967-82 (EM) CD \2625-
1)Micro Glass Shaken 2)Glass Rod Vibrating 3)Turning Gong 4)Mini Mobile 5)Wine Glass 6)Water Gong 7)Two Ribbed Discs 8)Rod Across Edge of Pane 9)Glass Bulb 10)Glissandi 11)Spinning Discs 12)Dialogue: Bottles & Jars 13)Vibrating Pane 14)Bubbling 15)Breathing Machine 16)Water Jars 17)Rod Roll 18)Micro Glass on Goblet 19)Micro Glass Along Pane 20)Cullet: Two Glass Rocks 21)Medium Mobile 22)Bottle Tree Showered with Fragments 23)Deep Water Gong 24)Tiger Balm

●Barton & Proscilla Mclean / Electric Landscapes (Em) CD \2625-
1)Pricilla McLean / Voices Of The Invisible 2)Pricilla McLean / Archangels 3)Pricilla McLean / Chariots 4)Barton Mclean / Song Of The Nahuatl 5)Barton McLean / Valley Of Lost Dreams 6)Barton McLean / Journey On A Long String 7)Pricilla McLean / Angels Of Delirium

●Burton Smith / Reelizations One & Two (Em) 2CD \3465-
1-1)Akimbo 2)Scene Four 3)T S Danza 4)Prelude In G # Major 5)Roland No.119 6)Azirthmyth 7)Perihelion 8)Biease 9)Feast 10)Pleasure Guitar 11)The Tube 2-1)Cit - Calm 2)Gate Of Shariz 3)Magnus Continuum 4)The Musical Box 5)Odestes 6)Morcadu 7)Reign 8)Play - Gull 9)Lotus

●Bruno Spoerri / Gluckskugel (Finders Keepers) CD \2290-
1)Gluckenskugel-Title 2)Gluckenskugel-The Race 3)Oederline 4)Les Electroniciens 5)Soft Art Theme 6)Lilith-Singing In The dark 7)Lilith-The Dance 8)Lilith-On The Way 9)Drillin' 10)Wer Gwunnt?(Who Wins?)

●Charles Blackweell and his Orchestra / Those Plucking Strings (RPM) CD \2090-・1)Lonesome Traveller 2)Puttin' On The Style 3)Freight Train 4)Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O 5)Skip To My Lou 6)Wabash Cannonball / Grand Coulee Dam 7)A Lover & His Lass 8)Rock Island Line 9)Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 10)Last Train To San Fernando 11)Tom Dooley 12)Pick A Bale O'Cotton

●David Rosenboom / Brainwave Music (EM) CD \2625-

1)Portable Gold and Philosopher's Stones (Music From Brain In Fours) 2)Chilean Drought 3)Piano Etude I (Alpha) 4)Four Lines (Two High)


●David Weiss / Virtuoso Saw (EM) CD \2310-
1)Misty 2)Sweet Georgia Brown 3)Intermezzo from Carmen 4)Elenor Rigby 5)The Swan 6)Yesterday 7)Habanera 8)Scarborough Fair 9)When I'm 64 10)Summertime 11)Gymnopedia 12)Ariso 13)The Rainbow Connection


●Don Ralke & his Orchestra / Gershwin With Bongos + Savage & Sensuous Bongos (Collectables) CD \2090-
1)fascinating Rhythm 2)How Long Has This Been Going On 3)Clap Yo' Hands 4)Love Is here To Stay 5)Summertime 6)My One And Only (What Am I Gonna Do) 7)They All Laughed 8)Love Walked In 9)They Can't Take That Away From me 10)Maybe 11)A Foggy Day 12)I Got Rhythm 13)Head Hunter 14)Saoco 15)Ju-Ju Man 16)The Mystery Of Yambuya 17)Voodoo Priestess 18)Face Beside The Fire 19)POison Dart 20)Black Panther 21)Zulu Magic 22)Moon Goddess 23)Ritual Of The Cobra 24)Sacrifice Of The Maidens 25)Safradesia 26)Mombasa

●Francis Picabia / La Nourrice Americcanie (LTM) CD \2290-
1)La Nourrice Americaine (fast version) 2)Francis Picabia In conversation 3)La Nourrice Americaine (slow version)


●Grandmaster Gareth / The Party Sounds Of (SL) CD \2190-
1)Ignition 2)Grandmasters Of The Universe 3)Forgotten The Fish 4)Hypnotic Sponge 5)Problem 6)I Assume Full Reponsibility 7)He Made It Himself 8)The party Sound Of Gareth 9)The Really Rubbish Super Heroes 10)The Harmoanium 11)Switch It On 12)Oh No! B-List Celebrity 13)Knucklehead 14)Party Pooper 15)A Minute In Time 16)Take The Strain 17)Boat Party 18)Just For The Taste Of It 19)The Sound Of Speed 20)Sue Me 21)Oh No! Animal Impersonator 22)Beagle 2 23)What Did You Do In The War Daddy? 24)Malaria, It Not Cool 25)This Sounds Like Orange 26)Dico-op 27)How About Heaven? 28)The Gatecrasher 29)How About Hell? 30)That Concludes Our Entertainment

●Gustavo Pimentel y su Orquesta / Percusiones (Orfeon) CD \1990-
1)Bali-Hai 2)Cielito Lindo 3)Frenesi 4)Alma Llanera 5)Carioca 6)Nocturnal 7)Granada 8)Prisionero Del Mar 9)Copacabana 10)El Manicero


●Iasos / Inter - Dimensional Music (Em) CD \2625-
1)Libra Sunrise 2)Formentera Sunset Clouds 3)I Passion You A Leap Of Love - Flame 4)Lueena Coast 5)Rainbow Canyon 6)Lagoon Night 7)Suren Shallows 8)Aries 9)Crystal Petals 10)Osiris Bull - Man & Elephant Walk 11)Creation 12)Cloud Prayer 13)Angel Play 14)The Bubble Massage 15)Maha - Splender

●Jim Fassett / Symphony Of The Birds (Em) CD \2800-
『Symphony Of The Birds』 1)Explanatory Comments by Jim Fassett 2)First Movement (Andante e Iirico) 3)Second Movement (Buffo) 4)Third Movement (Misterioso) 『A Revelation in Birdsong Patterns』 5)Cardinal, Mockngbird, Catbird, Robin, Summer Tanager 6)Yellow Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Song Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow 7)Carolina Wren, Goldfinch, Indigo Bunting, Purple Finch

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