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●V.A. / Gangster Dedications Vol.3 (Soul Strivers) CD \2090-
1)Darling Dears / And I Love You 2)Sponitains / Try It Again Baby 3)Sir George / I Lost You Girl 4)Devons / Wise Up and Be Smart 5)Turn-A-Rounds / I Need Your Loving 6)Soul Explosions / Love Is The Answer 7)Mamselles / It Won't Take Much To Bring Me Back 8)Elijah and the Ebonees / I Confess 9)Willie Hobbs / Love 'Em and Leave'Em .10)Teddy Cash / You Are So Wonderful 11)Calvin and the Catamounts / I Know My Baby Cares For Me 12)Kansas City Express / This Is the Place 13)Sterling / Come and Love Me 14)Florida Spirituaires / I Remember When 15)Jack and the Mods / One Is Enough For One 16)Albert Jones / I Do Love You 17)Albert Jones / You Must Be A Blessing 18)Terry Felton / I Don't Want To Have To Wait 19)Gene Miller / Where Is the Love 20)Jean Kerr / Oo Baby, Baby 21)Young Sirs / Theres Something the Matter 22)Captions / Don't Take Your Arms Away From Me 23)Third Guitar / Been So Long

●Five Special / Special Edition (Wounded Bird) sale \1690-
1)Jam (Let's Take It To The Streets 2)Heaven (You Are To Me) 3)Who You Been Lovin' 4)Choosin' You For Me 5)Do Something Special (For Your Lady) 6)Why Not Be Mine For A While 7)Had You A Lover (But You Let Her Go)


●Five Special / Tra'k (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)You Can Do It 2)Your Body Heat 3)Spread Love (All Over The World) 4)You Can Do It 5)Just A Feeling 6)Sexy Lady 7)Now And Then 8)Lov-A-Thon


●Metros / Sweetest One (Dusty Groove America) CD sale \1590-
1)Sweetest One 2)Since I Found My Baby 3)I'll Never Forget You 4)Egyptian Love 5)Unlucky Sun 6)Blue Velvet 7)Do the Pied Piper 8)Time Changes Things 9)I'm with You All the Way 10)Till the End of Time


●Bleu Lights / Romance Returns with (Gumption) CD sale \2290-
1)September Song 2)Please Don't Change Me Now 3)With You 4)I Love Your Face 5)I've Been Looking At You 6)Beautiful Girl 7)My Foolish Heart 8)Pledging My Love 9)Come Over 10)Give In To Love 11)Let Them Talk 12)Never Let Me Go 13)Starlight 14)Let Nobody Love You 15)September Song

●V.A. / Chicano Sweet Soundz: Natural High (Chicano Sweet Soundz) CD \2090-
1)Arnies Love / Natural High 2)Gaslight / It's Just Like Magic 3)First Love / Dry Your Eyes 4)Alvin Green & Green Fire / Turning On and Tuning In 5)You Me & Him / 'Hey Love' I'm For Real 6)Dramatic Experience / Someday, Somewhere 7)Kal's Kids / Long Lonely Broken Hearted 8)Odds and Ends / Let Me Try 9)Florida Spitualaires / I Remember When 10)Symba / Hey You 11)Sho-Nuff / Don't Be lonely 12)Spectrum / Let's Fall In Love 13)Klas' / Break Your Promise 14)Van Jones & the Jays / I Fooled Myself 15)Barbara Mason & the Futures / We Got Each Other 16)Gaslight / Just Because Of You 17)Marion Jarvis / A Penny For Your Thoughts 18)Flash / You're My Friend 19)Dealers / Lovin' You 20)Windy City / I Still Love You 21)Florida Spiritualaires / If I Had One Life

●V.A. / Gangster Dedications Vol.2 (Soul Strivers) CD \2090-
1)Aristocrats / Be My Lady 2)Unknowns / Please Don't Go 3)Earnest Bolden / I'm Talkin' About Love 4)R.D.M.Band / Give Up 5)Pee Wee, Shuck & Huey / I Know We're In Love 6)Domestic Five / It's An Empty World 7)Soul Meditations / Someone To Hold Me 8)Brenda Southall / I'm Just An Average Girl 9)Chris Marshon / What Kind Of Man Is He 10)Delicates / You Say You Love Me 11)Delettes / What's The Use 12)Henry Brooks / The Greatest Debt to My Mother 13)Bobby Long & the Dealers / Gotta Have Love Too 14)Jaedas / Color Him Father 15)Living Color / Gotta Strange Feeling 16)Shades Of Brown / How Could You Love Him 17)Promises / Living In the Footsteps Of Another Girl 18)Satisfaction Unlimited / Let's Change the Subject 19)Third Flight / Love Love Love 20)Mighty Lovers / Ain't Gonna Run No More 21)Masterkeys / If You Haven't Got Love 22)Betty Renay / You're the One For Me 23)El Sid / Ladies Choice

●Ace Spectrum / Inner Spectrum (Wounded Bird) CD \1690-
1)Don't Send Nobody Else 2)Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 3)If You Were There 4)Moving On 5)Pickup 6)Me And My Love 7)Easy 8)I Don't Want To Play Around 9)Don't Send Nobody Else (mono single version) 10)Don't Send Nobody Else (alternate) 11)Runnin' Out Baby

●Ace Spectrum / Love Rent Rendezvous (Wounded Bird) CD \1690-
1)Third Rate Romance (Low Rent Rendezvous) 2)You Ain't No Match For Me 3)Without You 4)Keep Holding On 5)Beautiful Love 6)Trust Me 7)I Just Want To Spend The Night With You 8)Laughter In The Rain 9)Do You Remember Yesterday


●Ace Spectrum / Just Like In The Movies (Wounded Bird) CD \1690-
1)Live And Learn 2)Magic Touch 3)Sooner Or Later 4)Sweet Sugar Daddy 5)Sweet Music Soft Lights And You 6)Just Like In The Movies 7)I Can't Keep Holding On 8)Live And Learn


●Jaedes / Jaedes (Savor The Times) CD \2520-
1)Uh, Uh, What Did I Do 2)What'll It Take to Make You Happy 3)Teach Me a Lesson in Love 4)We're Gonna Build a Love Together 5)Put a Little Love in Your Heart 6)I'll Be Back On My Feet Again 7)Lay, Lady, Lay 8)True, True, True 9)Big Surprise 10)Spinning Wheel 11)Color Him Father

●Spinners / Dancing & Loving (Friday Music) CD sale \1790-
1)Disco Ride 2)Body Language 3)Let's Boogie, Let's Dance 4)Medley: Working My Way Back To You / Forgive Me, Girl 5)With My Eyes 6)One, One, Two, Two, Boogie Avenue (Home Of The Boogie, House Of The Funk)


●Mark W / I'm So Glad To Be A Part Of You (Three Gems) CD \2520-
1)I'm So Glad To Be A Part Of You 2)Honey I Still Love You 3)I'm The One That Loves You 4)I'm A Working Man 5)I Fell In Love With A Married Woman 6)You're Black And I'm Black 7)My Everything You Are 8)Got To Get Back To My Baby's Love 9)Since God Made A Woman 10)Why You Want To Hurt Me 11)I Feel Good All Over

●Blue Magic / Magic # 1 (PTG) CD \2290-
1)For The Love Of You 2)Magic # 3)Sit Alone Again 4)If You Move You Lose 5)In The Rain 6)See Through 7)Since You've Been Gone 8)Clean Up Your Act 9)R.S.V.P. 10)Magic # (Club Mix) 11)See Through (Club Mix)

●Swiss Movement / Meet The Swiss Movement (Think!) CD \2310-
1)Take A Chance On A Sure Thing 2)Take Me Back Again 3)Bring Back Your Love 4)If You Need Me 5)Come Around Here 6)Keep On Loving You 7)This Movement 8)If You Need Somebody To Love 9)Come On Sunday 10)The Grass Is Greener 11)Take Some Time

●Vitamin E / Sharing (Think!) CD \2310-
1)Sharing 2)Newsroom 3)Back Here Again 4)Laughter In The Rain 5)Kiss Away 6)Last Night 7)Pretty Girls 8)Snake Woman


●Delfonics / The Delfonics + Tell Me This Is A Dream (Kent) CD sale \1990-
1)Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) 2)Funny Feeling 3)When You Get Right Down To It 4)Baby I Love You 5)Delfonics Theme (How Could You) 6)Trying To Make A Fool Of Me 7)Down Is Up, Up Is Down 8)Over & Over 9)Think About Me 10)I Gave To You 11)Hey Love 12)I'm A Man 13)Too Late 14)Love You Till I Die 15)Looking For A Girl 16)Walk Right Up To The Sun 17)Round & Round 18)Baby I Miss You 19)Delfonics Theme (How Could You) 20)Tell Me This Is A Dream

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●Act 1 / Act 1 (Southbound) CD sale \1490-
1)Party Hardy People 2)I Don't Want To Know What You Do To Me 3)Still Water 4)Goodbye Love (We're Through) 5)Friends Of Lovers 6)It's The Same Old Story 7)You Didn't Love Me Anyhow 8)Love's Got Your Mind 9)Bump 'N From The Middle 10)Tom The Peeper 11)Do You Feel It 12)I Never Had A Love Like Yours 13)A Whole Lot Of Love makin' 14)It Takes Both Of Us

●Active Force / Active Force (PTG) CD \2290-
1)Keep On Rockin' 2)Cold Blooded Lover 3)I Never Thought I'd Love Again 4)Coo Coo Kachu 5)Give Me YOur Love 6)Bottom Line 7)Rise Up 8)My Sunshine 9)Give Me Your Love(extended)

●Archie Bell &the Drelles / Tighten Up+I Can't Stop Dancing (Rhino/Warner Music UK) CD \2290-・1)Tighten Up Pt.1 2)Tighten Up Pt.2 3)I Don't Wanna Be A Playboy 4)You're Mine 5)Knock On Wood 6)Give Me Time 7)In The Midnight Hour 8)When You Left Heartache Began 9)A Thousand Wonders 10)A Soldier's Prayer,1967 11)Dog Eat Dog 12)Tighten Up Pt.1(original single version) 13)I Can't Stop Dancing 14)Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay 15)Do The Choo Choo 16(You're Such A Beautiful Child 17)Monkey Time 18)Do YOu Feel It? 19)I've Been Trying 20)Jammin' In Houston 21)Love Will Rain On You 22)Sometimes I Wonder 23)Low Down 24)Going Out Of My Head(demo) 25)Who's Loving You(demo)◆ヒュー

●Barrino Brothers / Livin' High Off The Goodness Of Your Love (P-Vine) CD \2310-
1)I Had it All 2)It Doesn't Have To Be That Way 3)Rain 4)Try It, You'll Like It 5)I Can't Believe You're Gone 6)Livin' High Off The Goodness Of Your Love 7)When Love Was A Child 8)Well Worth Waiting For Your Love

●Blue Magic / Blue Magic (Collectables) CD \2090-
1)Sideshow 2)Look me Up 3)What's Come Over Me 4)Just Don't Want To Be Lonley 5)Stop To Start 6)Welcome To The Club 7)Spell 8)Answer To My Prayer 9)Tear It Down


●Blue Magic / Magic Of The Blue (Collectables) CD \2090-
1)Three Ring Circus 2)Stringin' Me Along 3)You Won't Have To Tell Me Goodbye 4)Never Get Over You 5)Talking To Myself 6)Let Me Be The One 7)Maybe Just Maybe(We Can Fall In Love Again) 8)Love Has Found Its Way To Me 9)When Ya Coming Home 10)Looking For A Friend


●Blue Magic / Thirteen Blue Magic Lane (Collectables) CD \2090-
1)The Loneliest House On The Block 2)Chasing Rainbows 3)Born On Halloween 4)Haunted(By Your Love) 5)I Like You 6)Magic Of The Blue 7)We're On The Right Track 8)Stop And Get A Hold Of Yourself 9)What's Come Over Me


●Blue Magic,Major Harris,Marjie Joseph / Live (Collectables) 2CD \2690-・1-1)Blue Magic,Major Harris and Margie Joseph / I Love Music 2)Margie joseph / Feelings 3)Margie Joseph / Ridin' High 4)Margie Joseph / My Love 5)Major Harris and Margie Joseph / Yu're A Special Part Of Me 6)Major Harris / I Got Over Love 7)Major Harris / Loving You Is Mellow 8)Major Harris / Love Won't Let Me Wait 9)Blue Magic / medley:Spell〜You're My First, My Last. My Everything〜We're On The Right Track 2-1)Blue Magic / medley:Try To Remember〜Stop To Start 2)Chasing Rainbow 3)Sideshow 4)Haunted(By Your Love) 5)Blue Magic and Margie Joseph / What's Come over Me 6)Blue Magic / Bad Luck 7)Blue Magic and Margie
                              Joseph / I'm Gonna Make You Love Me 8)Blue Magic and Margie Joseph / Funny
                              Guy, Funny Girl, Funny Love◆'76年に2枚組でリリースされた夢のフィリー・ソウル・ラ

●Blue Magic / Soulful Spell:The Best Of (Rhino) CD \2490-
1)Spell 2)Look Me Up 3)What's Come Over Me 4)Stop To Start 5)Sideshow 6)Welcome To The Club 7)Answer To My Prayer 8)Tear It Down 9)Three Rings Circus 10)Love has Found Its Way To Me 11)Stringin' Me Along 12)Chasing Rainbows 13)Haunted(By Your Love) 14)The Loneliest House On The Block 15)Grateful 16)Freak-N-Stein 17)Teach Me(It's Something About Love) 18)I Waited 19)Land Of Make-Believe 20)Magic#

●Brighter Side Of Darkness / Love Jones (P-Vine) CD \2200-
1)Just A Little Bit 2)Oh Baby 3)I Owe You Love 4)Love Jones 5)I'm A Loser 6)Love Jones 7)Something To Remember You By 8)Just A Little Bit 9)Summer Ride 10)I'm The Guy 11)Because I Love You 12)Touchdown

●Burton Inc. / L.A.Will Make You Pay$$$ (P-Vine) CD \2415-
1)L.A.will Make You Pay 2)Sincerely Yours 3)Why Don't You Let Me Know 4)Who You Gonna Get 5)You Know I Love You 6)Groovin' At The night Club 7)See What You Made Me Do 8)Nation Song

●Caress / Caress (P&P)CD \2090-
1)Opportunity 2)I Just Want To Be A Part Of You 3)Just Like In The Movie 4)I Just Want To Spend My Life With You 5)Brand New Love 6)Family Man 7)Lies, Lies, Lies 8)I Can't Let You Walk Away


●Connie McGill &the Visions / He Created You For Me (Night Train) CD \2490-・1)He created You For Me 2)No! Won't Believe It 3)For That Great Day 4)My Love Will Never Change 5)Take It Like A Man 6)I Can't Stop My Love(version 1) 7)Peace Of Mind 8)I Wanna Be Yours 9)I Want To Be Free 10)A Million Your's 11)I Could Never Love Another 12)I Can't Stop My Love Another(version 2) 13)I'm So Happy 14)Week End's 15)To make Me Feel Alright 16)Ain't That Something 17)More Than Words Can Say ◆アーリー・ソウル期から活躍していたNYおコーラス・グループのアンソロジー。USブラック・ディスク・ガイド「究極のLPコレクション」グループ編掲載のアルバムからのFGはスウィート・ファン必聴![在庫あり]

●Controllers / Controllers (Finesse) CD \2290-
1)Crushed 2)One Girl 3)Just For You 4)Undercover Lover 5)Givin' Up On Love 6)I Wanna Be Yours 7)Leaving Me 8)Nothing Can Stop This Feeling 9)My Secret Fantasy

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