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●Parliament / Osmiun plus (Edsel) CD \1790-
1)I Call My Baby Pussycat 2)Put Love In YOur Life 3)Little Ole Country Boy 4)Moonshine Heater 5)Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer 6)My Automobile 7)Nothing Before Me But Thang 8)Funky Woman 9)Livin' The Life 10)The Silent Boatman 11)Breakdown (mono single version) 12)Red Hot Mama 13)Come In Out Of The Rain 14)Loose Booty 15)Fantasy Is Reality 16)Unfinished Instrumental 17)Breakdown (stereo unedited version)◆デトロイトのブラック・ミュージック・シーンを語る上で重要な一枚、パーラメントの'70年インヴィクタスからリリースされた1stアルバムにシングル・未発表テイク等をプラス。[在庫なし]

●Black Heat / Black Heat (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)The Jungle 2)Chicken Heads 3)Street Of Tears 4)Barbara's Mood 5)Chip's Funk 6)Wanaoh 7)You'll Never Know 8)Honey Love 9)Send My Lover Back 10)Time Is Gonna Catch You


●Black Heat / No Time To Burn (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)No Time To Burn 2)You Should've Listened 3)Check It All Out 4)Love The Life You Live 5)Super Cool 6)M & M's 7)Things Change 8)Rapid Fire 9)Times Have Changed


●Black Heat / Keep On Runnin' (Wounded Bird) CD sale \1690-
1)Drive My Car 2)Zimba Ku 3)Questions & Conclusions 4)Something Extra 5)Feel Like A Child 6)Last Dance 7)Baby You'll See 8)Love 9)Prince Duval 10)Live Together 11)Keep On Runnin'

●Funkadelic / Live Meadowbrook, Rochester MI, 12 Spet 1971 (Westbound) CD sale \1390-
1)Alice In My Fantasies 2)Maggot Brain 3)I Call My Baby Pussycat (First Version) 4)I Call My Baby Pussycat 5)Good Old Music 6)I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody Got A Thing 7)All Your Goodies Are Gone (The Loser's Seat) 8)I'll bet You 9)You & Your Folks, me & My Folks 10)Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow (inst.)◆ファンカデリック初期黄金期「マゴット・ブレイン」発売当時のライヴ、ジャケット新装、ミッド・プライスで再発。[在庫なし]

●Kool & the Gang / Live At P.J.'s (Reel Music) CD sale \1590-
1)N.T. 2)Ricksonata 3)Sombrero Sam 4)Ronnie's Groove 5)Ike's Mood / You've Lost That Loving Feeling 6)Lucky for Me 7)Dujii 8)The Penguin


●Lee Fields & the Expressions / My World (Truth & Soul) CD sale \1890-
1)Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do) 2)Love Comes And Goes 3)Honey Dove 4)Money Is King 5)My World Is Empty Without You 6)Expressions Theme (Instrumental) 7)My World 8)Ladies 9)These Moments (Instrumental) 10)The Only One Loving You 11)Last Ride (Instrumental)

●Nite-Liters / Ana-Nal-Y-Sis (Dusty Groove America) CD sale \1490-
1)Serenade For A Jive Turkey 2)Anything Goes 3)The Happy Hooker 4)Craaaashing 5)Damn 6)Valdez In The Country 7)Drumology 8)Cowboy 9)Excuse Me While I Do My Thing 10)Pee-Foul

●Family Underground / Once In A Lifetime (BBQ) CD \2415-
1)We Are Somebody 2)I Don't Know Why 3)Dr. Music 4)For The Love Of Disco 5)All We Need Is Love 6)There Must Be An Answer 7)All We Have Is A Song 8)Nowhere To Run 9)Our Love's Gone By 10)There Must Be An Answer (single version) 11)I Don't Know Why ('75 1st mix) 12)Superstitious 13)Make A Change

●Lee Fields & the Expressions / My World (Dizzare) CD \2415-
1)Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do) 2)Love Comes And Goes 3)Honey Dove 4)Money Is King 5)My World Is Empty Without You 6)Expressions Theme (Instrumental) 7)My World 8)Ladies 9)These Moments (Instrumental) 10)The Only One Loving You 11)Last Ride (Instrumental)

●Gap Band / X (Vinyl Masterpiece) CD sale \1990-
1)Introduction -Where Are We Going? (Instrumental) 2)Shake A Leg 3)I'm Ready (If You're Ready) 4)You're My Everything 5)Jammin' in America 6)Smile 7)Party Train 8)Jam the Motha 9)I Expect More 10)You're Something Special 11)Someday 12)Party Train (12" Special Dance Mix)

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●Active Force / Active Force (PTG) CD \2290-
1)Keep On Rockin' 2)Cold Blooded Lover 3)I Never Thought I'd Love Again 4)Coo Coo Kachu 5)Give Me YOur Love 6)Bottom Line 7)Rise Up 8)My Sunshine 9)Give Me Your Love(extended)

●Atlas / Atlas (Sonorama) CD \2490-
1)Hey,Man! 2)Pasteboard 3)Skybird, Fly 4)Necessity 5)Ain't No Sunshine 6)Play It Cool 7)Rhode Island 8)We Are Happy 9)Let's Not Believe

●Average White Band / Person To Person (Rhino) 2CD \2790-
1-1)Person To Person 2)Cut The cake 3)If I Ever Lose This Heaven 4)Cloudy 5)T.L.C.
2-1)I'm The One 2)Pick Up The Pieces 3)Love Your Life 4)School Boy Crush 5)I Heard It Through The Grapevine


●B.T.Express / Energy To Burn + 1980 (Edsel) CD \2200-
1)Depend On Yourself 2)Can't Stop Groovin' Now(Wanna Do It Some More) 3)Now That We've Found Love 4)Energy To Burn 5)Time Tunnel 6)Make Your Body Move 7)Herbs 8)Energy Level 9)Takin' Off 10)Heart Of Fire 11)Does It Feel Good 12)Give Up The Funk (Let's Dance) 13)Closer 14)Have Some Fun 15)Better Late Than Never 16)Funk Theory◆N.Y.のファンク・グループ、B.T.エキスプレスの女性シンガー、バーバラ・ジョイスが最後の在籍になる(カシーフ参加)'76年作と'80sファンク大人気の'80年作の2オン1。[在庫なし]

●Bar-Kays / Nightcruising (PTG) CD \2490-
1)Nightcrusing 2)Hit And Run 3)Feels Like I'm Falling In Love 4)Freaky Behavior 5)Touch Tone 6)Unforgettable Dream 7)Traffic Jammer 8)Backseat Driver 9)Hit And Run (single version)


●Bloodstone / Very Best Of (Rhino) CD \1790-
1)Natural High 2)Take These Chains 3)Never Let You Go 4)Tell It To My Face 5)Outside Woman 6)Let Me Ride 7)The Traffic Cop (Dance) 8)That's Not How It Goes 9)Little Linda 10)My Little lady 11)Wasted Time 12)Train Ride 13)Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Gal) 14)Give Me Your Heart 15)Do You Wanna Do A Thing 16)We Go A Long Way Back

●Bonerama / Live From New York (Bonerama) CD \2290-
1)Baronne 2)It Don't Mean Nothin' 3)Chilcock 4)Shake Your Rygalator 5)Whipping Post 6)The Wizard 7)Less Is Moore 8)It's Electric 9)Crosstown Traffic 10)Bone Up 11)Blackout In New York City 12)Chemical Assistance 13)War Pigs


●Breakstra / Hit The Floor (Ubiquity) CD \2090-
1)Stabd Up! 2)Gotta Let Me Know 3)Hiding 4)Burgundy Blues 5)You Don't Need A Dance 6)The Gettin' To It 7)At The End of The Day 8)Recognize 9)Keep On Playin' 10)See Sawing 11)Family Rap 12)How Do You Really Feel? 13)Show & Prove 14)Hit Tha Flo!


●Cameo / In The face Of Funk (Raging Bull) CD \1980-
1)In The Face Of Funk 2)Sylde 3)You Are My Love 4)Desire 5)Don't Say It's Over 6)BSU 7)The Man 8)A Specisl Love 9)We Can Make It Happen 10)Where


●Chocolate Milk / The Best Of (BMG) CD \1390-
1)Action Speaks Louder Than Words 2)Pretty Pimpin' Willie 3)Ain't Nothin' But A Thing 4)People 5)How About Love 6)Running Away 7)Comin' 8)Girl Callin' 9)Say Won'tcha 10)Groove City 11)Hey Lover 12)Blue Jeans 13)Let's Go All The Way 14)Take It Off 15)Who's Getting It Now 16)Honey Bun

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