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●Del Vikings / Cool Shak: The Very Best Of (Jasmine) CD sale \1890-
1)Oh I Love You 2)Oh Tonight 3)That's Why 4)The Big Beat 5)The Voodoo Man 6)What You Have Done To Me 7)A Meeting Of The Eyes 8)Friendly Moon 9)Nobody's Kisses But Yours 10)Oh Baby 11)String Along 12)There I Go 13)Flat Tire 14)Can't Wait 15)I'm Sittin' Ob Top Of The World 16)Jitterbug Mary 17)Somewhere Over The Rainbow 18)Heaven On Earth 19)The Bells 20)You Are Invitied 21)Come Go With Me 22)Don't Be A Fool 23)Whispering Bells 24)A Sunday Kind Of Love 25)Cool Shake 26)I'm Spinning 27)When I Come Home 28)Come Along With Me

●V.A. / Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll: Special Doo Wop Edition 1956-1963 Vol.2 (Ace) sale \1690-
1)Delcos / Arabia 2)Temptations / Paradise 3)Deltairs / Lullaby Of The Bells 4)Cleftones / You Baby You 5)Jesters / So Strange 6)Passions / I Only Want You 7)Dreamers / Teenage Vows Of Love 8)Rays / Magic Moon (Clair De Lune) 9)Butanes / Don't Forget I Love You 10)Velours / Can I Come Over Tonight? 11)Nino & the Ebb Tides / Juke Box Saturday Night 12)Fidelitys / The Things I Love 13)Johnny & the Tokens / The Taste Of A Tear 14)Donnie & the Dreamers / My Memories Of You 15)Blue Notes / My Hero 16)Spaniels / Everyone's Laughing 17)Dreamlovers / If I Should Lose You 18)Craftys / L-O-V-E 19)Carousels / If You Want To (MCPS title: You Can Come) 20)Dukays (Gene Chandler) / Nite Owl 21)Mello-Tones / Rosie Lee 22)Van Dykes / Gift Of Love 23)Blendtones / Lovers 24)Preludes Five / Starlight 25)Cupids / Brenda 26)Embers / Solitaire 27)Gleams / You Broke MY Heart 28)Sheppards / Island Of Love 29)Enchanters / I Lied To My Heart 30)Belmonts / Come On Little Angel

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●Cadillacs / 20 Doo Wop Classics: Speed (Collectables) CD sale \1790-
1)Betty My Love 2)I Wonder Why 3)Window lady 4)Shock-A-Doo 5)Gloria 6)Peek-A-Boo 7)Romeo 8)Buzz Buzz Buzz 9)My Girlfriend 10)Speedo 11)Girl I Love 12)You Are 13)Zoom 14)No Chance 15)Sympathy 16)Sugar Sugar 17)I Want You To Know 18)Speed Is Back 19)Great Googly Moo 20)Please Mr. Johnson

●Chantels / 20 Doo Wop Classics: Maybe (Collectables) CD sale \1790-
1)Maybe 2)Prayee 3)So Real 4)Plea 5)I Can't Take It (There's Our Song Again) 6)Look In My Eyes 7)I'm Confessin' That I Love You 8)Whoever You Are 9)He's Gone 10)Every Night 11)Sure Of Love 12)Congratulations 13)I'll Walk Alone 14)Come My Little Boy 15)I Love You So 16)My Darling 17)If You Try 18)Goodbye To Love 19)Never Let Go 20)C'est Si Bon

●Checkers / Checkmate: The Complete King Recordings 1952-55 (Ace) CD sale \2090-・1)You Never Had It So Good 2)Oh, Oh, Oh Baby 3)Flame In My Heart 4)Without A Song 5)My Prayer Tonight 6)Don't Stop Dan 7)House With No Windows 8)Let Me Come Back 9)Night's Curtains 10)I Wanna Know 11)Over The Rainbow 12)Love Wasn't There 13)You've Been Fooling Around 14)Ghost Of My Baby 15)White Cliffs Of Dover 16)Friend In Need 17)Mama's Daughter 18)I Promise You 19)Can't Find My Sadie 20)Trying To Hold My Gal 21)I Wasn't Thinking, I Was Drinking 22)House With No Windows alt.take 23)Don't Stop Dan alt.take 24)You've Been Fooling Around alt.take 25)Friend In Need alt.take 26)You Never Had it So Good alt.take◆ビリー・ワード&ドミノス出身のビル・ブラウンと後ドリフターズに参加するチャーリー・ホワイトが中心になって結成したチェッカーズのキング音源集。[在庫あり]

●Cleftones / 20 Doo Wop Classics: Little Girl Of Mine (Collectables) CD sale \1790-・1)Little Girl Of Mine 2)Since We Fell In Love 3)Neki Hokey 4)Please Say You Want Me 5)I Was Dreaming 6)String Around My Heart 7)She's Gone 8)Shadows On The Very Last Row 9)Heart and Soul 10)She's So Fine 11)Earth Angel 12)Why You Do Me Like You Do 13)You're Driving Me Mad 14)Red Sails In The Sunset 15)For Sentimental Reasons 16)How Do You Feel? 17)You Baby You 18)Lover Boy 19)Can't We Be Sweethearts 20)Heavenly Father

●Clovers / The Clovers + Dance Party (Collectables) CD \1990-
1)Love, Love, Love 2)Lovey, Lovey 3)Yes, It's You 4)Ting-A-Ling 5)I Played The Fool 6)Hey Miss Fanny 7)Don't You Know I Love You 8)Middle Of The Night 9)Blue Velvet 10)Little Mama 11)Crawlin' 12)here Goes A Fool 13)I Got My Eyes On You 14)Devil Or Angel 15)Love Bug 16)All About You 17)If I Could Be Loved By You 18)So Young 19)Down In The Alley 20)Nip Sip 21)I, I, I Love You 22)In The Morning Time 23)Your Tender Lips 24)Fool Fool Fool 25)Wishing For Your Love 26)There's No Tomorrow


●Clovers / Down In The Alley: the best Of (Atlantic) CD \1790-
1)One Mint Julep 2)Good Lovin' 3)Don't You Know I Love You 4)Wonder Where My Baby's Gone 5)Ting-A-Ling 6)Crawlin' 7)Hey, Miss Fannie 8)Lovey Dovey 9)Middle Of The Night 10)Fool, Fool, Fool 11)I've Got My Eyes On You 12)I Confess 13)Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash 14)Little Mama 15)Down In The Alley 16)Nip Sip 17)Devil Or Angel 18)Blue Velvet 19)In The Morning Time 20)Love Nug 21)If I Could Be Loved By You

●Coasters / The Coasters + One By One (Collectables) CD \1990-
1)Searchin' 2)One Kiss Led To Another 3)Brazil 4)Turtle Dovin' 5)Smoky Joe's Cafe 6)Wrap It Up 7)Riot In Cell Block Number Nine 8)Young Blood 9)Loop De Loop Mambo 10)One Kiss 11)I Must Be Dreamin' 12)Lola 13)Framed 14)Down In Mexico 15)But Beautiful 16)Satin Doll 17)Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You 18)Autumn Leaves 19)You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To 20)Moonlight in Vermont 21)Moonglow 22)Easy Living 23)The Way You Look Tonight 24)Don't Get Around Much Anymore 25)Willow Weep For Me 26)On The Sunny Side Of The Street

●Coasters / Coast Along With (Collectables) CD \1790-
1)(Ain't That) Just Like Me 2)Keep On Rollin' 3)Wait A Minute 4)Stewball 5)The Snake & the Bookworm 6)What About Us 7)Little Egypt (Ying-Yang) 8)Wake Me, Shake Me 9)Run Red Run 10)My Babe 11)Bad Blood 12)Girls, Girls, Girls


●Crows / Gee (Collectables) CD \1290-
1)Gee 2)I Love You So 3)No Help Wanted 4)I Really Really Love You 5)Miss You 6)Baby Doll 7)Untrue 8)Call The Doctor 9)Mambo Shevitz 10)Sweet Sue



●Dreamers / They Sing Like Angels (Ace) CD sale \1890-
1)Richard Berry & the Dreamers / Daddy Daddy 2)Dreamers feat. Richard Berry / Bye Bye (Baby) 3)Richard Berry / Jelly Roll 4)Richard Berry & the Dreamers / Baby Darling 5)Dreamers feat. Richard Berry / At Last 6)Richard Berry & the Dreamers / Together 7)Richard Berry & the Dreamers / Good Love 8)Richard Berry & the Dreamers / Wait For Me 9)Richard Berry & the Dreamers / Please Tell Me 10)Rollettes / Sad Fool 11)Rollettes / More Than You Realize 12)Rollettes / Kiss Me benny 13)Dreamers / Do Not Forget 14)Dreamers / Since You've Been Gone 15)Richard Berry & the Pharaohs with Gloria Jones / You Are My Sunshine 16)Richard Berry & the Pharaohs with Gloria Jones / Have Love Will Travel 17)Jennell Hawkins with Richard Berry & the Lockettes / The Mess Around 18)Richard Berry & the Pharohs / Besame Mucho 19)Richard Berry & the Pharoahs / Do I, Do I, Do I 20)Googie Rene & His Wham Bams / Wham Bam (inst)

●Drifters / Clyde McPhatter & Drifters + Rockin' & Driftin' (Collectables) CD \1990-
1)Without Love (There is Nothing) 2)Someday You'll Want Me To Want You 3)Treasure Of Love 4)I'm Not Worthy Of You 5)The Bells Of St.Mary's 6)White Christmas 7)I Make Believe 8)Seven Days 9)Warm Your Heart 10)Money Honey 11)What'cha Gonna Do 12)Such A Night 13)Honey Love 14)Thirty Days 15)Moonlight Bay 16)Ruby baby 17)Drip Drop 18)I Gotta Get Myself A Woman 19)Fools Fall In Love 20)Hypnotized 21)Yodee Yankee 22)I Know 23)Soldier Of Fortune 24)Driftin' Away From You 25)Your Promise To Be Mine 26)It Was A Tear 27)Adorable 28)Steamboat

●Drifters / Up On The Roof + Under The Boardwalk (Collectables) CD \1990-
1)Up On The Roof 2)There Goes My Baby 3)Sweets For My Sweet 4)This Magic Moment 5)Mexican Divorce 6)Stranger On The Shore 7)What To Do 8)Save The Last Dance For Me 9)Lonliness Or Happiness 10)Another Night With The Boys 11)(If You Cry) True Love, True Love 12)Room Full Of Tears 13)When My Little Girl Is Smiling 14)Ruby Baby 15)Under The Boardwalk 16)One Way Love 17)On Broadway 18)Didn't It 19)I Feel Good All Over 20)Vaya Con Dios 21)Up On The Roof 22)Rat Race 23)In The Land Of Make Believe 24)If You Don't Come Back 25)Let The Music Play 26)I'll Take You Home

●Drifters / Legends (BMG) 3CD \2690-
1-1)Kissin' In The back Row Of The Movies 2)There Goes My First Love 3)You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book 4)Like Sister And Brother 5)Down On The beach Tonight 6)Every Nite's A Saturday Night With You 7)Like A Movie I've Seen Before 8)Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good) 9)Hello Happiness 10)Love Games 11)Save The Last Dance For Me 12)You've got Your Trouble 13)Harlem Child 14)The Songs We Used To Sing 15)(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me 2-1)Can I Tkae You Home Little Girl? 2)Summer In The City 3)Midnight Cowboy 4)Don't Cry On The Weekend 5)Another lonely Weekend 6)If Only I Could Start Again 7)Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Haooen Tonight) 8)I'm Ready (To Make A Fool Of Myself) 9)If You're Gonna Love me 10)The Cut Is Deep 11)I'm Free For the Rest Of My Life 12)If It Feels Good, Do It 13)Blessing In Disguise 14)Knee High To A Grasshopper 15)Guess Who's Taking You Out Tonight 3-1)Devil In Me 2)You're Never More Than A Heartbeat Away 3)Don't Act Like You Don't Know 4)Looks Like I'm A Crown 5)Closely Guarded Secret 6)I Can't Get Away From You 7)I'll Get To Know Your Name 8)Do You Have To Go Now 9)Twice A Week 10)Another Kind Of Sorrow 11)Sweet Little Rock And Roller 12)I'll Know When True Love Passes By 13)The Juggler 14)Lovin' You Is Easy 15)And With No Regrets

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