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About me

-introducing atom

IDAtsushi Tomozawa, aka atom
CategoryMale, born pre-WWII
Collecting electronic gadgets, programming, collecting/ studying slide rules
Electronics When I was a 4th grader, my father bought me a "crystal radio kit". I still remember the thrill of hearing the voice through an earphone, coming out of the radio of my creation.
At high school age I was building short-wave radios and listening the broadcast from over-seas.
In 1972, when I was working in the US, I got hold of the first HP calculator HP35. Ever since I fell in love with the HP. That's the beginning of my gadget collection.
In early 90's, when I was working in the US for the second time, HP came out with the "Palmtop computer" HP95, a DOS based machine with "System Manager" shell. With the system manager one can launch multiple of applications and switch between them with press of a button. On my return to Japan, I found a group of volunteers was able to "Localize" the machine to Japanese. That's when I wanted to do application development using the system manager functions.
Travel When I was working in the US, I used to visit various National Parks and marvel the grand views which cannot be seen anywhere else. On learning that the "Romantishe Strasse" in Germany was acually a part of the road system built for the Roman Empire, I thought I found the living proof of the saying; "Every road leads to Rome".
Another joy in traveling is to taste local foods. I still have fond memories of, egg dish at Chongqing, China, Prime Rib at Lowry's and many more.
This winter, I went to Northern Sweden to see Aurora Borealis. Luckily I was able to bring back pictures of Aurora. One of the reasons for opening my web page was that I wanted to share these photos of aurora with my friends.
Slide rules Beginning summer of 2001, I started collecting slide rules. Being a one time engineer, I used to own one but it was lost. So I started out from scratch. I am currently interested in sofisticated rules and studying uses of variety of scales. (11/23/2001)