May 18,2013

Spore pictures ofAustroboletus fusisporus and A.subvirens were changed.
Pictures of Strobilomyces seminudus were changed and the previous picture is shown as S. hongoi.

May 7,2013

Sientific name of "Koganeyamadoritake" was changed from B. auripes to B. aurantiosplendens.

August 16,2011

Boletellus longigollis was added.

January 16,2005

Leccinum duriusculum, Amanita melleiceps, Amanita punctata, Amanita rubescens

Amanita sculpta,
Amanita sinensis and Amanita timida var. suouensis were added.

January 10,2004

Amanita citrina var. citrina , Amanita porphyria , Camarops petersii , Cyptotrama asprata

Hericium erinaceum
and Pseudocolus fusiformis were added.....,,....,,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,,,.

January 4,2004

Gyroporus longicystidiatus, Boletinus paluster, Boletus subcinnamomeus,

Tylopilus argillaceus, Tylopilus castaneiceps, Tylopilus nigropurpureus,

and Leccinum intusrubens were added..,.... .,....,,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,


May 27,2003

The page of Gyroporus castaneus was changed to Gyroporus punctatus,,.

which was found to be distributed in Japan in 2001 by Dr.E.Nagasawa.


January 5,2003

Pictures of Heimiella japonica, Suillus grevillei, Pulveroboletus ravenelii,

Boletus ornatipes, Leccinum scabrum, Amanita imazekii and Amanita muscaria

were changed.,^,^,^,^^^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^^^,,^,^,^,^^^,^,^,^,^^,^,^,^.,^,^.,^


January 4,2003

Strobilomyces strobilaceus, Gyroporus castaneus, Boletinus cavipes,

Suillus granulatus
, Pulveroboletus viridis, Boletus umbriniporus,

Tylopilus eximius
, Leccinum griseum, Leccinum variicolor,

Leccinum versipelle, Amanita castanopsidis, Amanita griseofarinosa,

Amanita japonica and Amanita kotohiraensis were added.

Microscopic images of spores were added to genera Strobilomyces,

Austroboletus, Boletellus and Heimiella^,^,^,^,^^^,^,^,^,^.,^,^,^,


January 2,2003

Pictures of Boletus laetissimus and Tylopilus nigerrimus were changed.


February 17,2002

Picture of Austroboletus gracilis was changed..,^,^,^,^,^^.,^,^,^,^,,

Strobilomyces seminudus , Austroboletus subvirens , Boletellus elatus ,

Gyrodon lividus
, Suillus pictus , Xerocomus parvulus , Boletus auripes ,

Boletus aokii , Boletus edulis , Boletus granulopunctatus , Boletus quercinus ,

Boletus odaiensis
, Boletus venenatus , Tylopilus alutaceoumbrinus ,Tylopilus felleus ,

Tylopilus otsuensis , Leccinum subglabripes ,Amanita cokeri f. reseotincta

and Amanita hamadae were added.^,^,.,^,^..,^,^,^,^,^^,^,^,^,^,^,^^,^,^,^,^^,^^^,^


@October 31,2001

Pictures of Austroboletus fusisporus were changed..,^,^,^,^,^^,^


@September 15,2001

Pictures of Boletus pseudocalopus , Tylopilus valens were changed..

@September 10,2001

Pictures of Tylopilus vinosobrunneus were changed..,^,^,^,^,^^,^,^^

August 13,2001

Pictures of Austroboletus gracilis, Boletellus emodensis,

Heimiella japonica
, Xerocomus nigromaculatus, Chalciporus piperatus,

Aureoboletus thibetanus
, Boletus reticulatus,Boletus violaceofuscus,

Boletus pseudocalopus
, Tylopilus neofelleus and Amanita fuliginea

were changed.,^,^,^,^,^,^,^^,^,^^^,^,^^,^,^,^,^^,^^^,^^^,^^^,^

Kinoko-ya was added to the links.^,^,^,^,^^,^,^,^,^,^^,^^,^,^,


July 25,2001

Pictures of Phylloporus bellus and Boletellus obscurecoccineus were changed.


July 1,2001

Boletellus shichianus was added.^,^,^,^,^^,^,^,^,^,^

Picture of Boletus fraternus was changed.^,^,^,^,^^,^,^,^,^,^,


June 12,2001

Mycena sanguinolenta and Lactarius camphoratus were added.

Index of fungi pages or photographs on The Net

Willkommen auf Volkers Pilz-und Pflanzenseite(German)

were added to the links.,^,,^,^,^,^,^,^,,^,^,^,^^,^,^,^