PS ACBL Convention Card Editer 1.00
update 5 March, 2005 by PS-bridge
since 21 June, 2004
I have writen a ACBL Convention Card with the PostScript Language.
I report my method,and hope that you can easily write your bridge convention card.
Sample PDF file
(1)install Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview (2)get PS ACBL Convention Card Editer and unzip this file at the appropriate directory
    dir --> PScce -->ACBL ------psSCBLcce.exe
                           |            ->
                           |            ->pscce_config.cfg

(3) confirm the excel program has already been installed on your computer.

(1)execute psACBLcce.exe
(2)psACBLcce --> File --> Open and select excel file
(3)set gsview's option at first time. (4)If necessary, Convert ps file to PDF file(gsview->File->convert-pdfwite)
(5)If necessary, print(gsview->File->print)
(6)If necessary, psACBLcce.exe's parameter(alter pscce_config.xls)
Your ACBL convention card
(1)alter excel file
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