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BBO hand records (12 October, 2005 update) is PDF file

PostScript WBF convention card (6 March, 2005 update) is writen with the PostScript launguage.
PostScript ACBL convention card (6 March, 2005 update) is writen with the PostScript launguage.

PS-bridge-hand V/R 2.04 (2001-4-4 release) is a windows program, and freely available for none-commercial use.

  Many contract bridge computer programs have been developed. We can get the hand records of world championships, for example the Bermuda Bowl, Olympiad,etc, on the Internet or other. But computers are not always available.
  We would like to take printed bridge hand records to a bridge class, or on a trip by air or train. We print out bridge hand records in a graphical way from the computer database which are stored in the PBN (Potable Bridge Notation) format , which we use in our classes. Many classmates are average players nowadays, but we are full of hope for the future that our classmates will be playing at the world bridge tournaments.
  I just hope this record will be of help to you to enjoy the game of bridge deeply.
  This printed hands present in a graphical way together with the results of a complete double dummy analysis which is performed by GIB's engine. Numerals in columns of five which correspond to the tricks of each denomination ranking( NT, Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club) are inserted into the right border of the hand. The upper five show the number of tricks which the N-S side can take, similarly the lower sections in italics are for the E-W side. Now, when you find 13-12 for instance, it represents that North's declarer can make 13 tricks while South's declarer can make 12. An another numeral placed under the board number is score when N-S or E-W side arrived at the best contract and some examples are represented as follows;

400 means that the N-S side score is 400 poinsts.
420 similarly, the E-W side score is 420 points,
-100 means that N-S side can keep the loss to 100 points by making a good sacrifice in doubled.
-300 similarly, E-W can keep 300 in doubled.

  In order to obtain the prescribed score or tricks at the table, declarer is required to plan some winning lines of play, and the defender is required to defeating lines.
  Whatever happens, you would say "Well, I never hit upon the plan!" or might be lost in thought saying "What could I do differently ?" and then recover yourself in surprise when a clever move flashed into your mind.