Music at Sunset
イギリス 王立 海軍海兵隊帰営 & 日没時 の 音楽
イギリス 王立 海兵隊 音楽学校 軍楽隊

ヴィヴィアン・ダン 中佐 指揮
ダン 中佐 経歴 掲載 CD: UKCL-3940
The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines
(Royal Marines School of Music)
Conducted by Lt. Col. F. Vivian Dunn

曲 目

The Ceremony of Beating Retreat
01. Quick March - The Captain General (Dunn)

02. Troop - Where e're you walk (Handel / arr. Dunn)
03. Bugle March - Mechanised Infantry (McBain)
04. Bugle Fanfare - Ceremonial Parade (Dunn)
05. Drum Beatings - Emblazoned Drums (Dunn)
  - The British Grenadiers (traditional)
06. Quick March - Heart of Oak (Boyce / arr. Binding)
07. Finale - Land of Hope and Glory and Cockaigne (Elgar / arr. J. Ord
08. Evening Hymn - Crimond (Grant / arr. Dunn)
  Bugles for Band - Sunset (Green)
09. Fanfare for Bugles, Trumpets and Band - Salute for Heroes (Dunn)
10. Traditional Air - Rule Britannia (Arne / arr. Woods)
11. Regimental March - A Life on the Ocean Wave (Russell / arr. Alford)
Music at Sunset
12. By Land and Sea (Alford)
13. Viscount Nelson (Zehle)
14. Thoughts (Alford)
15. The Vedette (Alford)
16. The Shanghai Sailor (Bridger)
17. Sink the Bismarck (Parker / arr. Neville)
The Ceremony of Tattoo
18. The Quick March - The Middy (Alford)
19. Troop - March and Air (Dunn)
20. Bugle March - Sambre et Meuse (Rauski)
21. Drum Beatings - Ceremonial Ruffle of Drums (Dunn)
  - Lilliburlero (traditional)
22. Quick March - Passing By (Dunn)
23. Finale - Crown Imperial (Walton / arr. Duthoit)
24. Fanfare - Royal Flourish No.2 (Dunn)
25. Evening Hymn and The Last Post - Nightfall in Camp (arr. Pope)
26. Patriotic Air - Jerusalem (Parry / arr. Hoby)
27. Regimental March - A Life on the Ocean Wave (Russell / arr. Alford)