On Parade
イギリス 王立海兵隊 音楽学校 軍楽隊
ヴィヴィアン・ ダン 中佐 指揮
The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines
(Royal Marines School of Music)
Conducted by Lieut. Colonel F. Vivian Dunn
C.V.O., O.B.E., F.R.A.M., R.M.
LP 2枚組


曲 目

Side One The Ceremony of Beating Retreat
Quick March The Captain General
Troop Where e'er you walk
Bugle March Mechanised Infantry
Bugle Fanfare Ceremonial Parade
Drum Beating Emblazoned Drums
Quick March Hearts of Oak
Finale−@ Land of Hope and Glory and Cockaigne
    A Evening Hymn Crimond
    B Bugle and Band Sunset

    C Fanfare for Bugles, Trumpets and Band Salute for Heroes
    D Traditional Air Rule Britannia - Regimental March A Life
       on the Ocean Wave

Side Two The Ceremony of Tattoo
Quick March The Middy
Troop March and Air
Bugle March Sambre et Meuse
Drum Beating @ Ceremonial Ruffle of Drums
       A Lilliburlero
Quick March Passing By
Finale−@ Crown Imperial
    A Fanfare Royal Flourish No.2
    B Evening Hymn and The Last Post Nightfall in Camp
    C Patriotic Air Jerusalem
Regimental March A Life on the Ocean Wave
Side Three Famous Marches of Kenneth J. Alford
Colonel Bogey (1914)
Holyrood (1912)
The Thin Red Line (1925)
The Two Imps (1923)
The Voice of The Guns (1917)
The Great Little Army (1916)
Eagle Squadron (1942)
Side Four Famous Marches of Kenneth J. Alford
Dunedin (1928)
By Land and Sea (1941)
On the Quarter Deck (1917)
The Vanished Army (1919)
Thoughts (1917)
The Standard of St. George (1930)

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