-Violinist/ Violist/Speaker/Composer−
Birthday Born in Chiba 29. March in 1975
The address Tokyo
Background He was born in trouble with heart and eyes. On his high-school age, he lost almost his vision. He was graduated from the high school for the blind of the Tsukuba-University, majored in music. After graduating from his high school, he started studying at the educating school of working for handicapped, and kept acting as the musician. On this age, he had been performing as the violinist and violist at the kindergarten, the elderly facilities and hospitals around Japan. While his performance as the violinist and violist, he had brushed up his tactics as the music performer, and on his age of 24, he released his first album, "Sincerely Yours". Since then, he has been releasing one album for a year, and total 17 albums has been released. On the other hand, Anazawa began to compose his music. He also made his works earnestly, and two of his works,"ようこそ楽登へ"(Youkoso-Gakuto-He), "いちご畑と青い空"(Ichigobatake-To-Aoisora) had been adopted as the theme song of NHK Radio program. These activities as the composer was broadcasted on the TV program, "生きるを伝える"(Ikiru-wo-Tsutaeru), TV Tokyo. Also, he has been acting as the speaker. "We can change our past" based on the theme, he gives the speech. His style of talking about the importance for turning-over the difficulties and taking action makes many audience moved and cheered up and he delivers his speeches based on his life at the companies and schools around Japan. In 2014, he published his first book "見えなくなったら希望が見えた"(Mienakunattra-Kibouga-Mieta),published from KADOKAWA. Now, as the writer he keeps writings his columns "幅広くおすすめCDレポ"(Habahiroku-Osusume-CD-Repo) on the braille newspaper,"Tenji Mainichi"from Asahi Shinbun. And also as the violinist and violist, he performs his live playing around 150 times in a year, and gives the more than 30 times lectures around Japan in a year as the speaker.