Off-Line Meeting (June 27, 2003)

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Kim happened to be in Tokyo area on business trip. He wanted to see some of the slide rule collectors in town. So we set up an off-line meeting. Five slide rule collectors got together on June 27, 2003. We had dinner and lots of drink and had a great time showing off each one's prize collections. We speculated that this might be the largest gathering, ever of slide rule collectors in Japan. (All names are screen names.)

(1) Bill Lise brought a movie made by Hemmi which included production steps of the Bamboo slide rules.

(2) Bamboo comes from Kyusyu Island.

(3) Studying slide rules. left: ckd38t, right norihito4)

(4) From left to right: Kim, atom, Bill Lise

(5) Kim's working Tie pin slide rule

(6) Kim's prize collection: Hemmi No.160

(7) Bill and his Hemmi documents

(8) We moved to a chinese restaurant for more food and drink