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One day in August, 2005, with my senior friends, I went out for photo-shooting to Mitake mountain where we can see a large population of, well I do not know what they are called in English, so let's call them in Japanese way, Renge-Syouma. (The scientific name is Anemonopsis macrophylla, if you are really interested in it.)
It was a rainy day but when we arrived at the top of the mountain it stopped raining. The dew on flowers made them even prettier than ever. I was lucky to have come at a perfect timing.

The flower faces downward. So it is difficult it see her face.

Looking up, I was able to "see" her face. The petals are in light purple. It is deep purple at the center. I have never seen such a delicate combination of color.

The population is on a slope like this.

Another species
In and Out of the Mountain

This cable car took us to a height of 831meters.

The only one sake brewery in whole metropolitan Tokyo is located near-by.


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