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Slide rule Links

 If you look around, you find a lot of web sites dealing with slide rules. Perhaps there is enough number of people who are/were engineers and enjoy reminiscing the good ol' times.

Clubs, Resources, Commercial Sites
HP Museum This web is "Museum" of Hewlett Packard's calculators but it describes the slide rules and its usage at the beginning.
Oughtred Society William Oughtred is the inventor of the slide rule. This society is for slide rule lovers and collectors. Members get semiannual publications loaded with information.
Slide Rule Discussion page A mailing list for slide rule lovers. A free membership to Yahoo group entitles you for the mailing list. It's fun reading posts from the members.
Sphere Research's Slide rule universe In addition to the slide rules for sale, Slide rule universe has a lot of information. It has database of type numbers of major slide rule manufacturers.
Japanese Sites
Slide Rule Enthusiast's Club Probably the first SR website in Japan. It contains his collection which includes slide rules as well as mechanical calculators. (Japanese only)
Slide Rule Promotion Committee Contrary to the title, this is a private website which contains a fair amount of information for beginners including the principle of the slide rule, how to use it and how to buy them today. (Japanese only)
Books on Now Extinct Slide Rules This site is unique. It specializes books on slide rules published in Japan. (Japanese only)
Overseas Collectors' Sites
Slide Rule Trading Co. The Slide Rule Trading Co. sells slide rules and slide rule repair parts, cases, books and ephemera with emphasis on Hemmi and Frederick Post products. The web owner, Paul Ross, has created impressive Comprehensive Hemmi Catalogue Raisonne on his website.
Ted Hume's Slide Rule Slide rule trader Ted Hume's site. He manages Sliderule-Trade Mailing List. He is an expert on Post rules. He and his friend compiled Post Slide rule database, which is in Sphere Research site.
Ron Manley's Slide Rule This webpage contains slide rule price trend on eBay auction which is updated every month.
Konshak's Webpage In addition to the slide rule collection, Mike Konshak has a variety of interest on many things. You will have to visit his site to believe it.
Eric's Slide Rule Site This site contains a good slide rule collection, as well as study on K&E 4053 and good collection of links.
Rod Lovett's Slide Rule In addition to his own collection, this site contains searchable data bases on eBay prices, ISRG archives and more.

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