What is the ARRCN?

In December 1998, the first symposium of the "Asian Raptor Research and Conservation (ARRC)" was held with the participation of raptor researchers and conservationists throughout Asia, in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The ARRC had two purposes. The first was to exchange and accumulate information and knowledge necessary for conservation of raptors and their habitats in Asia. The second was to seek a harmonious relation between raptors and people through appreciation of the value of raptors, in our ecosystems and nature. At the symposium, 'the Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network" was established, in order to promote research and conservation of raptors in Asia.

The Objectives of ARRCN are to:

Exchange information concerning raptors among its members as follows:
Published and unpublished information on raptors, including research methodology, techniques for habitat restoration, care for injured raptors, etc.
Compile a database on raptors, especially on the status of native Asian raptors.

The database include:
The status of raptors in Asia, including their distribution, population, habitat, ecology, breeding and all other aspects important to their conservation.
General references and references on each species.
Resources important to raptor research and conservation, such as a list of experts, institutions and expertise available.

Coordinate the following activities:
Research especially on migratory species, as well as common and widespread species in Asia.
Training programs and hands-on training.

Educate the public (community) and training people by:

Reaching the public, training local residents and communities for raptor research and conservation in their regions.
Production of educational films and documentaries to raise awareness.
Organizing workshops and courses to train interested persons.

Chronology to the establishment of the ARRCN

*May 1992
The idea of the Asian Raptor Research and Symposium was proposed at the WWGBP Conference in Berlin.

* October 1992 - August 1998

Visits to Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines to request for cooperation in ARRC. Attendance at the WWGBP in South Africa to propose the idea of ARRC. The 'Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network' was proposed.

*December 1998
First symposium of the ARRC was held with participation of researchers and conservationists of raptors from Asia in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

*May 1999
The Secretariat of the ARRCN was established in Japan. ARRCN Standing Committee members were elected among members.

*June 1999
Exchanging information among ARRCN members by e-mail started.

*July 1999
First Standing Committee meeting was held in Taipei, Taiwan. The Information Center of ARRCN was established in Malaysia.

*August 1999
ARRCN networking by Discussion-Mailing List was established.

*July 2000
The second ARRCN symposium will be held in Bandong, Indonesia.

ARRC Network Organization:

ARRCN Secretariat - Japan: General (overall) management.

ARRCN Event Management - Indonesia: Event planning (symposium, workshops). ARRCN Information Center -Malaysia: Publication of Bulletin/Journal, management of the members e-mail discussion-mailing list and compilation of information, publications and papers on raptors.

ARRCN currently has 125 members from 25 countries in China, Estonia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, United Kingdom, Vietnam. Three Institutional members are the Philippines Eagle Foundation, Raptor Research Group of Taiwan and the Peregrine Fund.

ARRCN interim Standing Committee:
After the ARRCN was established in Japan in December 1998, an interim Standing Committee was elected among members in 1999. The Standing Committee's main function is to promote the objectives and activities of the ARRCN. Its other role is also to strengthen the foundation and structure of the network, before the formal establishment of the ARRCN. Standing Committee members are: Toru Yamazaki-General Manager (Japan) Michiyo Murate-Secretary (Japan), Mike Chong (Malaysia). Nguyen Cu (Vietnam), Dewi Prawiradilaga (Indonesia), Huang Kuang-Ying (Taiwan), Hiromichi lchinose (Japan), Takehiko Inoue (Japan), Lucia Liu-Severinghaus (Taiwan), Vibhu Prakash (india), and Dennis Salvador (Philippines).

ARRCN Editorial Committee

Mike Chong (Bulletin Editor), Dewi Prawiradilaga and Dennis Salvador (Assistant Editor).

Membership of ARRCN

Membership is open to anyone who is involved in, conducting or working on raptor research and conservation in Asia, or has a keen interest in Asian raptors. Individual membership fees are US$10 for Asia, US$30 Japan, US$30 Outside Asia, US$50 Institution in Asia and US$150 Institution outside Asia.

For details on membership please contact:
The Secretary, ARRCN Secretariat

E-mail: arrc-n(AT)mwa.biglobe.ne.jp