Raptor Migration in Korea 2012 Spring

Today's Busan

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 May 7   Fine
Wind Speed 2-3
Wind Direction w or wsw

Suddenly OHB appears
on our heads and flew off, heading to Tsushima
island against the Sun.

All raptors migrated
before 9 am. 
 8   Precipitation: Fog
Wind Speed: 2-3
Wind Direction: NW to E

O.H.B. in the fog
flew off heading to Tsushima island while flapping. 
 9   Fine Haze
Wind Speed 1-2
Wind Direction E or SE

Black bird???
Suddenly 29 O.H.B.appear before sunrise.
83% of O.H.B. migrated before 7:13 am. 
 10    Wind Speed 3-4
Wind Direction E or SE

O.H.B, retracing for strong wind
 12   Tsushima island from observation site

13   Stream of O.H.B.
heading to Tsushima is land on our heads.

Our colleagues counted over 1000 O.H.B.
at their observation site in Tsushima.
 14    Busan in the rain.
 15   5 O.H.B and 7 G.F.B. soared by taking
same thermal and flew off to the
different directions.
18  O.H.C. on the sea

Over 150 O.H.B. flew off before 6.am.