Migrating Raptors Report for October 2007




Only four species migrating raptors were recorded in the second half of October in Singapore. Total numbers reported and recorded were 28.

This is a best representative number collected based on submitted records in Singapore. Most raptors crossed over to Sumatra between Tg. Tuan and Tg. Piai in Malaysia. The peak raptor migration is from end of September to the first half of October. This explains the low numbers here.


Records for Singapore:


A) Oriental Honey Buzzard. ( Total 12)


5th        One flying over Sime Forest      Ding Li

12th      One photographed over Sime Forest Tower by Wing Chong

14th      Two reported over P. Ubin by Sunny

20th      One seen at Marine East – Mike Hooper

21st      Three seen flying south and south East from Telok Blangah Hill- Raptors Watch.

            One seen at Marine East – Mike Hopper

28th      One each reported at BBNP, Sime Forest and Kranji by Bird Race teams.


B) Japanese Sparrowhawk ( Total 11)


5th        One flying over Sime Forest  Ding Li

14th      One seen over P. Ubin - Sunny and another circling over SBWR - Alan OwYong

15th      One seen at Marine East – Mike Hooper

18th      One flying over Main Hide at SBWR – Alan OwYong

20th      One flew across Jln Boon Lay southwards – Alan OwYong

            One seen at Marina East – Mike Hooper

21st      One circling over Telok Blangah Hill – Raptor Watch

            One seen at Marine East – Mike Hooper

28th      One reported at Halus during Bird Race.

            One seen at Marina East – Mike Hooper.


C. Osprey ( Total 3 )


21st      Two were reported by Piet Opstaele at SBWR flying SE.

28th      Three seen flying over the Mandai Mudflats by Team Bulbul during Bird Race.

            Another two were seen over Kranji area and one more at SBWR by other teams

            during the Bird Race. These sightings are probably the same Ospreys seen earlier

          at Mandai, due to the close proximity.


D. Black Baza ( Total 2)


28th      Two reported at Sime Forest by Bird Race team.


Note: Last Year on 8th November, Chung Cheong reported seeing a main flock and other smaller groups totaling 50 Black Bazas crossing over Punggol from Johor.


Complied by Alan OwYong with thanks to contributions by birders to WildbirdSingapore.
Bird Group. Nature Society ( Singapore)