A migration of Chinese Goshhawk in autumn 2020 @Japanese edition@

Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Izuhara side)
Uchiyama Pass and observatory
(From Uchiyama village side)

Look at the southwestern direction from UchiyamaPass

Total as of September ¦58892

Date Weather The direction of the wind Observation time The observation number of CG Other hawks
–A cable address
1(Tue) fineEfog NE 8:00`10F00 0 -
2(Wed) cloudy NE strong - - -
3(Thu) fine SE - - -
4(Fri) fine SW 6:45`11F00 14 ¦Japanese-Wood-Pigeon
5(Sat) fine WNW - - -
6(Sun) cloudy NNW - - -
7(Sat) storm SE - - -
8(Tue) Partially cloudy SW 6:47`10F00 2
9(Wed) Partially cloudy WNW 6:25`11F00 18 EH1
10(Thuj fine S 6:45`14F30 3467 EH2
11(Frij cloudy N 6:45`09F30 0
12iSatj cloudy N 6:45`13F30 1061
13iSunj Partially cloudy NEstrong 6:00`14F00 6846 PG1,EH1
14iMonj Partially cloudy NE 6:00`14F00 ¦22686 PG1,EH1AHB8
15iTuej Partially cloudy NE 6:00`13F00 ¦12743 PG1,EH3AKS1
Cloudy and sometimes rain
SW 6:30`11F00 1613
17(Thu) rain/Thick fog SW 8:00 - -
18(Fri) cloudy W 11:30`14F00 1177
19(Sat) fine NW 6:20`13F30 6623 PG1,EH1AHB1
20(Sun) fine Nwstrong 6:30`13F00 619 PG1,EH1AHB5
21iMonj fine NE 6:20`12F00 416 PG1,EH1AHB1
22iTuej cloudy NEstrong 6:20`10F00 3 PG1,EH1A
23iWedj cloudy NEstrong 6:20`10F15 10 -
24iThuj rain NEstrong 6:30`9F00 0 -
25iFrij cloudy N 8F00`12F00 1 PG1,EH1AES1
Cloudy after rain
N 8F00`12F30 8
27iSunj Cloudy and sometimes fine N 6:40`12F00 16 PG1,EH1AES1,KS1
28iMonj Cloudy N 6:30`11F00 58
29iTuej fine NE 6:30`12F30 60 PG1,EH3,ES3,KS1,HB1
30iWedj fine NE 6:40`12F30 47 EH3,ES1
Provisional number
Explanatory notesiA cable addressj
Peregrine Falcon(ƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFPG
Eurasian Hobbyiƒ`ƒSƒnƒ„ƒuƒTjFEH
Common Kestrel
Northern GoshawkiƒIƒIƒ^ƒJjFNG
Eurasian SparrowhawkiƒnƒCƒ^ƒJjFES
Common BuzzardiƒmƒXƒŠjFCB
Grey-faced BuzzardiƒTƒVƒojFGB
Japanese Sparrowhawkiƒcƒ~jFJS
Black KiteiƒgƒrjFBK
Chinese GoshawkiƒAƒJƒnƒ‰ƒ_ƒJj FCG
Northern HarrieriƒnƒCƒCƒƒ`ƒ…ƒEƒqjFNH