On the basis of my first 48-picture work 'LEGO Star Wars', my biggest project 'LEGO Star
Wars trilogy' was completed by autumn 1996. It consists of three series of 60 pictures each.
Most of my free time,approximately 2,500 hours, was devoted to making it. Actually, there
were several intervals due to my job. During those years I gradually added new LEGO bricks,
so the pictures that were taken later are more satisfying.
But the pictures weren't shot in the order of the story.

I also have pictures depicting 'The makng of LEGO Star Wars' and two other series of
'LEGO Star Wars vehicle collections' as well as, instructions for making the 'Millennium Falcon
and Star Destroyer'. but they're not available on this website right now, due to lack of time.

My philosophy is 'Anyone can do it', so I tried to use only original LEGO bricks and not modify them.
However, I did actually modify four of the heads. Also I had to use different materials for
some of the backgrounds, like the sky, the ground, the Tatooine desert, the cosmos,
as well as real snow for the snow scene.
I used some collages I made for the gigantic things like the Death Star,
because they would be too big to put in my place.
Without using any computer technology, the shooting was done using my ordinary camera.
The composite pictures were made by cutting, reassembling, and reshooting.

I completed this project by myself without any support.

maestro s.fujita@@December 10, 1999