The Allentown Band@Vol. 19
Conductor: Ronald Demkee
Sesquicentennial|John Philip Sousa
ƒWƒ‡ƒ“ ƒtƒBƒŠƒbƒv ƒX|ƒU Ά’a ‚P‚T‚O Žό”N
‰pŒκ ‚Ι‚ζ‚ι ‚P‚Sƒy|ƒW ‚Μ ‰πΰ‘•tj


‹Θ –Ϊ
01. March: Transit of Venus@(2:01)
02-04. Suite: Three Quotations
02.@ a. Grand March: The King of France@(4:49)
03. @b. Reverie: I, Too, Was Born in Arcadia@(4:37)
04. @c. In Darkest Africa@(3:30)
05. Waltz: The Charlatan Waltzes from the Operetta gThe Charlatanh@(7:38)
06. March: USAAC arranged by Ray Wetherhold@(3:18)
07. March: Game Preserve composed by Albertus L. Meyers@(3:12)
08. Characteristic Dance: The Coquette@(2:50)
09. Gallop: On Wings of Lightning@(2:05)
10. Schottische: Silver Spray@(2:41)
11. March: The Crusader@(3:26)
12. March: Sesquicentennial Exposition@(3:25)
13-15. Suite: Tales of a Traveler
13. @a. The Kaffir on the Karoo@(4:04)
14.@ b. In the Land of the Golden Fleece@(4:27)
15.@ c. The Grand Promenade at the White House@(5:41)
16. March: The Federal@(2:34)