150 Jahre | John Philip Sousa
W E tBbv E X|U a PTO N LORT|g
Repräsentationsorchester Schweizer Armeespiel
Stadtmusik Zürich
XCX R \ Ry `|bqs tyc
Recorded Live @^


01. The Washington Post
02. The Fairest of the Fair
03. The Presidential Polonaise
04. The Gladiator
05. Manhattan Beach
06. El Capitan Waltzes
07. El Capitan
08. Willow Blossoms
09. Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
10. Hands Across the Sea
11. The Untitled
12. Humoresque on Gershwin's Swanee
13. The Black Horse Troop
14. High School Cadets
15. La Reine de la Mer
16. Easter Monday on the White House Lawn
17. The Liberty Bell
18. Semper Fidelis
19. The Thunderer
20. The Stars and Stripes Forever
21. The Glory of the Yankee Navy