Beating Retreat & Tattoo
Ac ԍsi t^p|h̉y
CMX C ywZ Ry
The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines
(Royal Marines School of Music)
Conducted by Lt. Col. J.M. Ware


Beating Retreat

01. Fanfare: Salute to Heroes
02. Soldiers of the Sea
03. March and Air
04. Silver Bugles
05. Army of the Nile Interpolating Drum Beatings
06. The Dunkirk Veterans - There'll Always be an England
07. Famous Songs of the British Isles
08. Evening Hymn and SunsetF@Dear Lord and Father
@@of Mankind - Sunset
09. Britannic Salute
10. God Save the Queen
11. Heart of Oak
12. Fanfara Alla Danza
13. The Admiral's Regiment
14. Westering Home
15. Per Mare per Terram
16. Drum Beatings
17. Semper Supremus
18. Sussex by the Sea
19. Commando Patrol
20. At the Close of Day / Last Post
21. Nimrod
22. The Marines Hymn - A Life on the Ocean Wave