British Music
CMX C ywZ Ry

The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines
iRoyal Marines School of Music)
Conducted by Lieutenant Colonel F Vivian Dunn
With Frederick Harvey, Baritone;
David Bell and Barry Rose, Organ


01. Fanfare: Salute to the Colours@(Vivian Dunn)
02. Jupiter from gThe Planets Suiteh@(Holst / arr. Smith)
03. Country Gardens@(Percy Grainger / arr. Clark)
04. Drake's Drum from gSongs of the Seah@(Henry Newbolt
@@- Charles Villiers Stanford / arr. Williams)
05. The Old Superb from gSongs of the Seah@(Newbolt
@@- Stanford / arr. Williams)
06. The Little Admiral from gSongs of the Fleeth@(Newbolt
@@- Stanford / arr. Richardson)
07. The Comtemptibles@(Leo Stanley)
08. Sea Songs@(Vaughan Williams)
09. March from gSuite No.2 in F Majorh@(Gustav Holst)
10. Scherzo from gMusic for a Festivalh@(Gordon Jacob)
11. Cockleshell Heroes@(Dunn / arr. Duthoit)
12. Welcome The Queen@(Arthur Bliss)
13. Call to Adventure@(Arthur Bliss)
14. The Churchill March@(Ron Grainer)
15. The Globe and Laurel@(F. Vivian Dunn)
16. I Vow to Thee My Country@(Holst / arr. Dunn)
@@Orb and Sceptre@(William Walton / arr. Dunn)
17. Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 (Op. 39)@(Elgar)