Carlingford Lough
イギリス 陸軍 軽騎兵
装甲 戦車 部隊 軍楽隊
Band of the Hussars and Light Dragoons
Director of Music: Captain Bruce Miller
Pipes and Drums of the Queen's Royal Hussars
Pipe Major: Graeme Massie


曲 目
01. The Thin Red Line (Alford) (Band)
02. By Land and Sea (Alford) (Band)
03. 79th Farewell to Gibraltar (John McDonald /arr. D Thompson) (Band
   & Pipes and Drums)
04. Highland Cathedral (Uli Roever, Michael Korb) (Band & Pipes and Drums)
05. Imperial Echoes (Arnold Safroni /arr. J Ord Hume) (Band)
06. Queen's Parade (Arnold Steck /arr. W J Duthoit) (Band)
07. Carlingford Lough (David W Cresssswell) (Band & Pipes and Drums)
08. Rose of Prince Charlie
  Galowa Hills
  The Rowan Tree
 (trad.) (Pipes & Drums)
09. Colonel Bogey (Alford) (Band)
10. The Duke of York (arr. S V Balfour) (Band)
11. Highland Laddie (trad. /arr. Jacob Kappey) (Band & Pipes and Drums)
12. The Minstrel Boy
  Kelly the Boy from Killane
  The Green Glens of Antrim
  The Star of County Down (trad.) (Pipes and Drums)
13. Our Director (F E Bigelow) (Band)
14. Coburg (arr. M Retford) (Band)
15. Amazing Grace (trad., Fairbairn) (Band & Pipes and Drums)
16. Scipio (Handel /arr. J Hartmann) (Band)
17. May Blossom (Weir) (Band)
18. Drum Introductions (anon)
  Out of the Air (M Blair)
  A Border Ballad
  The Three Peaks of South Uist
  Irish Traditional Reel (trad.) (Pipes & Drums)
19. St Patrick's Day (trad.) (Band & Pipes and Drums)
20. (The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars
- Quick March) (arr. J H Cooper)
  St Patrick's Day
  Berkeley's Dragoons
   The Galloping 8th Hussar (Band)
21. Litany of Loretto (arr. M Retford) (Band)
22. Nec Aspera Terrent (David W Cresswell) (Band)
23. Finale: Auld Lang Syne (trad. /Bruce Miller) (Band)