Great Marches and The Bands that Played On
National Band of New Zealand, New Zealand Army Band, Joliet American Legion Band, Ohio State University Military Band, etc.


曲 目
01. Washington Grays (Grafulla)
02. Blaze Away (A. Holtzmann)
03. The Challenge (Calvert)
04. From Night to Light (A.E. Laukien)
05. Black Jack (F. Huffer)
06. On the Quarter Deck (K.J. Alford)
07. Glory of the Trumpets (J. Brokenshire)
08. March of the Herald (Nicholls)
09. American Army March (G. Lasilli)
10. Colossus of Columbia (R. Alexander)
11. Pepita Greus (Pasodoble) (P. Chovi)
12. March Gloria (Losey)
13. Petone Citadel (R. Cresswell)
14. New Colonial March (R.B. Hall)
15. Pressing Onward (E. Leidzen)
16. On the Mall (E.F. Goldman)
17. March of the Steel Men (C. Belsterling)