The Band of the New Zealand Army
ƒjƒ…|ƒW|ƒ‰ƒ“ƒh —€ŒR ŒRŠy‘ΰ
Conductor: Major Jemes Carson


‹Θ –Ϊ
01. Blaze Away@(A. Holtzmann)
02. The Great Little Army@(K. Alford)
03. Old Comrades@(C. Teike)
04. Washington Grays@(C. Grafulla)
05. The Thin Red Line@(K. Alford)
06. Invercargill@(A. Lithgow)
07. Dunedin@(K. Alford)
08. Sussex by the Sea@(W. Ward-Higgs)
09. Colonel Bogey@(K. Alford)
10. Sons of the Brave@(T. Bidgood)
11. Gallant Hearts@(Casey)
12. Through Bolts and Bars@(E. Urbach)
13. Army of the Nile@(K. Alford)