On the Square
ƒCƒMƒŠƒX ‰€—§ ŠC•Ί‘ΰ ‰ΉŠyŠwZ ŒRŠy‘ΰ
The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines
(Royal Marines School of Music)
Conducted by Lieut. Colonel Paul Neville


‹Θ –Ϊ
Side One
1. The Mad Major@(Alford)
2. The Sword and Lance@(Starke)
3. Glorious Victory@(Kendall)
4. My Regiment@(Blankenburg)
5. Sons of the Brave@(Bidgood)
6. Drum Majorette@(Steck)
7. Birdcage Walk@(Steck, arr. Duthoit)
Side Two
1. On the Square@(Panella)
2. Light of Foot@(Latann, arr. Hartmann)
3. The Liberators@(Ancliffe)
4. Men of Music@(King-Walters)
5. March of the Pacemakers@(Langford)
6. Thunderbirds@(Gray, arr. Woodfield)
7. When the Saints Go Marching In@(trad., arr. G. Langford)