Marches of Distinction
世界 の 名行進曲集
カナダ 王立 野戦 砲兵隊 第15 連隊 軍楽隊
Fifteenth Field Artillery Regiment RCA Band


曲 目
01. British Grenadiers (traditional)
  Voice of the Guns 
(Kenneth Alford)
02. Athletic Festival March, Op.69 #1 (Sergel Prokofiev)
03. March of the Belgian Parachutists (Pieter Leemans)
04. Children's March: Over the Hills and Far Away (Percy
   A. Grainger)
05. March from 1941 (John Williams)
06. Invercargill (Alex Lithgow)
07. The Klaxon March (Henry Fillmore)
08. Funeral March of a Marionette (Charles Gunoud)
09. Colonel Bogey (Kenneth Alford)
10. Amporita Roca (Jaime Texidor)
11. Under the Double Eagle, Op.159 (Josef Franz Wagner)
12. Scotland the Brave (traditional)
13. The US Field Artillery March (J .P. Sousa)
14. Mercury March (Jan Van der Roost)
15. Valdres (Johannes Hanssen)
16. White Ensign: To the Glory of the Navy (Jerry Nowack)
17. Portsmouth (traditional)