Holiday Bandstand
イギリス 近衛 ウェルッシュガ−ズ 軍楽隊
The Band of the Welsh Guards
Director of Music: Captain H.A. Kenney

L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., P.S.M.


曲 目
Side 1
1. Wien bleibt Wien (Schrammel /arr. Hewitt)
2. Westminster Waltz (Farnon)
3. Thunder and Lightning Polka (Strauss/arr. Carey)
4. Elizabethan Serenade (Binge)
5. Runaway Rocking Horse (White)
6. Galopade (arr. Palmer)
Side 2
1. The Kng's Guard (Keith)
2. Sweet Seventeen (Coates)
3. The Girl I Left Behind Me (arr. Leroy Anderson)
4. Georgian Rhumba (Slaney)
5. Wind in the Wood (Siebert)
6. Cavalcade of Martial Songs (Nicholls)