Land of My Fathers
イギリス 近衛 ウエルッシュ ガ−ズ 軍楽隊
The Band of the Welsh Guards
Director of Music: Major H.A. Kenney
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.,

Soloist: Esme Lewis - Soprano

(BLWEL-588/Cambrian SCLP-588)

曲 目
Side 1
1. Men of Harlech (arr. Richards)
2. Guardsmen (Major L. Statham)
3. Y Deryn Pur (trad./arr. Kenney) Esme Lewis - Soprano
4. Men of Gwent (Major Kenny)
5. Lwliibai (trad./arr. Kenny) Esme Lewis - Soprano
6. Royal Standard (Chesterton /arr. Statham)
7. Bells of Aberdovey
8. God Bless the Prince of Wales (arr. Kenney)
Side 2
1. Jenny Jones
2. Y Fwyalchen Ddu (trad./arr. Kenney) Esme Lewis - Soprano
3. Guards Armoured Division (Major P. Willcocks)
4. Cardiff Castle (m.s.s. Kenney)
5. Lisa Lan (trad./arr. Kenney) Esme Lewis - Soprano
6. Rising of the Lark (arr. Richards)
7. Yr Eneth Gath Eu Esme Lewis - Soprano
8. Land of My Fathers