Music On Command
イギリス 近衛 ウェルッシュガ−ズ 軍楽隊
The Band of the Welsh Guards
Director of Music: Captain D.K. Walker

(BLWEL-121) (BBCREC-121S)

曲 目
Side One
1. Music on Command, Fanfare (C.H. Jaeger)
2. Colonel Bogey, Quick March (Kenneth Alford)
3. Army of the Nile, Quick March (Kenneth Alford)
4. The Mad Major, Quick March (Kenneth Alford)
5. On the Quarter Deck, Quick March (Kenneth Alford)
6. The Voice of the Guns, Quick March (Kenneth Alford)
7. The Thin Red Line, Quick March (Kenneth Alford)
Side Two
1. The Liberty Bell, Quick March (John Philip Sousa /arr. Walker)
2. Lilliburlero, Quick March (trad. /arr. Walker)
3. Amazing Grace, Spiritual (trad. /arr. Walker)
4. Triple Crown, Quick March (Ernest Wates /arr. Terence Brien)
5. The Prince of Wales, Slow March (Haydn /arr. Walker)
6. God Bless the Prince of Wales, Company March (Brinsley
  Richards /arr. Walker)
7. Cwm Rhondda, Hymn (John Hughes /arr. Walker)
8. Land of my Fathers, National Air (James James /arr. Walker)