Hi-Fi in the Highlands
The Regimental Band and the Massed Pipers
of the Scots Guards
の 音楽
近衛 スコッツ ガ−ズ連隊 軍楽隊
& 合同バグパイプ隊


曲 目
Side 1
01. Quick March: Washington Grays (Grafula)
02. Slow March: Dover Castle (Carter)
03. March: Farewell to the Greeks (J. Robertson) 
(Pipes & Drums)
  The Hills of Kowloon (A. Mackintosh) 
(Pipes & Drums)
04. Mazurka: Czarine (Louis Ganne)
05. Slow March: Come Ye by Atholl (arr. Crabb) 
(Pipes & Drums)
  March: The Balmoral Highlanders (A. Mackay) 
(Pipes & Drums)
06. Grand March: Fame and Glory (Matt /arr. Godfrey)
Side 2
01. Quick March: The March of King's Men (Plater)
02. March: The Duke of Roxburghe's Farewell to Blackmount Forest
  (A.. Mackay) 
Pipes & Drums
  Strathspey: Atholl Cummers (arr. Ross) 
(Pipes & Drums)
  Reel: Flagon (arr. Ross) 
(Pipes & Drums)
  Retreat: Torosay Castle (J. Lawrie) 
(Pipes & Drums)
03. Troop: The Colours (Stanley)
04. Slow March Loch Rannoch (J. Wilson) 
(Pipes & Drums)
  Slow March Loch Duich (arr. Crabb) 
(Pipes & Drums)
  March: Dundee City Police (Shand) 
(Pipes & Drums)
05. Fantasy: Songs of Hebrides (Kennedy-Fraser)