Life Guards
イギリス 近衛 騎兵 軍楽隊
The Band of the Life Guards
Director of Music: Captain W. Jackson
A.R.C.M., p.s.m

(BLLIFE-148/Delysé VOY-9148)

曲 目
Side One
1. Milanollo (Hamm /arr. Mackenzie Rogan)
2. San Lorenzo (Silva)
3. March from Tulsa (Gillis /trans. Ford)
4. Trot and Canter Medley
  Keel Row (trad. /arr. Hewitt)
  Monymusk (trad. /arr. Hewitt)
  March-Anonymous (trad. /arr. Hewitt)
  Bonnie Dundee (trad. /arr. Stretton)
  St. Patrick's Day (trad. /arr. Stretton)
  The Campbells Are Coming (trad. /arr. Stretton)
  The Irish Washerwoman (trad. /arr. Stretton)
5. El Abanico (Javaloyes /arr. Ord Hume)
6. Fame and Glory (Matt /arr. Godfrey)
7. The Thin Red Line (Alford)
Side Two
1. The Life Guards Regimental Slow Marches (trad.)
2. Post Horn Galop (Koenig /arr. Riviere)
3. Punjaub (Payne /arr. Le Thiere)
4. Royal Windsor (Bayco /arr. Richardson)
5. With Sword and Lance (Starke)
6. Sousa on Parade (arr. King, Palmer)
7. Birdcage Walk (Steck /arr. Duthoit)