A Night at the Opera
Iy ȏW
CMX ߉q R Ry
The Concert Band of the Life Guards

Director of Music: Captain Anthony J. Richards


Side One
1. Ride of the Valkyries from gDie Walküreh@(3:55)
2. Prelude to Act 1 of gLa Traviatah@(3:03)
3. The Nuns' Chorus from gCasanovah@(4:20)
4. Overture to gNabuccoh@(8:01)
Side Two
1. The Soldiers Chorus from gFausth@(2:25)
2. Prelude to Act 3 of gLa Traviatah@(2:31)
3. Overture to gThe Barber of Sevilleh@(7:04)
4. Overture to gThe Merry Wives of Windsorh@(8:45)