March in Review
Stirring U.S. Service Marches
ƒAƒƒŠƒJ ‡O‘ŒR ‚Μ ‘u‰υ‚Θ si‹ΘW
ƒCƒMƒŠƒX ‹ί‰q ƒOƒŒƒiƒfƒBƒA ƒK|ƒY ŒRŠy‘ΰ
Band of the Grenadier Guards
Conducted by Major Rodney Bashford

iDecca Phase 4ELP ƒŒƒR[ƒhj

iDecca Phase 4 Stereo PFS-4171j

‹Θ –Ϊ
Side One
01. U.S. Navy: Anchors Away
02. U.S. Coast Guard: Semper Paratus
03. U.S. Cavalry: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
04. West Point March
05. Ballad of the Green Berets
06. The Caissons Go Rolling Along
Side Two
01. The Marine Corps Hymn
02. U.S. Air Force: Wild Blue Yonder
03. Commando March
04. U.S. Pacific Forces: Guadalcanal March
05. Through the Years 1776`1969 MedleyF
06. Yankee Doodle
07. Dixie
08. Battle Hymn of the Republic
09. Over There
10. This is the Army, Mr. Jones