Marching through the Years
イギリス 近衛 グレナディア ガ−ズ 軍楽隊
The Band of the Grenadier Guards
Director of Music: Lt. Col. D.R. Kimberley
M.B.E., F.T.C.L., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., L.G.S.M., p.s.m.


曲 目
Side One
01. Children of the Regiment (Julius Fucik)
02. Admiral of the Air (Herman Ludwig Blankenburg)
03. Washington Grays (Charles S. Grafulla /arr. Bidgood)
04. A Bridge Too Far (John Addison)
05. Army and Marine (Wilhelm Zehle)
06. In the Dolomites (Georg Furst)
07. In Storm and Sunshine (John Clifford Heed)
08. Kennebec (Robert Browne Hall)
09. Marching through the Years interpolating Goodbye
  Dolly Gray
 (arr. Andrew Abbey)
Side Two
01. Birdcage Walk (Arnold Steck)
02. Red Mens' March (Robert Browne Hall)
03. Man O' Brass (Derek Richard Kimberley)
04. Raiders of the Lost Ark (John Williams)
05. Piper in the Meadow (Bob Barratt/Edrich Siebert)
06. True Comrades-in-Arms (Herman Ludwig Blankenburg)
07. Robinson's Grand Entree (Karl L. King)
08. Independentia (Robert Browne Hall)
09. On the Square (Frank Panella)