The Band of the Grenadier Guards
Band International Vintage Series No.3
Produced by the International Military Music Society

イギリス 近衛 グレナディア ガ−ズ 軍楽隊
Director of Music: Lt. Col. George J. Miller
M.V.O., M.B.E., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., L.G.S.M., p.s.m.


曲 目
Side A
Fighting Strength, Quick March (Herberte Jordan)
Zampa Overture (Louis Herold)
Softly Awakes my Heart -"Samson and Delilah" (Saint-Saëns)
 featuring Conet Solo by Corporal West)
Hop Scotch, Schottische (Fabian Rose)
Second to None March (J. Ord Hume)
Phantom Brigade March (W. H. Myddlleton)
Acclamations Waltz (Emil Waldteufel)
Stars and Stripes Forever, Quick March (Sousa)
Side B
The Middy March (K.J. Alford)
Songs of Scotland (arr. Duthoit)
 Bonnie Dundee; A Highland Lad; Duncan Gray; The Hundred
 Pipers; Corn Rings and Bonnie; Hey, Jonnie Cope; Two Bonnie
 Maidens; Pibroch O'Donuil Dhu; Charlie is My Darling; There
 a Lad; John Gramlie; My Love, She's but a Lassie Yet; etc.

Bond of Friendship March (J. Mackenzie Rogan)
Rubinstein March (Thomas Bidgood)
La Villanelle - With the Swallow (Eva Dell' Acquat /arr. Winterbottom)