Coldsteam Guards
イギリス 近衛コ−ルドストリ−ム ガ−ズ 軍楽隊
The Band of the Coldsream Guards
Director of Music: Lt-Col. Trevor L. Sharpe


曲 目
Side One
01. Milanollo (J. Mackenzie Rogan)
02. An Age of Kings (Bliss)
03. Cherokee (Ray Noble)
04. Old Comrades (Teike)
05. Three Blades of Toledo (T. Sharpe)
06. Strike Up the Band (G. & T. Gershwin)
07. Northumbrian Airs (trad./arr. T. Sharpe)
08. Winds on the Run (E. Osterling)
09. State Occasion (Robert Farnon /arr. T. Sharpe)
Side Two
01. A Festive Overture (Alfred Reed)
02. Clarinet Candy (Leroy Anderson)
03. Royal Windsor (Frederic Bayco /arr. N. Richardson)
04. Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair (Stephen Foster
   /arr. Tony Hatch)
05. Bandolero (Glenn Osser)
06. Deep River (arr. T. Sharpe)
07. March: Soldiers Medley (arr. T. Sharpe)