Marching with the Coldstream Guards
イギリス 近衛 コ−ルドストリ−ム ガ−ズ 軍楽隊
The Band of the Coldstream Guards
Conducted by Lt.Col. Douglas A. Pope
RCA Records 1959Monophonic

曲 目
Side One
1. The Bond of Friendship (Mackenzie Rogan)
2. Sons of the Brave (Bidgood)
3. Imperial Echoes (Safroni)
4. Golden Spurs (Rhodes)
5. Washington Greys (Grafulls /arr. Bidgood)
6. Fame and Glory (Matt)
Side Two
1. The Standard of St. George (Alford)
2. Thin Red Line (Alford)
3. The Contemptibles (Stanley)
4. Scipio (Handel /arr. Richardson)
5. On the Quarter Deck (Alford)
6. Viscount Nelson (Zehle)
7. Distant Greeting (Doring /arr. Hewitt)
8. On the Square (Panella)

価格: ¥7,500-